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The role of Anglo-American financiers in preparing World War II

The Merchants of Death – lithograph by Mabel Dwight

By Valentin Katasonov 

This article was originally published in 2015 by Strategic Culture Foundation and also reproduced by TML Weekly at that time. We are republishing it today to enlighten readers on the role played by international financiers in World War II and debunk the Anglo-American falsification which blames the Soviet Union for that tragedy so as to exonerate themselves.

The article also clearly examines the origins of the international financial institutions at a time the Trudeau government and provincial governments are once against indebting the country to private interests to unprecedented levels based on the fraudulent claim that this is how to achieve economic recovery. Not only that, the Trudeau government likes to claim that Canada’s adherence to these international financial institutions makes it democratic and provides proof of its multilateralism. The material in this article provides ample information which shows that there are obviously various kinds of multilateralism with various kinds of aims and not all of them serve Canada. This the Trudeau and other governments in Canada do not want discussed. Continue reading

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GM shutdown, the loss of jobs and manufacturing value must be stopped

Time for a new direction for the economy under the control of Canadians! | K.C. ADAMS


Unifor 222 press conference, November 26, 2018, demands GM keep Oshawa plant producing.

GM executives in Detroit have announced the closure of an auto assembly plant they control in Oshawa, Ontario. The shutdown will terminate the direct employment of 2,522 auto workers, members of Unifor Local 222 and a large number of salaried workers, and result in an enormous loss of value for the Canadian economy and community. Continue reading

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Unifor press conference on Oshawa GM plant closure

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On the US attack against Oshawa auto workers

In the same breath as they pass brutal anti-worker legislation to criminalize the postal workers, the cartel parties ooze sympathy for the auto workers in Oshawa. The pundits are brought to the fore by the media to cynically tell the workers “to move on” and “prepare for the new economy” featuring robotics and automated cars. The president of Unifor is right when he says this is an attack on both the workers and the nation but is not he the one who cast his lot with NAFTA and split the CLC and now fulminates how he has been “betrayed” and will “fight.” That will be a good thing! Continue reading

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‘Panama Papers’: It’s actually quite simple – corporate taxation is a fraud

counting dollars in carNo information has been released so far in “The Panama Papers” from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists with all its bells and whistles about any U.S.  or Canadian millionaires, monopolies or government officials hiding wealth in offshore tax havens. The six Canadians of the 350 reportedly in the data dump who have been identified so far by the collaborating media in this country, the Toronto Star and the CBC, are small fish, e.g., a sports physician from Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

What did you expect?

Canada is a corporate tax haven. It is no mystery. Continue reading


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