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Interview with Evo Morales: Bolivia under dictatorship, US the real power


A little more than six months after the coup d’état (10-11 November 2019) against President Evo Morales in Bolivia, now exiled in Argentina, he warned of the serious situation his country is facing under a de facto government headed by the self-proclaimed President Jeanine Añez, who in addition to repression involving massacres against the population and persecution and imprisonment of political leaders and militants, is systematically destroying the social and economic model and achievements of the overthrown government of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS). Continue reading

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Evo Morales: We will continue governing in the interest of the poor and marginalized

evo morales 20.jpg

Bolivian President Evo Morales | EFE

Bolivian President Evo Morales acknowledged the country’s national referendum results on Wednesday.

The Bolivian government promised its supporters Wednesday February 24 that it would continue to adopt progressive political policies, despite the outcome of the country’s national referendum. Continue reading

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Latin America and the Caribbean stand firm against US imperialist hegemony and interference

Banner at the People's Summit (see below) expresses rejection of U.S. imperialist striving for domination.

Banner at the People’s Summit (see below) expresses rejection of U.S. imperialist striving for domination.

The Seventh Summit of the Americas organized under the auspices of the Organization of American States (OAS) was held on April 10 and 11 in Panama City, Panama. The theme to be addressed at the gathering was “Prosperity with Equity: The Challenge of Cooperation in the Americas.” The firm stand of the Latin American and Caribbean nations’ heads of state gave this theme full meaning by emphasizing that the striving of U.S. imperialism for domination would no longer be accepted. Renewal Update Continue reading

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UNASUR convokes summit on 
‘gross’ US threat to Venezuela

Venezuelea-TeleSur-IconEcuadorean President Rafael Correa announced that the foreign ministers from the member states of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR)* will meet on March 12 to discuss the “gross, illegal, shameless, outrageous, and unjustified act of interference by the United States” in Venezuelan affairs. Continue reading

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Fidel Castro, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa condemn US sanctions on Venezuela

hands_off_venezuelaObama’s executive order on Venezuela draws international condemnation. In unison with Latin American leaders’ comments, social media users have coined the hashtag #ObamaYankeeGoHome, posting over 80,000 tweets with the tag within the first 24 hours following Obama’s announcements.

teleSUR (March 10) – More Latin American countries rallied behind Venezuela Tuesday to condemn new U.S. sanctions against the South American nation.

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Evo Morales: Indigenous people are prepared to govern

evo morales-in-ocuriBolivian President, Evo Morales, stated on October 22, that indigenous people are prepared to govern, despite what neoliberal politicians have said for many years.

Morales, who participated in the inauguration of irrigation projects in Ocuri, in the north of Potosí, stated that in the past it was said that indigenous people were only good for voting and not governing. Continue reading

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Bolivia’s president talks about the country’s ongoing socio-economic transformation and his third term in office

Evo Morales.API have no regreats – in fact, I am pleased to have expelled the US ambassador, the DEA and to have closed the US military base in Bolivia. Now, without a US ambassador, there is less conspiracy, and more political stability and social stability. Without the IMF we are better off economically – Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia Continue reading

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Morales: This win is a triumph for anti-imperialists and anti-colonialists

Evo Morales wins third term in Bolivia

Morales wins a thrid term 2

Evo Morales won over 60 per cent of the vote last night | teleSUR

In what is being claimed as a victory for “anti-imperialists,” President Evo Morales on Sunday was elected to his third term as Bolivia’s president.

Morales, who in 2006 became the country’s first indigenous leader, won a landslide 61 per cent of the vote, according to exit polling. His closest rival, businessman Samuel Doria Medina, had 24 per cent. Medina was Bolivia’s Minister for Coordination and Planning in 1991-1993 when the country privatized many state institutions for below market prices. Continue reading

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Bolivian president to sue U.S. for crimes against humanity

Bolivia's President Evo Morales | AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte)

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales | AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte

RT (September 20, 2013) – BOLIVIAN President Evo Morales will file a lawsuit against the US government for crimes against humanity. He has decried the US for its intimidation tactics and fear-mongering after the Venezuelan presidential jet was blocked from entering US airspace.

“I would like to announce that we are preparing a lawsuit against Barack Obama to condemn him for crimes against humanity,” President Morales said at a press conference in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz. He branded the US president as a “criminal” who violates international law. Continue reading

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Condemn the acts of piracy against Bolivian president Evo Morales!

Hooliganism in international relations must not pass!

Statement by the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), July 4, 2013

Bolivia's President Evo Morales | AFP / Filippo Monteforte)

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales | AFP / Filippo Monteforte)

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) denounces the refusal of Italy, France, Spain and Portugal to permit the Bolivian presidential aircraft to land or fly over their territories on July 2. President Evo Morales was returning from Russia where he attended the second summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum. Short of fuel, the plane was forced to land in Vienna, Austria where it was boarded and searched, using the pretext that the plane could be transporting the former CIA agent, Edward Snowden. The U.S. government has issued a warrant for Snowden’s arrest after the leak of top secret information. Continue reading

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