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On the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, a war crime: The organization of the city as a war port is the ‘business’ best adapted for profit

Painting of the Halifax Explosion

Infamy of the massacre of the Canadian people in Halifax

December 6th is the centenary of the horrific Halifax Explosion of 1917 – the largest explosion in history before the infamous devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by US atomic bombs in 1945. The tragedy is being marked by an intensive program of events and initiatives, including scores of books, exhibits, radio and TV programs, memorial meetings in Halifax and Boston, and a stamp issued by Canada Post.

The following article by Tony Seed reports on a paper presented by anti-war activists in Halifax in 1983 and expands on it for this publication. On this date, we pay our deepest respects to the families of all those who died as a result of this disaster. Continue reading


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Report on Iraq: Calgary physician addresses Halifax meeting

(Halifax, February 5, 2003) – OVER 100 PEOPLE attended a forum on February 5 to hear Dr. David Swann report on his recent visit to Iraq. Dr. Swann is former Chief Medical Officer of Alberta’s Palliser Health Authority. He was fired for being in favour of the Kyoto Protocol; after public anger, he was offered his job back, which he turned down. Dr. Swann subsequently went to Iraq as a member of the Iraq Peace Team, to investigate the current situation facing the Iraqi people. He has been on a speaking tour of Canada and spoke the previous evening in New Glasgow. The meeting was organized by the Inter-University Coalition Against the War and held in the FASS Building in Dalhousie University.  Continue reading

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Halifax People’s Voice resumes publication

ON THE occasion of the January 17-19 International Days of Action Against War on Iraq, the People’s Front-Halifax relaunched its newsbulletin Halifax People’s Voice, which appeared regularly through the 1980s. The six-page-bulletin highlighted the Canada for Peace Petition Campaign, announced the launching of weekly political forums to be held every Wednesday until mid-April on the theme “Peace and Nations in the 21st Century: Understanding the Causes of War” and opposed the concrete war preparations taking place in Halifax, whose harbour is a strategic U.S. and NATO port. Continue reading

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The issue regarding Iraq



WHAT IS THE ISSUE REGARDING IRAQ? The U.S. imperialists, their camp followers and the media would have it that the issue is whether there exists concrete evidence that Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction.” If so, the rhetoric goes, then Iraq is in violation of resolutions passed by the United Nations, is a danger to the rest of the world, and should be militarily attacked by the U.S. and whoever else wishes to participate. One hoped-for consequence of such an attack is the overthrow or even death of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

Strangely, all the reasons that the U.S. trots out as justifications for attacking Iraq could be used as justification for attacking the United States. Continue reading

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