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Letter to the Editor: Home care in Halifax

THANK YOU for the recent article on the Halifax Transit strike (“Making Claims on Society – ‘In this Economy’”). It helps to bring attention to what is becoming a very serious labour dispute. As someone who works as a home support worker throughout the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), I am usually dependent on public transit to get to clients’ houses, and many of us are wondering why the strike hasn’t been settled yet after almost a month. Continue reading

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Halifax transit strike: Making claims on society ‘in this economy’


Striking Halifax Transit workers rally on February 14, 2012. (Halifax Media Co-op)

NO DOUBT every Canadian has heard the phrase “in this economy.” It is used to explain why we should accept concessions, rollbacks, inflation, unemployment and job insecurity. We are even expected to accept that “in this economy” our claims on society will not be met and cannot be met. Apparently, there are more pressing needs from our economy than meeting the needs of those that produce the wealth in society or provide a valuable service! Continue reading

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Halifax transit strike: interview with ATU Local 508 president Ken Wilson

The Halifax Media Co-op’s Miles Howe interviewed Ken Wilson, president of Local 508 of the Amalgamated Transit Union, at the February 12 rally in the Grand Parade. Our transcription of the interview follows: Continue reading

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Flashback: The 1998 Halifax Transit strike

THE disinformation blaming the current Halifax trasit strike on the 763 workers and their union, Local 508 of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local (ATU), presents their struggle for their just demands as a unique local event in isolation from the neo-liberal, anti-social offensive by the state across Canada against public sector workers. The transit strike is also presented in an ahistorical prism, as if it is something entirely new. For the information of our readers, we are reproducing an article written at the conclusion of the summer 1998 strike from Nova Scotia’s Shunpiking Magazine. Continue reading

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Support the Halifax Transit workers!

Community Solidarity Rally for Transit and Water Workers

Sunday, February 12 — 1:00 pm

Grand Parade Square, in front of City Hall

The Halifax-Dartmouth & District Labour Council has called for a Community Rally in support of the striking Halifax Transit workers, on Sunday, February 12 at 1:00 pm at Grand Parade in front of City Hall. After the rally, everyone is invited to the Amalgamated Transit Union office in Dartmouth for a solidarity BBQ.

In their call for the rally the Labour Council writes: “The transit strike is still ongoing, and it appears Halifax Regional Municipality’s Water Workers may be heading toward a strike as well in the very near future. We want to show support for our transit workers and water workers and tell Halifax Regional Municipality to protect public services and sign a fair deal.”

All Out to Support the Halifax Transit Workers!

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Issues in the Halifax transit workers strike

Metro Transit workers employed by the Halifax Regional Municipality walked off the job in the early hours of February 2 resisting demands for concessions in their collective agreement. The 763 unionized employees are represented by Amalgamated Transit Union Local (ATU) 508 and they provide and maintain bus and ferry service to some 50,000 commuters daily. They have been without a collective agreement since September 2011. Continue reading

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Harper’s Armada and Layton’s support for Irving’s Halifax shipyards vs. the MIL-Davie shipyard in Lévis, Quebec

Discussion on the Significance of the Election Result


THE NDP “swept Quebec” with 58 out of 75 seats. It’s an “Orangiste wave.” Euphoria reigns in the Anglo-Canadian ruling circles.

Meanwhile, as of the May 2 Federal Election, three of the four seats in the NATO port of Halifax, headquarters of Maritime Command, are also now NDP. The federal contract for three new massive warships – Joint Support Ships – opens on May 18. A real conflict with Quebec is possible. Continue reading


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HRM: Spryfield-Sambro Loop Community Health Project – privatization by stealth

HALIFAX  December 1, 2010 – CANADIANS are dead set against the privatization of the health care system but are faced with governments that serve private not public interests. As a result, they use the social wealth to pay the rich while claiming there is a scarcity of funds for health care and other social programs. After creating a crisis in health care by depriving it of the required funds, a “solution” is then presented in the form of public-private-partnerships or P3s, promoted as a creative way to solve the “health care crisis.” Canadians have seen that they are simply another way to put public money at the disposal of private interests. One such example in Nova Scotia is particularly insidious because it is not even referred to as a P3. Continue reading

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For your information: Atlantic Institute for Market Studies


TML Daily, June 15, 2007 – No. 98

Original map of “Atlantica” in 2005

TRADE UNIONISTS and other social activists are rallying in Halifax all this week against the latest annual conference of the financial oligarchs from the New England states, the Canadian Atlantic provinces and Québec promoting the Atlantica project, a new arrangement for deeper integration with the United States (later renamed the Atlantic Gateway – ed.). In the lead up to the conference, daily media reports are quoting various government officials, business association spokespeople, and think-tank “experts” to tell the people how they should view the event. Even different “alternatives” are discussed. To assist the workers and people to establish their own thinking and point of view on the Atlantica project and what to do about it, TML is posting information about the ideological and corporate forces behind the Atlantica project. Continue reading


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