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World Press Freedom Day: Press freedom in peril

UNESCO’s World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development: Global Report 2021/2022 “compiles the grim evidence that journalism can no longer be taken for granted and outlines actions for the global community to act swiftly to protect and promote press freedom and public access to free, independent, and pluralistic news media.” | Five articles

• Press Freedom in Peril

• Freedom of Expression – a Human Right

• Freedom of Information – Also a Human Right

• Press Freedom and Governance Raises the Issue of Who Governs

• Origins and Purpose of World Press Freedom Day

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A dog’s breakfast: Recent revelations in Norman case highlight DND’s pattern of defiance and secrecy

Norman case and the manipulation of information by the Department of National Defence – characteristic of the secrecy of a government which decrees the number of armed forces members infected by COVID-19 to be a matter of national security. 


14 Words Inspired by Dogs | Merriam-WebsterOTTAWA—There were a series of stories last week by Ottawa Citizen reporter David Pugliese which clearly illustrate the culture of defiance and invincibility that exists within National Defence Headquarters’ upper echelons.

The genesis of this current saga has its roots dating back to some extraordinary testimony at a December 2018 pre-trial hearing in the Vice-Admiral Mark Norman case. Continue reading

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Prensa Latina: 61 years facing media manipulation

Prensa Latina: 61 years facing media manipulation

By Adriana Robreño

Havana, June 16 (Prensa Latina) – The Latin American Information Agency Prensa Latina celebrates its 61st anniversary today as an alternative voice against the circulation of faKe news and media manipulation. Continue reading

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NATO on social media – The threat to liberal democracy

Talk about cyber attacks and “weaponization” of social media | TML Weekly supplement*

It has become increasingly clear that the U.S.-led NATO aggressive alliance is directing the anti-democratic measures being taken in Canada and other NATO member countries to criminalize conscience and speech, in the name of defending democracy and national security. The assault on conscience and speech targets speech that opposes NATO and is critical of the political and electoral systems in the NATO member states. Combined, this represents a broad assault on freedom of conscience and speech and the struggles of the peoples to affirm their rights and for empowerment. Continue reading

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Palestinian Resistance organizes psychological warfare

A general view of the eastern part of the Gaza Strip from Gaza City, on July 10, 2014 | AFP-Thomas Coex

A general view of the eastern part of the Gaza Strip from Gaza City, on July 10, 2014 | AFP-Thomas Coex

At the start of the confrontation between the Resistance and Israel, the latter had absolute supremacy in using psychological warfare against the Palestinians. Ahmed Hadi informs that the armed Palestinian Resistance factions have since worked to improve their capabilities in information and propaganda, creating a counter-deterrent using the Internet and the language of the other side.

english.al-akhbar.com (July 11) Gaza IN CONJUNCTION with the physical warfare between Palestinian Resistance factions and Israel, the two sides are also engaged in psychological warfare, with a view to weaken and overwhelm the home front of the other side. No doubt, the two sides often hit and often miss, but in general, the Resistance’s communicators have sent out effective messages this time, even outdoing Israel, which has only rehashed its old propaganda seen in every previous round of conflict so far.

Military psychology experts say that the new development in this context is that the Palestinians are no longer afraid of the leaflets dropped by Israeli warplanes in order to turn the civilian population against the Resistance or force civilians to evacuate their homes, especially along the border areas.

The Resistance has launched a strong assault targeting the morale of the Israeli public, broadcasting videos in Hebrew focusing on its military capabilities, including its medium-range rocket arsenal and amphibious commandos. The Resistance has also called on Israelis to evacuate their homes, and hacked websites to display its messages. Recall that during the last conflict in Gaza, the Resistance had leaked the names and numbers of thousands of Israeli army officers.

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Mocking the Israeli terrorist army

It can be said that one of the biggest achievements of Hizbullah is not only in the military realm but it is also in the realm of psychological warfare. Hizbullah so undermined the image of the “invincible” army and turned it into the incompetent, cowardly army that young Arabs now circulate images and videos of Israeli army terrorists looking like idiots (terrorist idiots, to be more accurate). This is one example.  I am so happy that I lived to the day when Arabs mock this terrorist army in addition to detesting it. (Thanks to Prof As’ad AbuKhalil, The Angry Arab News Service)

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Feverish expansion of the special forces of Obama’s outlaw state

An investigation by American journalist-author NICK TURSE* reveals that the secret military of the United States now operates in over half the nations on the planet, including the United States and Canada. It is expanding rapidly, despite claims aiming to minimize and downplay the extent of its global reach; simultaneously, the promotion of the Obama doctrine of drone warfare is unfettered. This is the reliance of U.S. imperialism on drones to conduct targeted assassinations, coupled with use of black ops (including so-called Information Warfare) to foment civil wars, mayhem and chaos. Politically, this is a desperate hope born out of anarchy that the U.S. can prevail over its rivals, including both competitors amongst the imperialist powers and against developing nations’ intent on making a way for themselves and against the peoples of the world fighting for their right to be. The drone war doctrine gives Obama a new false narrative – that the U.S. is no longer engaged in any wars, and hence its special forces are allegedly being cut back. – TS

US special ops map
US Special Operations Forces around the world, 2012-2013 (key below). Click here to see a larger image.

Key to the Map of US Special Operations Forces around the world, 2012-2013

  • Red: Special Ops Forces deployed in 2013
  • Blue: Special Ops Forces working with/training/advising/conducting operations with indigenous troops in the US or a third country during 2013.
  • Purple: Special Ops Forces deployed in 2012
  • Yellow: Special Operations Forces working with/training/advising/conducting operations with indigenous troops in the US or a third country during 2012.

Tomdispatch (Jan. 7) – “DUDE, I don’t need to play these stupid games. I know what you’re trying to do.” With that, Major Matthew Robert Bockholt hung up on me.

More than a month before, I had called US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) with a series of basic questions: In how many countries were US Special Operations Forces deployed in 2013? Are manpower levels set to expand to 72,000 in 2014? Is SOCOM still aiming for growth rates of 3%-5% per year? How many training exercises did the command carry out in 2013? Basic stuff. Continue reading

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Behind TV analysts, Pentagon’s hidden hand

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Halifax International Symposium on Media and Disinformation

July 1-4, 2004 – Dalhousie University – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Opening Reception 7: 30 p.m., June 30, 2004

FASS Building, University Avenue

Invitation to Participate

This International Symposium aims to deal with one of the most pressing matters facing journalists, media and culture workers, and all sections of the people – disinformation. The main aim of the Symposium is to empower journalists and collectives of the people by definitively exposing the modus operandi and extent of disinformation, presenting the experience of journalists and activists across Canada and abroad in tackling it, and to consolidate the long-term struggle for its elimination. Continue reading


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