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Why does Canada celebrate Raoul Wallenberg Day? Why Raoul Wallenberg? Who was he? What did he do?

By Pauline Easton and Dougal MacDonald 

The Harper government commemorated “Raoul Wallenberg Day”[1] on January 17 with a statement issued by Minister of Multiculturalism Jason Kenney. With much hyperbole and no facts, Kenney’s announcement says:

“Each year on January 17th, Canadians pay tribute to Raoul Wallenberg, one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century.

“Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish diplomat sent to Budapest, Hungary, during the Second World War. At great personal risk, he helped rescue tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from certain death at the hands of the Nazis and their like-minded allies. Continue reading

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On whose calendar is April 30 a Black Day?

Falsification of History to Smash the People’s Ability to Unite in Action for Nation-Building Today

Opposition to Government Projects

Mass demonstration in Toronto against the Viet Nam War.


The House of Commons began debating a private member’s bill on February 5, which is to mark April 30 as the day South Vietnam supposedly fell under the power of an authoritarian and oppressive communist regime. Many Canadians and the Vietnamese Embassy in Canada have opposed this bill as a flagrant insult to the Vietnamese people for whom April 30, 1975 is an historic day when the Vietnamese people won total victory against the armed forces of the United States who were forced to retreat from Saigon and admit defeat. Continue reading


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CBC: Occupation? What Occupation?

CBC “politely” orchestrates disinformation of Harper war government on Israel/Gaza | BRUCE WARK*

140718-Halifax-Gaza Rally-001cr

Some 400 people demonstrated at both CBC Radio and CBC TV buildings in Halifax on July 18, 2014 to denounce slanted media coverage of the massacre taking place in Gaza. Far from having reporters cover the event or sending out a representative to speak with the protesters, the CBC called security demanding that the demonstrators get off the property.

mediaspin.ca (July 20) – Jason Kenney, a senior minister in Canada’s Conservative government, delivered a ringing defence of Israel’s latest attacks on Gaza during the July 19th edition of the CBC Radio program, The House, while guest host Rosemary Barton listened politely. Continue reading


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Occupation is a crime – Resistance Is a right!


2014.07.11.Baird stop.CalgaryPalestineRally-53International law and principles that came out of the experience of the second World War establish that occupation is a crime and resistance to occupation is a right. The Palestinian people are affirming their rights by defending themselves from Israel’s occupation and attacks. They are affirming everyone’s right to be. By resisting the occupation they say No! to war crimes, to occupation and violations of human rights. By standing with them we affirm our own rights and the rights of all.

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Lest we forget: an anti-social, warmongering agenda


THE Harper dictatorship has been running two ads dealing with Veterans and Remembrance Day. What is clear is how a war government is attempting to use the sacrifice of Canadians to promote its self-serving agenda of war abroad and fascism at home. Canadians must be very sceptical in viewing messages from those for whom lying is as natural as eating or drinking.

Veterans Affairs newspaper ad in the Cape Breton Post promotes the government’s support for veterans. Image provided by PSAC.

Veterans Affairs newspaper ad in the Cape Breton Post promotes the government’s support for veterans. Image provided by PSAC.

Veterans Affairs Canada inserted large print ads into such newspapers as the Cape Breton Post, the Western Star in Corner Brook, NF and the Guardian in P.E.I. – three communities in Atlantic Canada where it is closing district offices, leaving thousands of veterans to depend on a website and an 800 number. It is attempting to counter the campaign of the veterans and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, which openly says the government is “betraying veterans” in its plan to close nine district offices, including Windsor, Thunder Bay, Brandon, Saskatoon, Kelowna and Prince George, by the end of February 2014. According to the union, the Prince George district office has already closed. Continue reading

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