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How Syria won the revolution – the Jihadi factor


The “War on Syria” has had many unintended twists and turns that were unforeseeable at the time it began. The plotters had no reason to believe they were going to lose, and the defenders had no option other than doing all they could and risk and sacrifice all that was dear and precious.

However, as frontlines are now being redrawn in Syria in preparation for the final showdown, a recapitulation of the events of the last eight years reveals that Syria did in fact end up having a revolution, but the group that embarked on the initial alleged revolution, the Free Syria Army (FSA) is nowhere to be seen. Continue reading

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The ‘Free Syrian Army’ media efforts are a British government operation

2013.09.02.Hamilton-ProtestSyria-05The U.S. government, via its CIA, has financed the “moderate” anti-Syrian mercenaries fighting against the legitimate Syrian government with at least $1 billion a year. The Wahhabi dictatorships in the Middle East have added their own billions to finance al-Qaeda’s efforts against the Syrian people. The U.S. continues to purchase and transport thousands of tons of weapons and ammunition to feed the war against the Syrian people. It also pays the various fighters and opposition groups. The U.S. efforts for regime change in Syria have been running since at least 2006 when the U.S. government started to finance anti-Syrian exile TV stations and held intensive planning talks with various anti-Syrian Islamist elements. Continue reading

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US stopped Syria air strikes while Nusra and ISIS prepared attack on government supply route

moonofalabama.org (October 30 ) – During the last days a large attack on the Syrian government supply line to Aleppo city was carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra (aka al-Qaeda in Syria) and the Islamic State seemingly in coordination with the U.S. military. Continue reading

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Is Washington training an insurgent army to ‘occupy’ Syria?

Is the US planning the occupation of Syria by training an unconventional insurgent invasion force? MAHDI DARIUS NAZEMROAYA*

2013.09.09.USDCSyriaAntiWar-CherylLaBash-01cropTHINK regime change in Syria is off the drawing board? Think again. The bombing of the ISIL or ISIS in Syria is part of a brinkmanship campaign leading up to a potential non-conventional invasion, parallel to the re-introduction of the US military to Iraq.

The ISIL and the other anti-government forces in Iraq and Syria are not the only ones to disregard the Iraqi-Syrian border drawn by the British and French by Sykes-Picot in 1916. The US also disregarded the border and international law when it began to illegally bomb Syria. Continue reading

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Harper government’s subservience to Senator McCain and US interests (2)


The relations between the Government of Canada and U.S. warmonger Senator John McCain are indicative of the subservient relations with the U.S. imperialists that the Harper government imposes on Canada, and what to expect from this year’s Halifax war conference.

Illegitimate honorary degree

On June 18, 2013 then Defence Minister Peter MacKay went to Washington, DC to consult with newly-installed U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. News agencies carried brief reports that the topics included Canada’s participation in Obama’s Asia Pivot strategy and the continued deployment of Canadian warships and aircraft to the Caribbean and off the Pacific coast of Central America. MacKay reaffirmed this commitment in a keynote address to the Inter-American Defense Board of the Organization of American States, also meeting in Washington that same day. Continue reading

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Harper government’s subservience to Senator McCain and US interests (1)

McCain! War criminals are not welcome in Canada!

The chain of command: American general inspects his troops in the battlefield, from Libya to Halifax


One of the notorious war criminals attending the sixth annual Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) is U.S. Senator John McCain (R). McCain has a long-standing involvement with all manner of U.S. covert operations, dirty wars, aggression and war.

McCain is a former presidential candidate in 2008, the top Republican on the powerful U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, chairman of the board of the International Republican Institute (IRI, an arm of the National Endowment for Democracy of the U.S. government) since 1993, and the leading American champion of aggression, intervention and war throughout the world. Wherever this warmonger goes, violence, anarchy and chaos follow in his wake to the detriment of the people and the cause of peace.

Posted below are some of McCain’s recent misdeeds, to give an indication of the calibre of depravity of some of those attending this year’s HISF.

Mother Jones Battlefield Earth

Continue reading


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Turkish delight: humanitarian aid

Turkish ambulance in Morek, Syria

Turkish ambulance in Morek, Syria | Al-Masdar News

Upon the capture of the strategic city of Morek last Wednesday, Oct. 22, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) discovered an ambulance that possessed Turkish license plates; it was stockpiled with weapons and ammunition. Continue reading

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‘Free Syrian Army’ – ‘for lack of a better term’

Central to US disinformation to justify its war in Iraq and the bombing of Syria is the illusion that the new desert army it is preparing to overthrow the government of the sovereign Syrian Arab Republic led by President Bashar al-Assad constitute “moderate rebels,” who are to be accepted as “legitimate”, as distinct from Islamic State.

Yahoo News propagates and runs today as its prime piece of news a video, which celebrates the use of US-made and US-supplied anti-tank missiles by terrorists inside the Syrian Arab Republic. The propaganda video is also evidently intended as a form of confirmation of the deliveries and the orders fulfilled to the “moderate rebels.”

Continue reading

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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (14): MIT study finds Syrian government not responsible for Ghouta chemical attacks

New MIT study finds Syrian government not responsible for Ghouta chemical attacks (Youtube video)

THE U.S. disinformation that a chemical attack near Damascus in August was carried out by the government has been challenged by a team of highly respected American experts. Washington immediately blamed President Assad, but a new report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which arguably has one of the world’s top engineering schools, found that the rocket could not have been fired from government-controlled areas.

For more on the study, see “Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (12): UN Report confirms Syrian chemical weapons fired from rebel-held territory,” January 21, 2014

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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (12): UN Report confirms Syrian chemical weapons fired from rebel-held territory

But U.S. is still calling for regime change

Washington’s Blog (Jan. 17) – THE HEAD of the UN weapons inspectors said that the American case for Syrian government firing chemical weapons was weak, because the rockets can only go two miles … but government-held territory is much further away.

Similarly, Matthew Schofield of McClatchy reported on January 15th:

“A team of security and arms experts, meeting this week in Washington to discuss the matter, has concluded that the range of the rocket that delivered sarin in the largest attack that night was too short for the device to have been fired from the Syrian government positions where the Obama administration insists they originated.” Continue reading


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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (11): Whose sarin? Whose rebels? Whose cherries?

A comment by Tony Seed on the revelations by Seymour Hersh of the duplicity of the Obama (and Harper) regimes and nonsense about the “intelligence community”

Barak_W_Bush_by_Aheney(Dec. 12, 2013) – MONTHS after the mysterious gas attacks on 21 August in Ghouta near Damascus, Syria, an article about the perfidious role of the Obama government appeared in the London Review of Books last Sunday December 8th. It is reproduced below. The American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh discloses that the White House directly “cherry picked” intelligence and fabricated facts outlined in the so-called “dossier” of the Obama regime to blame the government of Bashar al-Assad for the use of chemical weapons as part of its warmongering against Syria. Continue reading


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Halifax International Security Forum: The network of subversion, annexation and war in the making – the ‘Halifax Canada Club’


This article is part of an ongoing investigation into the Halifax International Security Forum (HISF), which was formed in 2009 as a covert arm of the U.S. state that presents itself as an “independent” and “non-partisan” body with quasi-permanent status. It was originally published on November 21, 2013 and revised on April 15, 2014; November 17 and 21, 2014; February 17, 2016; and February 28, 2021. 

Topics at the 2014 HISF Forum include: “Pipeline Corridors: The Geopolical Role of Energy Infrastructure.” Given that one of the opening plenary sessions is titled “O Say, Can’t You see? The Indispensable Role of the Exceptional Superpower,” one must ask, what is behind this?


THE Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) aka the Halifax War Conference was formed in 2009 by the Washington-based German Marshall Fund and the Harper ruling clique as a parallel body to established agencies of the Canadian state such as the departments of foreign affairs and national defence. The U.S. board of directors of the HISF includes three members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the president of Freedom House, and two experienced agents with the National Endowment for Democracy, whose work in subversion throughout the world is nefarious and well-documented. The programmatic work of the CFR, which is also the “media partner” of the HISF, for the integration of Canada into the United States, has also been well exposed. Continue reading


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Disinformation on gas attacks in Syria (3): The self-serving twisting of ‘intelligence’

The following article about the gas attacks in Damascus appeared online on Tuesday, September 3rd. Written by the American investigative journalist and historian Gareth Porter, it is one of different reports challenging the “facts” outlined in the so-called “dossier” of the Obama regime as part of its warmongering against Syria. This weblog is circulating it as part of a series of information updates to assist our readers as well as the anti-war forces to maintain their orientation against the massive disinformation coming from the monopoly media, including the CBC. It discloses criminal fabrications and speculations parading as “fact” cooked up to serve NATO’s aggressive aims. One sentence stands out: “The two-page assessment by the British Joint Intelligence Organisation released August 29, pointed to this question: ‘There is no obvious political or military trigger,’ it said, ‘for regime use of Chemical War on an apparently larger scale now, particularly given the current presence of the UN investigating team.’” The use of force to solve political issues and justify foreign intervention is unjustifiable.

By GARETH PORTER*, Truthout | News

SECRETARY OF STATE JOHN KERRY assured the public that the Obama administration’s summary of the intelligence on which it is basing the case for military action to punish the Assad regime for an alleged use of chemical weapons was put together with an acute awareness of the fiasco of the 2002 Iraq WMD intelligence estimate.

Nevertheless, the unclassified summary of the intelligence assessment made public August 30, 2013, utilizes misleading language evocative of the infamous Iraq estimate’s deceptive phrasing. The summary cites signals, geospatial and human source intelligence that purportedly show that the Syrian government prepared, carried out and “confirmed” a chemical weapons attack on August 21. And it claims visual evidence “consistent with” a nerve gas attack. Continue reading


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Dispatch from Damascus

A revealing report from MANUEL OCHSENREITER* of the German monthly newsmagazine ZUERST! breaks the embargo of the warmongering monopoly media about the actual situation in Syria.

Poster of President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus

ACCORDING to the mainstream Western media, a ‘civil war’ is raging in Syria. Campaigning groups like the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights make extravagant claims about huge numbers of casualties (they claim that around 20,000 people have already died) at the hands of the Syrian state security forces. Independent journalists, it is alleged, are not allowed to report directly from Syria, and the regime does not permit free press activities. Continue reading

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