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Brexit: The European war union


The Merchants of Death – lithograph by Mabel Dwight

The Merchants of Death – lithograph by Mabel Dwight

German and French foreign ministers issue call for a “European Security Compact,” maintaining “employable high-readiness forces” and establishing “standing maritime forces.” Steinmeier and Ayrault write that to “plan and conduct civil and military operations more effectively,” the EU should institute a “permanent civil-military chain of command.” The creation of a “European FBI” is also on the agenda. Continue reading


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Africa: EU and German Bundeswehr interventions

BERLIN german-foreign-policy.com (April 2) – At the EU – Africa summit, beginning today, Berlin and Brussels are pressing forward with the expansion of their military and military policy activities on the African continent. Alongside resolutions on the EU intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR), the program will include negotiations on the further elaboration of EU supervised African security structures. African forces are supposed to apply these measures to implement what Berlin and Brussels consider “order.” According to experts, for insuring one’s influence, it is not necessary to send one’s own combat troops into a “crisis area, to assume presence and supervision.” Therefore, the Federal Republic of Germany supports the African Union (AU) in establishing military structures, and participates in “training missions” in Somalia and Mali. Continue reading

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Behind unfolding events in Nigeria: White House escalates interventionist plans

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Pan-African News Wire (May 13) – A video purportedly released by the armed Boko Haram sect based in northeastern Nigeria showed what was said to be school girls who have been held by the group for a month. The Boko Haram leader said that the young women could be released in exchange for the prisoners belonging to their organization being held by the Nigerian government. Continue reading


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US’s back-to-the-future military policies in Africa

For the third time in the past year, the Harper War Government has deployed Special Forces to Africa, this time to Nigeria, under the guise of humanitarian intervention. Nick Turse* elaborates Obama’s new model for expeditionary warfare.

Lion Forward Teams? Echo Casemate? Juniper Micron? You could be forgiven if this jumble of words looks like nonsense to you. It isn’t. 

It’s the language of the U.S. military’s simmering African interventions; the patois that goes with a set of missions carried out in countries most Americans couldn’t locate on a map; the argot of conflicts now primarily fought by proxies and a former colonial power on a continent that the U.S. military views as a hotbed of instability and that hawkish pundits increasingly see as a growth area for future armed interventions.

Since 9/11, the U.S. military has been making inroads in Africa, building alliances, facilities, and a sophisticated logistics network. Continue reading

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