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Yom-el-Ard – Day of the Land: Symbol of Palestinian Resistance

On the 46th anniversary of Land Day

This article from our archives provides essential information on the vital issue of land and the rising of 1976, when the Palestinian citizens of Israel revolted against the Israeli government, which had just announced new and extensive land expropriation plans in the Galilee. Continue reading


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All Out to Oppose the 13th Annual Halifax International Security Forum

– No Harbour for War –

Friday, November 19 – 8:00 pm AT/
7:00 ET/ 6:00 CT/ 5:00 MT/ 4:00 PT

Further information on how to register to come
Saturday, November 20 – 1:00 pm AT

Halifax Peace and Friendship Park (Hollis and South Sts)

The 13th Annual Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) will be held November 19-21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. According to the organizers, they plan to have all their participants in person at the Westin Hotel for the fully vaccinated Forum.

The HISF is a U.S. organization hosted by Canada’s Minister of National Defence. It proudly announces it “receives generous support from the Government of Canada and Club HFX.”

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Canada’s relations with Caricom: Self-serving definition of what it means to be a ‘vital partner’

Heads of Government reaffirm solidarity with Cuba at the 31st CARICOM Inter-Sessional Summit held from February 18 -19 in St Michael, Barbados.

By TONY SEED (February 23) – The meeting of the regime change Lima Group hosted by Canada on February 20 in Ottawa comes right on the heels of Foreign Minister François-Philippe Champagne’s meeting on February 18-19 with leaders of Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Bridgetown, Barbados. He was sent as a substitute for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The 15-member organization[1] has served as an effective block to attempts by the U.S. and its allies to use the discredited Organization of American States (OAS) as a political weapon against Venezuela. It has  denied them the number of votes needed to take action against Venezuela in the name of the OAS. This led the U.S. and Canada to set up the illegitimate Lima Group outside the OAS for the purpose of advancing their illegal regime change project. Continue reading


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The Cuban Revolution at 60 – International Conference opens in Halifax


Forty internationally renowned Cuba scholars, policy-makers and policy analysts will gather at Dalhousie University in Halifax today to take the measure of “The Cuban Revolution at 60.” Continue reading

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Halifax Discussion Forum: War and Peace — Who Decides?

Saturday, October 26 – 1 pm

North Memorial Public Library, 2285 Gottingen St.
For information: noharbourforwar@hotmail.com

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This Day. A Reflection on the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax ‘Big Strike’ of 1919

Militant tradition of workers’ struggles in the Atlantic Provinces

May First, international working class day, marked the 100th anniversary of the Halifax General Strike of 1919. Events in Halifax in 1919 and after must be seen within the context of both regional, national and international developments and working-class activity. Between 1916 and 1925 the Maritimes experienced unparalleled levels of strike activity. Significantly this upsurge was not confined to the coal mining communities of the region. Economic militancy often translated into political action. Miners in industrial Cape Breton, Cumberland and Pictou counties, steelworkers in Sydney, and industrial workers in Halifax, gypsum workers in Hants County in the Annapolis Valley, and workers in Amherst, New Glasgow and Saint John participated in the upsurge of radicalism seen across the country. In March 1919 a “great mass meeting” in Sydney endorsed a resolution by Nova Scotia Federation of Labour organizer Clifford C. Dane of Pictou for a strike of all Nova Scotia workers if the provincial government failed to enact legislation for an eight-hour day. [1]

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10 years of resistance to the US-led Halifax war conference: ‘We built this city’, 2015


We built this city
We built this city on land we stole
Built this city
Built this city on land we stole Continue reading


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The murky origins of the annual US-led Halifax war conference

Part 2 of a series by Tony Seed written for the Nova Scotia Advocate.


Demonstration against fourth Halifax International Security Forum, November 17, 2012 | Halifax Media Co-op

This year marks the 10th annual rally against the U.S.-led Halifax war conference, the Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) on November 16-18, held in the context of the centenary of the ending of the First World War and the world “peace forum” of the big powers in Paris. For the 10th year Haligonians are organizing against it and advancing their demands based on No Harbour for War, Canada Out of NATO, Make Canada a Zone of Peace and for an anti-war government.

This “forum,” involving high-profile generals, admirals, defence ministers, ideologues and corporate executives from the NATO bloc, will discuss “issues of international security.” According to the Department of Defence, which has doled out some $30 million tax dollars to the U.S. organizers since 2009, the aim of the “discussion” is to “learn from each other, share opinions, generate new ideas, and put them into action” (emphasis added). Topics such as “100 Years On: Are We Tired of Winning?,” and “Beijing’s Cravings, Kremlin’s Gremlins: Freedom’s Foes.” are a telling implication of the real agenda. Continue reading

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Hurricane Juan and Depleted Uranium

Canadian navy and weapons of mass destruction

This Saturday, September 29, marks 15 years since Hurricane Juan ripped through Halifax in the middle of the night toppling trees, smashing boats and knocking out power for many days and even weeks in some neighbourhoods. Wind speeds of up to 178km an hour were recorded at McNabs Island in Halifax Harbour. Amunition shells from the 1940s and “other debris” were being washed ashore. | The late MITZI BOWMAN* with TONY SEED

BLUE ROCKS, NS (October 24, 2003) – THE Halifax Chronicle Herald reproduced on October 4, 2003 a capsule commentary from the Canadian Press that the Canadian Forces were cleaning up unexploded shells from the 1940s (WW2) “and other debris”.

Why isn’t the Chronicle Herald telling us what this “other debris” is or could be? Continue reading


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Canada 150: Activities in Halifax call for rededication of Cornwallis Genocide Park

Activists hold 600-strong rally in Halifax on July 15, 2017 as the statue of Cornwallis is covered with black cloth.

(July 15) – TML Weekly applauds the people of Nova Scotia who organized the “Removing Cornwallis” Activities in Halifax this July 15. One of their demands is to rename the Cornwallis Genocide Park to the Halifax Peace and Freedom Park. Continue reading

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Event. Halifax’s Anti-War Movement: A Chronicle

A film screening event marking the 25th anniversary of the landmark 1991 documentary, No Harbour for War
Tuesday, November 1 • 7:00 pm • Room 105 • Schulich School of Law • Dalhousie University • 6061 University Avenue • Halifax • NS

No Harbour For War, chronicles the history of the City of Halifax and its intimate entwining with imperialist war, while also poignantly covering Halifax’s anti-war and anti-imperialist movement of the 1980s & 1990s. This event reclaims the historical memory and power of this broad and vibrant movement. A panel discussion featuring the film-makers and some of the more than 25 voices that appear in the documentary will discuss the legacy of Halifax’s anti-war movement and the current challenges that face today’s anti-war and peace forces. Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Terry Brian Tingley

Terry Brian TingleyI was saddened to hear the loss of Terry. I send my heartfelt condolences to Lois, all of Terry’s family and many friends at this time of great loss and sorrow.

I first met Terry in 2000 as a candidate of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada, representing its work for democratic renewal of Canada. Terry Tingley was then Returning Officer (RO) for Elections Canada for the federal constituency of Halifax, where he served several terms. I had had experience with different officials in previous elections, but meeting Terry was like a breath of fresh air. Continue reading

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Murky affair of accused British Royal Navy sailors gets murkier

Aberration of due process in Nova Scotia


2014.10.25.Toronto-Anti-War-08cr3Four British naval personnel accused of a heinous crime have been moved from CFB Stadacona in Halifax to British base in Alberta. The Harper government, its Department of National Defence and Maritime Command are making special private arrangements for the British soldiers, and the courts and the crown in Halifax are letting them get away with it.

News agencies report that on May 1st the head of Maritime Command of the Canadian Forces ordered four British Royal Navy sailors – accused of sexual assault at a military barracks at CFB 12 Wing Shearwater – to leave the CFB Stadacona military base in Halifax, where they had resided since April 21, by the end of the day. With the sanction of the crown prosecutor’s office and a Nova Scotian provincial court, they were transferred to the British Army Training Unit in Suffield, Alberta (BATUS), which is leased from the Canadian Department of National Defence. [1] How the soldiers were transferred from one end of the country virtually to the other has not been revealed. Continue reading

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Halifax May Day 2015: ‘Who decides? We decide’ remains the order of the day

May Day march in Halifax (Click to enlarge)

Halifax May Day 2012 (Click to enlarge)

Letter of Tony Seed and Aaron Doncaster*

Heartfelt greetings and congratulations to everyone for making Halifax May Day 2015 take place! Although we are both absent from Nova Scotia, we are so much with you in spirit. Continue reading

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British Royal Navy sailors arrested and charged for alleged gang rape in Halifax

2007.HeaderUSSWasp2The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service commander ​admitted that the reports were “disturbing.” The substantive issue of the Rule of Law, the presence of foreign military forces in Canada, whether in the form of U.S. bases or “visiting” marines, troops and warships, and the culture of militarization is not addressed. It is enough to have disastrous social consequences for the people, particularly young women and girls. TONY SEED

Four British Royal Navy sailors have been charged by Canadian authorities for the alleged gang rape of a civilian woman at a military barracks at Shearwater in Eastern Passage, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). Joshua Finbow, 23, Simon Radford, 31, Darren Smalley, 35, and Craig Stoner, 24, all face sexual assault counts. Continue reading


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Four Halifax events in November

No to Canadian Participation in U.S.-Led Wars of Terror! No to Criminalization of Dissent!

— public discussion —

What is to become of Canadians’ rights?

Monday, Nov. 3, 5–7 pm

Just Us! Cafe, 5896 Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Exploiting the tragic events earlier this month in Quebec and Ottawa, the Harper regime declared war last week on “Islamic extremism” in Iraq under the leadership of the Obama administration. But, now that this country has become an open warmonger in the U.S. camp, what is to become of Canadians’ rights? Join us in an important public discussion. Continue reading

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NATO warships in Canada ahead of Atlantic war games

NoHarbourforWarHalifaxMediaCoopcrNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization

Allied Maritime Command

August 1, 2014

NATO Ships Kick Off Task Group Exercise In Canada

Halifax, CANADA: Standing NATO Maritime Group TWO (SNMG2) arrived on Friday, 1 August, in the port of Halifax for a scheduled port visit in advance of Task Group Exercises (TGEX), along with ships from the U.S. and Canadian navies. TGEX is a multi-national series of naval exercises designed to promote force integration and test multiple warfighting skill sets. Continue reading

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CBC and Obama: Unacceptable

Some 400 people demonstrated at both CBC Radio and CBC TV buildings in Halifax on July 18th to denounce slanted media coverage of the massacre taking place in Gaza. Far from having reporters cover the event or sending out a representative to speak with the protesters, the CBC called security demanding that the demonstrators get off the property.

Some 400 people demonstrated at both CBC Radio and CBC TV buildings in Halifax on July 18th to denounce slanted media coverage of the massacre taking place in Gaza. Far from having reporters cover the event or sending out a representative to speak with the protesters, the CBC called security demanding that the demonstrators get off the property.


(July 19) – On Friday afternoon July 18th in Halifax, Nova Scotia, hundreds of people gathered in front of the building which houses Canada’s state media, the CBC. An article in the CBC of the same day explains why the people of Halifax were disgusted; its subtitle quotes United States president Barack Obama: “’No nation should accept rockets fired into its borders,’ Obama says of Israel’s ground push.”

How should the nations where the United States carries out drone missile attacks respond to such an utterance from Obama? Continue reading

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Event: Halifax protest march for Gaza

Join us in a protest and march to CBC, as well in remembrance of the lost lives in Palestine from the recent violence at a candle vigil.

Protest and March on Friday, July 18th at 4pm – Victoria Park

Candle vigil on Saturday, July 19th at 9:30pm

Main entrance to Public Gardens Continue reading

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Halifax: No to the Tattoo — No to the Culture of Militarization

Picket of the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo
Tuesday, July 1 — 12:30 pm 
Corner of Barrington and Duke Streets
Discussion on the Culture of Militarization
Sunday, July 6 — 2:00 pm
Just Us! Coffeehouse 5896 Spring Garden Rd.
For information: noharbourforwar@hotmail.com
Canada Needs an Anti-War Government!

Canada Day comes to Halifax and once again the Royal Nova Scotia Tattoo spectacle unfolds at the Metro Centre for the entire week. First staged in 1979, the Tattoo has become a significant military-culture event on the calendar.

It is not coincidental that the Tattoo is supported by subsidies and in-kind support from the Government of Canada, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Canadian Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Corporate Community. HRM, for example has increased its annual subsidy by $10,000 to $100,000. Continue reading

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Elsipogtog First Nation’s defence of rights met with state violence

RCMP pepper spray peaceful protestors, October 18, 2013.

TML Daily (Oct. 21) – THE Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick has been blockading a fracking operation by SWN Resources Canada, a subsidiary of Texas-based Southwestern Energy (SWN). This spring, SWN began preliminary testing for shale gas exploitation in the area without prior consultation with First Nations, as required by law. Continue reading


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Halifax demonstration in support of Elsipogtog First Nation

OVER 250 PEOPLE took part in a spirited demonstration in Halifax on Friday afternoon, October 18,  to condemn the violence unleashed by the Canadian state against the Elsipogtog First Nation in New Brunswick. Some 40 protesters were arrested Thursday, outside the Elsipogtog First Nation reserve near Rexton, NB where they had set up a blockade two weeks ago to try to stop seismic testing at the site of a proposed shale gas development. Continue reading

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Event: Edward Cornwallis: Hero or Horror?

Commemorative statue shamelessly honouring the Genocidaire Cornwallis is covered by anti-war activists at protest against the Halifax International Security Forum, November, 20010. The rally renamed “Cornwallis Park” Peace & Freedom Park as a tribute to the heroic struggle of the First Nations against imperialist war and conquest, including the present-day stand of the Innu against NATO training flights in Labrador.

Commemorative statue shamelessly honouring the Genocidaire Cornwallis is covered by anti-war activists at protest against the Halifax International Security Forum, November, 2010. The rally renamed “Cornwallis Park” Peace & Freedom Park as a tribute to the heroic struggle of the First Nations against imperialist war and conquest, including the present-day stand of the Innu against NATO training flights in Labrador.

EDWARD CORNWALLIS was a military leader tasked with founding Halifax in 1749 as part of Britain’s strategy to capture all of North America and push France off the continent.

Edward Cornwallis was a genocidal war criminal whose attempted extermination of the Mi’kmaq people ranks as one of the province’s darkest chapters.

For 300 years, the debate over his legacy has raged. But until now, one person has been strangely absent: Cornwallis himself. No biography told his story and provided deep context for the events of 1749-1752. Jon Tattrie’s new book, Cornwallis: The Violent Birth of Halifax, uses Cornwallis’s own writing, and the writing of those who knew him best, to unearth the man buried by the controversy. Continue reading

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Irving Potemkins: Sleight of hand in Halifax and Saint John


‘Irving are the tree people. Like the budworm is the spruce budworm.’ –Lorne Elliott

Potemkin villages [1] are an Irving specialty. The urban areas of the Maritimes are no exception to the marvellous illusions wrought by this one family which has appropriated the modern science of ecology and all the Madison Avenue arts of greenwashing [2] to add lustre to the crown of its dynasty. Suffice to mention the K.C.Irving Memorial Forest, a vast, chemically-controlled monoculture alongside the Trans Canada Highway in New Brunswick; augmented by the Irving Eco-Centre at La Dune de Bouctouche; the K.C. Irving Environmental Centre and the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens at Acadia University – open every day of the year and free to the public, the 8th wonder of the world. Continue reading

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Halifax all-candidates meeting – ‘Tony Seed landed the best shot of the night in the opening minutes’

Thursday, January 12, 2006

No Ottawa Blog, http://nottawa.blogspot.com/2006/01/halifax-all-candidates-meeting.html

Just got back from the debate between four of the five candidates running in my new home riding. It seems wherever I move, ghosts of NDP Leaderships past haunt me as my new MP. Maybe things’ll change, who knows? If I hear that Audrey MacLaughin is making a comeback then I’ll know I am about to be shipped to Whitehorse for some adventure.

In fairness to Alexa she proved the old adage that in debates, “she who brings the most bodies gets the easiest questions”. Continue reading

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News blackout on largest-ever US Homeland Security exercise within Canada


HALIFAX (April 19, 2005) – From April 4 to 8 US Homeland Security carried out a massive exercise, “Exercise Triple Play,” which included the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, home of the strategic port of Halifax where US President George W Bush “visited” on December 3, speaking to 300 mainly homeland security personnel at Pier 21.

According to a press release on the Homeland Security website, the exercise was the largest ever conducted by the US, involving some 10,000 people at various levels of government in the United States, 19 Canadian federal departments and agencies as well as Britain. The irony of all of this is that, after such an intensive mobilization at the expense of millions of dollars, you couldn’t tell it by the media. A Google search reveals that there has so far been a complete media blackout in Canada on the exercise following the initial announcement one month ago.

This raises the question: was this exercise a “preventive” exercise or a totally criminal blackmail of gigantic proportions? Continue reading

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Bush not welcome in Halifax!

No Harbour for War!

Statement of the People’s Front (Halifax) • 28 November 2004

Halifax, December 1, 2004: Mass protest against visit of war criminal George W. Bush.

George W Bush and his entourage of armed bodyguards, spies, snipers, metal detectors, jet fighters and AWACS radar planes are to pay a lightning visit of several hours to the port of Halifax on 1 December 2004. Halifax is a strategic ice-free harbour regularly used by the US Navy for war exercises and refueling, the headquarters of Maritime Command and the main naval base from which the Government of Canada has been continuously dispatching warships to the far-off Persian Gulf since August, 1990.

The frenziedly-organized visit is purportedly at the demand of the White House. The media is widely spinning it as a “thoughtful” expression of “belated thanks” for the hospitality shown by the people of Nova Scotia (and Newfoundland) for hosting crews and passengers from commercial airplanes grounded during the 9/11 panic in 2001.

Nova Scotians and Newfoundlanders did so not to help the imperial project of George W Bush, but to assist the thousands of people, hailing from many different countries, stranded by the cynical decision of the Liberal government to divert the overseas flights to less populated centres in Atlantic Canada.[1]

This flimsy pretext is to cover up the central reason for Bush’s visit to the most heavily militarized city in Canada, for any cultured and civilized person would have issued heartfelt thanks at the appropriate moment three years ago – as hundreds of the passengers actually did. It presupposes a level of human behaviour that the United States has descended well below – as the whole world sees in the brutality of US actions against the civilian population of Falluja, Iraq, where the casualty level is in the thousands and an ancient city on the banks of the Euphrates has been reduced to rubble.

If it is true, as the news agencies very briefly and originally reported, that Bush is to give public “thanks” to the Canadian navy for its participation in his obsessive crusade on “terror” then such demagogic “thanks,” “reconciliation” and smiles portends further grave danger not only for Canadians but also for the peoples of the world.

George W Bush aims to impose on Canadians the idea of intensifying what he calls the all-consuming struggle against terrorism in the name of “continental security.” Bush sees Canada’s armed forces “defending North America,” not defending Canada. He sees the men and women of the armed forces operating in far-flung countries as cannon fodder for US adventures. He demands more military spending to increase “troop strength” and its “interoperability” with US forces under Northern Command. He wants Canadians annexed to a system which divides humanity as never before and sustains global poverty, famine and continuous war.

Paul Martin’s objective is to integrate the Canadian economy, security, regulations and its conception of rights and sovereignty with those of the American superpower. With his “new multilateralism,” Martin extended the deployment of troops in Afghanistan and intervened in Haiti; placed military trainers in Jordan/Iraq and destroyers in the Persian Gulf; defended Zionist state terrorism as an expression of Israel’s “right to self-defence”; and rejoined the Standing Fleet of NATO whose theatre of operations has been extended into Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia. Martin is preparing troops for jungle warfare and urban warfare, integrating the military forces, upgrading command-and-control systems, and preparing to extend the field of operation for an interventionist bluewater navy. All of this is going ahead at maximum speed in the name of democracy, peacekeeping, security and human rights. It must not pass!

During the Cold War, the Pentagon named Halifax in 1982 as a ‘forward deployment base’ for its fleets of warships and aircraft armed with nuclear weapons, which came and went together with the “oceanographic” ships of its rival superpower. Open and covert operations were launched against the sovereignty of other peoples too, to carry out aggression from Canadian territory. In 1984 the US used Halifax as a base for the mine-laying forces sent to illegally block the harbours of impoverished Nicaragua.

With terrorism replacing the Soviet Union as the menace, the militarization of the port of Halifax is being accelerated. Citing drug and arms trafficking, organized crime and “new transnational threats,” the media float fear-mongering stories, ludicrous anthrax scares, fictitious Al Qaeda “sleeper cells,” attacks on container shipping, missile-smuggling through the port, and even convict the longshoremen for suspect loyalties. US Homeland Security now extends into the port of Halifax, home to CIA and FBI units protected under Bill C-55 as part of the “national security” state.[2] All these measures are being introduced in conformity with US demands that Canada militarize its harbours, provide safe havens for its warships, and enhance the colossal profits of its global shipping and oil cartels. This is the “thanks” George W Bush demands.

The People’s Front calls on Nova Scotians to take responsibility for what is at stake for the harbour of Halifax, the country and all of humanity as a result of the darkest reaction which George W Bush represents.

All out against the “visit” of George W Bush to Halifax!

This war criminal is not welcome in Canada!

US out of Iraq!

US and Canada out of Haiti!

No to the US state terror in which Canada participates!

No Harbour for War!

1. As revealed by former federal transport minister (and Toronto MP) David Collenette , 11 September 2002, The National, CBC TV

2. Bill C-55 provides that a “controlled access military zone” can be established around US warships in the ports of Halifax, Esquimault and Nanoose Bay.

Demonstrate against War Criminal George Bush and for Justice, Freedom and Equality

Wednesday 1 April 2004

– Meet at the Dalhousie Student Union by 9:30 AM for a rally and march to Pier 21

– Meet at the Grand Parade square (1841 Argyle St. in front of City Hall) by 10 AM for a brief rally and march at 10:15 AM to Pier 21.

Tuesday 30 November 2004

On Tue, Nov 30, Halifax Peace Coalition is holding a mock trial of George Bush at Victoria Park at 5 PM. March on the US consulate office at Purdy’s Wharf Tower II.

Also join the picket from 12-4:30 pm, office of SNC-Lavalin, Park Lane Mall on Spring Garden to denounce its participation in manufacturing 300-500 million bullets for the US military for their illegal occupation of Iraq. http://www.hfxpeace.chebucto.org

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The youth will continue to stand against imperialist aggression


MY FAMILY AND I participated in the March 15 protest in Halifax as part of the Global Day of Action against war in Iraq. How fitting it is to see that a spade is called a spade with mass protests around the world denouncing Bush’s warmongering, pointing the finger at him as a threat to peace at a time the Bush war machine is stepping up its psychological warfare against all peace-loving people around the world. Continue reading

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Atlantic Canada marches against Bush’s war (I)



HALIFAX (19 January 2003) – ON JANUARY 18, over 2,000 Haligonians demonstrated in -6 degrees Celsius to join the millions of people in action worldwide to say NO to a war on Iraq. Continue reading

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