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Flashback: The day the war broke out

Halifax, March 20, 2003. Hundreds upon hundreds of people take to the streets to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq the night before.

Halifax, March 20, 2003. Hundreds upon hundreds of people take to the streets to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq the night before.

In this article from our archives, TONY SEED chronicles the response of Haligonians – and authority – to the first day of the U.S. war against Iraq. Similar demonstrations take place in Shelburne, Wolfville and Antigonish and a silent vigil in Sydney, Cape Breton, as well as in Fredericton, New Brunswick (see below), across Canada and around the world. History shows the correctness of this just stand. The war and ensuing occupation, endorsed and supported by the Chrétien government and every daily newspaper in Canada, caused a terrible tragedy for the people of Iraq and West Asia (Middle East): the number of Iraqis slaughtered is an estimated 1,455,590 people. From reports submitted to Shunpiking Magazine and TML Daily.

(HALIFAX, 20 March 2003) – TODAY a mass democracy meeting broke out at Dalhousie University on Canada’s Atlantic coast against Bush’s barbarous war against Iraq, beginning a day of mass opposition and upheaval that swept across the nation, from east to west, continuing a wave of protest unfolding around the globe, first Oceania, then Asia, the Middle East and Europe and onto the Americas as surely as the earth travels around the sun. Continue reading


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Brutal force at Halifax anti-war rally

We are reprinting an article by Halifax journalist SIMON HELWEG-LARSEN, who viewed first-hand the premeditated attack by the HRM police force on the anti-war rally on the first day of Bush’s war. It is a companion to, and substantiates, our main article “The day the war broke out.” The attack and the brutality cannot be viewed as merely a local event, however. On the other side of the continent, later that same day, San Francisco police arrested 1,400 anti-war demonstrators. On March 22nd, Montreal police attacked and arrested many youth demonstrating outside the U.S. Consulate as part of the rally of over 200,000 Quebecois against the war.

(Halifax, 6:22am Fri March 21, 2003 / Modified on 3:37pm Sat Mar 29 ’03) – EXCESSIVE force was used by Halifax police officers at Thursday’s peace demonstrations. Without warning, police attacked the crowd, selectively arresting organizers, using shock tasers and agression beyond the necessary for this threatless crowd.

This is an opinion piece I wrote and submitted to the Halifax Daily News and the Halifax Chronicle Herald. The Daily News did finally print the article, on A17 of the Saturday, March 22 edition. Continue reading


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