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‘Interoperability’ – Euphemism for integration and annexation of Canadian Forces in the service of empire-building


The “new” defence policy of the Trudeau Liberals espouses the goal of greater “interoperability” with U.S. and NATO military operations. This word is repeated no less than 23 times in the policy document.

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Trudeau confirms direction set under Harper on the border and security

New Canada-U.S. border and security arrangements announced in the context of Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to Washington and the image of a Trudeau-Obama partnership. Where does the security of Canadians lie? Continue reading

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‘Baby steps’: Presence of US security agents on Canadian soil made permanent

In hearings into the Shiprider program which has U.S. border agents enforcing Canadian law on Canadian seaways, RCMP Chief Superintendent Joe Oliver, the Mounties’ director general for border integrity, stated: “We recognized early that this approach would raise concerns about sovereignty, of privacy, and civil liberties of Canadians. We said ‘Let’s take baby steps, let’s start with two agencies to test the concept, let’s demonstrate to Canadians and Americans that such an approach might work.” These “baby steps” are taken on a regular basis to keep Canadians unaware of the extent to which the Harper government has placed Canada under U.S. command. “US forces make ‘baby steps’ into Canada,” November 14, 2013 Continue reading

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Canada’s further integration into U.S. Homeland Security

ON DECEMBER 19 the Executive Committee of the Beyond the Border Action Plan made up of officials from the executives of the U.S. and Canada released its second report on how it is implementing the Beyond the Border Action Plan signed in 2011. This year’s report outlines pilot projects which place Canada’s security apparatus under U.S. command and control, in particular at key ports. Also highlighted are ongoing steps to hand over vast amounts of information to U.S. officials on who is travelling to and from Canada. Already there are reports that more Canadians are being harassed at entry to the United States on the basis of private information about their mental health taken “legally” from Canadian databases. There is also an increase in the number of unmanned drones flying in Canadian civilian airspace through the implementation of the Beyond the Border Action Plan. Continue reading

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‘Baby steps’: The operation of US military and security agents in Canada

FOLLOWING the September 11, 2001 attacks, successive Canadian governments have been systematically placing Canadian forces and security agencies under U.S. command in various ways. Continue reading

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US forces make ‘baby steps’ into Canada

It used to be quite rare and even noteworthy when foreign military training and operations took place on Canadian soil, which is now included in the U.S. “homeland.” Continue reading


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