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Patrick Brown: Am I missing something?


International Women’s Day March, Toronto, March 2017

(Revised and expanded from a Facebook post on January 25) – CBC TV’s The National hosted by Michael Serapio devoted the first 21 minutes of its 3-4 p.m. newscast on 25 January to the case of Patrick Brown, who has resigned/sacked as leader of the Conservative Party in Ontario although not his seat as an MPP after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. The case is dominating the news cycle. Premier Wynne, head of a government known for corruption and selling out the interests of the working class as in the case of U.S. Steel, was “shocked.” For its part, the Ontario PC Party declared it “unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and secure society is what we expect and desire” and has “a message of change.” Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called the Brown allegations ‘heinous.” Tory MP Lisa Raitt says she has an “open door” for anyone experiencing harassment. All apparently stand for women’s empowerment. Continue reading


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Nova Scotia Confidential

Not Guilty: The Trial of Gerald Regan

By Stephen Kimber

Stoddart, 299 pages, $32.95

Reviewed by DEBORAH SEED,* Shunpiking Magazine

This review was written on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the Montreal massacre of 1989.

When a new employee gets hired in an office, school, factory or store, she often finds out soon enough who are the men to avoid, especially at the parties. There exists an unspoken code in any work place, a code shared by many of the women and some of the men, that warns the new employee about the lechers and bosses who take liberties with their underlings. Translated into speech, a gesture or look means “Watch that guy!” or “Keep your distance. Dangerous when drunk or alone.”

A lot of women in Nova Scotia, however, apparently didn’t get the warning about Gerald Regan. According to Stephen Kimber, author of Not Guilty: The Trial of Gerald Regan, “Nearly three dozen women – baby-sitters, office staff, job seekers, law clients, reporters, party workers, a legislative page, even a corporate executive – had told police what seemed to be strikingly similar stories detailing how they’d allegedly been attacked by Regan over a forty-year period between the fifties and the nineties.” Continue reading


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