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The ominous jihadis war: From Tripoli to Tripoli

GHASSAN KADI on a potentially huge situation brewing in Libya that barely makes the news

The Fall and the Fall of HaririThe ‘War on Syria’ is far from being over, and it will continue until all foreign forces illegally present on Syrian soil retreat; either willingly, or defeated.

And even though the American presence in Syria has no clear and realistic political purpose other than wreaking havoc and making it hard for Russia to help reach a decisive victory, in a twist of fate, the focus of the Russo-American conflict in the region may soon move away from Syria. Continue reading

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Soldier killed at war memorial; Canadians suffer results of Harper government’s anarchy and violence


Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)

THE Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on Canadians to remain calm in the light of developments taking place in Ottawa at this time following the shooting of a soldier at the War Memorial.

As the events unfolded it became clear that the various levels of police forces, armed forces, various levels of the state and the media all went into action as if they were conducting an exercise in bringing the whole city under their direct control. Schools were shut down, all government buildings in the downtown area were shut down. No one could go in or out. At 6 pm, some government workers were still locked down at work. The outlying government buildings were evacuated and shut. All bridges going to the Quebec side were blocked by the QPP and RCMP and every driver was forced to open the trunk of their car and which was searched before they were allowed to cross. Continue reading

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