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The illegitimate State of Israel: Plan Dalet – Master Plan for the Conquest of Palestine

The Road to Nowhere by Ismail Shammout 1930-2006, whose family was expelled from Lydda in 1948. The plight of the refugees is depicted in many of his most famous paintings | Displaced Palestinians

On May 14, 1948, the Zionist state of Israel was established by unilateral declaration in defiance of the United Nations and international law. It was established on the basis of 33 massacres and the dispossession and mass expulsions of the Palestinian people from their land by the foreign-armed Zionist state and its militias. Some 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee, registered as refugees with the United Nations. Contrary to the disinformation on the issue which insists that the Palestinian exodus was due to orders broadcast to them by their leaders – to deny the people the right of return – these actions were the consequence of a strategic master plan. We are reproducing a seminal work  by Prof.  WALID KHALIDI originally published in 1961, which exposed for the first time the full extent and criminality of Plan D (for Dalet), as well as a new introduction he wrote in autumn 1988 on the anniversary of the UN Partition resolution.

Dr Khalidi does not examine the covert involvement of the intelligence agencies of Britain and the United States in this strategy. The official files of the British Mandate are replete with not only reports of massacres and communal conflict incited by these agents of imperialism, but advance warnings of the massacres being prepared. Many can be cited but one will suffice, due to his rank, Pasha Glubb (John Bagot Glubb), the British general commanding the Trans-Jordan army and the most senior British military officer in the Middle East. In December 1947 a plan of serial massacres was disclosed to a British officer of the Jordan Arab Legion by a Jewish official of the Palestine Government. “The former is reported to have asked the latter ‘whether the new Jewish state would not have many internal troubles in view of the fact that the Arab inhabitants of the Jewish state would be equal in number to the Jews.’ The Jewish official is report to have replied: ‘Oh no! That will be fixed. A few calculated massacres will soon get rid of them.’” (Sami Hadawi, Bitter Harvest: Palestine 1914-1979, Revised edition. New York: Caravan Books, 1979], p. 80.]

Today, the Palestinian people face ongoing occupation and increasing encroachment and dispossession by Israeli Zionism. Gaza has become one vast open prison. This year, on the 70th anniversary of the Nakba, the catastrophe for the Palestinian people, the “Great March of Return” has taken place over a period of six weeks or so, culminating in massive protests, which are still ongoing. Just as in 1948 and on March 30, Palestinian Land Day, the Israeli army forces prepared a massacre on May 14 of the Palestinians so boldly protesting – all the while peddling the same disinformation blaming the victims for their crime. Since the first protest on 30 March, according to the MoH in Gaza, Israeli forces have killed 104 Palestinians, including 14 children. In addition, 12 Palestinians have been killed during the same period in other circumstances, including five reportedly shot at the fence or after crossing into Israel, whose bodies are reportedly being withheld by the Israeli authorities. The cumulative number of injuries by Israeli forces is approximately 12,600, of whom 55 per cent have been hospitalized. One Israeli soldier has been injured. –  Continue reading


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The illegitimate state of Israel: Revisiting the UNGA partition resolution of 1947

The partition resolution meant, in effect, the establishment of a Zionist state on Palestinian soil irrespective of the wishes of the overwhelming majority of its inhabitants and was taken by the Zionist leadership as a green light to launch their long-contemplated and delayed conquest of such a state | WALID KHALIDI*, Journal of Palestine Studies, Autumn 1997

…will return. Painting by Ismail Shammout, 2005

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70th Anniversary of Al Nakba: ‘Great March of Return’ boldly affirms Palestinians’ right of return to their homeland

The Great March of Return begins on Land Day March 30, 2018.

The Great March of Return, that began on Land Day (March 30) will shortly culminate on May 15, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Al Nakba (the catastrophe). On May 15, 1948 the Zionist state of Israel was established on the basis of the dispossession and mass expulsion of the Palestinian people.  Today, the Palestinian people face ongoing occupation and increasing encroachment and dispossession by the Zionists. The Great March of Return is a bold affirmation of the Palestinian people’s right to resist and right of return to their homeland, as enshrined in international law.


The Great March of Return began six weeks ago and calls for the return of the Gaza Strip’s 1.3 million refugees to their original villages. People are encamped not far from the boundary of Gaza, where spirits are high and several generations of Palestinians regularly converge to express the profound demand that their lands must be returned to them. Continue reading

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Massive marches to Israeli border affirms Palestinians’ Right of Return

42nd Anniversary of Palestinian Land Day

Mass Land Day demonstration in Gaza, near the border with the Zionist State of Israel, March 30, 2018, as the March of Return begins.

This year is the 42nd anniversary of Palestinian Land Day. On March 30, 1976, six Palestinians from Arab villages inside the Green Line were shot and killed by Israeli forces while protesting the confiscation of 5,500 acres of land from the Galilee in northern Israel to build Jewish communities. About 100 others were wounded and hundreds were arrested during the protest on March 30 of that year. Since then, Land Day has been commemorated by Palestinians inside Israel as well as in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem and around the world. In Arabic, Yawm al-‘Ard is one of the most widely-observed Palestinian national anniversaries. It signifies the unity of the land on all of historical Palestine, and the indivisibility of Palestinians wherever they live. Continue reading

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Sighting. Palestine photo review – February 2018

Photography and text documenting the reality of Palestine and Palestinian life, politics and culture during a month of the year

Palestinian women protesters call for an end to the electricity crisis outside Gaza’s sole power plant, 27 February | Yasser Qudih APA images

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Ahed Tamimi: Erasing the violence, erasing the history

Still from Telesur

The same newspaper that heralds “a new era” for women in Canada victimized by “men in power” has no objection to the brutish treatment of Ahed Tamimi, the 16-year-old Palestinian girl who is in indefinite military custody for courageously challenging Israeli occupation forces on her family’s property. The Globe and Mail has carried but one item – on January 1 from Reuters. CBC also carried the same item on January 1st. The Toronto Star carried a derivative six-sentence item on the same date. Continue reading


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‘How was such a fool your US ambassador?’ Tamimi family mocks Israel’s secret probe into whether they’re real Palestinians

deliberately costumed in clothing that Americans could relate to like backwards baseball caps. “If that’s your elite, I’m not sure how you manage to beat us” | Yotam Berger,  Haaretz

The Tamimi family | Alex Levac

(January 25) – The four members of Ahed Tamimi’s family who are not in detention were amused to hear that the Knesset had conducted an investigation into whether the Tamimis are a real family. Continue reading

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