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Reject attempts to spin an ignominious defeat into a win for the Liberals and for Canadians

Canadians got a dangerous status quo on election night. It indicates that it is up to the working people, women, youth and Indigenous peoples, Inuit, Metis and the people of Quebec to step up political organizing work to turn things around in their favour.

For $600 million and counting Canadians got a dangerous status quo on the night of the election. Initial reports of the 44th general election results are said to be Liberals: 158 (up one); Conservatives 119 (down three); NDP 25 (up one); Bloc Québécois 34 (up two) and Green Party two (down one). Mail-in ballots are yet to be counted. Once they are counted reports indicate it could affect the outcome in 18 ridings but will not change the fact that the next government will be a Liberal minority.

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