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This Day. International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity

September 8th has been commemorated as the International Day of Journalists’ Solidarity since 1958, when the 4th Congress of the International Organization of Journalists was held in Bucharest. It commemorates the day of execution of the Czech anti-fascist journalist Julius Fucik by Nazis on September 8, 1943.  Continue reading

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100 African cities destroyed by European colonialism

When tourists visit sub-Saharan Africa, they often wonder “Why are there no historical buildings or monuments?”

The reason is simple. Europeans destroyed most of them. We only have a few drawings and descriptions by travellers who visited the places before their destruction. In some places, ruins are still visible. Many cities were abandoned when Europeans brought exotic diseases (smallpox and influenza) which started spreading and killing people. Most of those cities lie hidden. In fact the biggest part of Africa history is still under the ground. Continue reading

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Stalingrad veterans’ open letter to Merkel: Fascism is here again

stalingrad vets

(Jan. 22) – Every Museum desires to do educational outreach, and the Museum-Panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad is no exception. (Visit its site here) On January 22, it hosted a Round Table discussion with actual survivors of the historic battle. These old soldiers, still resident in the Volgograd region, Maxim Matveyevich Zagorulko, Alexander Kolotushkin, Maria V. Sokolov, Mikhail Tereshchenko, Eugene F. Rogov, and Alexander Yakovlevich Sirotenko, in their late 80’s or even early 90’s, looked at the present world as well as at the past, and produced an open letter, a “letter of the living” to the Chancellor of GermanyAngela Merkel. The full text is on several Russian language sites. Their letter follows, in English.

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Graphic details. Gas pipeline map shows how the coup d’etat in Ukraine affects Europe

Ukraine map AFP 2 months before

This Agence France Map was prepared over two months ago. The oligarchs and their backers in Europe and Russia are playing out their economic battle by trying to mobilize popular support for their own self-serving interests and dividing the polity on an ethnic and religious basis. It is also to be remembered that Germany occupied Ukraine and Georgia in 1918, and the Ukraine from 1941-1945. The only path forward for the people of Ukraine is to fight to build an independent sovereign Ukraine which is run by the people in the interests of the people, which exercises control over its own economy and builds relations with other countries on the basis of mutual benefit.

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