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New scramble for Africa: Germany, catching up

BERLIN/ACCRA (Feb. 28) – To compensate for its loss of influence in Africa, the German government is taking the occasion of the Ghanaian president’s visit in Berlin today to push for a rapid expansion of business relations with Ghana. This must be seen in the context of China’s growing influence on the African continent. Already sub-Sahara’s most important trading partner, China will most likely become the regions largest investor in the foreseeable future. Ghana plays only a secondary role among Germany’s trading partners in Africa, but it is viewed as a door opener to the African market. Within the framework of the G20-“Compact with Africa,” Berlin has concluded a “reform partnership” with Accra, intended to facilitate German investments in Ghana. The fact that Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo needs foreign investors to fulfill his electoral promises is thereby seen as advantageous. To secure its influence, the German government is also intensifying its military relations with Ghana. Continue reading

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Africa: EU and German Bundeswehr interventions

BERLIN german-foreign-policy.com (April 2) – At the EU – Africa summit, beginning today, Berlin and Brussels are pressing forward with the expansion of their military and military policy activities on the African continent. Alongside resolutions on the EU intervention in the Central African Republic (CAR), the program will include negotiations on the further elaboration of EU supervised African security structures. African forces are supposed to apply these measures to implement what Berlin and Brussels consider “order.” According to experts, for insuring one’s influence, it is not necessary to send one’s own combat troops into a “crisis area, to assume presence and supervision.” Therefore, the Federal Republic of Germany supports the African Union (AU) in establishing military structures, and participates in “training missions” in Somalia and Mali. Continue reading

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