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Syria, The Challenge

Syria The Challenge Movie

This post is about an engrossing film produced in 2015 by a Syrian-Lebanese film-maker, Olga Naccache*, of the war on Syria, now in its 7th year. I just came across it thanks to a post on Facebook by Intibah Kadi. It is over one hour long, with English subtitles. It is gripping and many times elegiac. The music is vibrant. Continue reading

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Summit of the Americas: Sharp struggle against OAS-US ‘civil society’ subversion and blackmail

By TONY SEED, along with news items*

OAS & people's summit(April 11) – Even before the 7th Summit of the Americas of the Organization of American States (OAS) opened in Panama on April 10, a sharp struggle erupted against flagrant and ugly provocations brazenly organized against Cuba and the principles of sovereignty, democracy and the equality of all nations, big and small. Continue reading

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John Baird continues his work for private monopolies

Politicization of private interests – Baird did yeoman’s work for private monopoly interests as Canada’s jingoist Foreign Minister putting Canada on war footing against their competitors. Baird is continuing on the same career path but with more lucrative rewards. GEORGE ALLEN

counting dollars in carOn March 25, Stephen Harper’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird was hired by the Barrick Gold monopoly to sit on its international advisory board. Canada’s conflict-of-interest legislation theoretically prevents cabinet ministers from negotiating future employment while in office. Baird’s resignation from Parliament only took effect on March 16, yet everyone is to believe that the Barrick offer was made during the nine days between March 16 and 25. Continue reading


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Negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program and Baird’s ‘direct diplomacy’ project

Protest in Tehran against attempts to interfere with Iran's sovereign right to possess nuclear technology, November 23, 2014.

Protest in Tehran against attempts to interfere with Iran’s sovereign right to possess nuclear technology, November 23, 2014.


On January 15, international negotiations got underway on Iran’s nuclear program in Geneva, Switzerland. These negotiations are of great importance for people all over the world. The main subject of the negotiations is the use of nuclear technology and the level of uranium enrichment needed by Iran for the peaceful development of nuclear energy to meet its needs. Coupled with this is the demand by Iran to remove the economic and other sanctions imposed by the U.S. and big European powers to destroy its economy and in this way force Iran to submit to the foreign dictate. Continue reading

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Harper government’s subservience to Senator McCain and US interests (1)

McCain! War criminals are not welcome in Canada!

The chain of command: American general inspects his troops in the battlefield, from Libya to Halifax


One of the notorious war criminals attending the sixth annual Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) is U.S. Senator John McCain (R). McCain has a long-standing involvement with all manner of U.S. covert operations, dirty wars, aggression and war.

McCain is a former presidential candidate in 2008, the top Republican on the powerful U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee, chairman of the board of the International Republican Institute (IRI, an arm of the National Endowment for Democracy of the U.S. government) since 1993, and the leading American champion of aggression, intervention and war throughout the world. Wherever this warmonger goes, violence, anarchy and chaos follow in his wake to the detriment of the people and the cause of peace.

Posted below are some of McCain’s recent misdeeds, to give an indication of the calibre of depravity of some of those attending this year’s HISF.

Mother Jones Battlefield Earth

Continue reading


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Visit of US Secretary of State promotes security integration

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry visited Ottawa October 28 in relation to the shooting of the previous week. He used the occasion to promote the idea that the Canada-U.S. security relationship now requires “tweaks,” “changes” and “additions.” He echoed the Harper dictatorship’s assertion that the killing in Ottawa was an act of terror, saying it was “common sense” to believe so. Kerry said that the U.S. and Canada will “work quietly and carefully in the next days and months” to further integrate their security apparatus. Kerry revealed: “Canada and the United States are now in discussions… with a view to making certain that every possible stone is turned over, every possible policy is reviewed…”

Kerry later met with Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird to discuss ISIS, the Ukraine, the U.S.-Canada border, and “North American” energy issues. Such was the “security,” the content of the discussion was not disclosed.

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The CBC’s war chorus clears its throat … politely

Friday’s edition of ‘Power Panel’ resembled a mini-convention of war cheerleaders. Watch it here and decide for yourself — if you can stomach a display of unvarnished bravado from reporters sitting in TV studios in Ottawa and Calgary. Then remind yourself of Article 20 of the UN International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights: ‘Any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law.’ ANDREW MITROVICA

Media-Culpa(Oct. 6) – Watching CBC’s Power and Politics can be hard on the synapses. It’s not just having to endure Paul Calandra reprising his role as the PM’s stunt double, or watching Opposition members feigning outrage, or listening to slick PR types and consultants lecturing everyone about everything — without, of course, disclosing their conflicts of interest.

Nope. Among the more grating aspects of this daily political digest are the journalists themselves — so chummy with each other and, far too often, with the politicians they’re supposed to cover. Continue reading

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Harper’s double standards on Palestine and Ukraine: Not all child casualties of war are innocent

ANDREW MITROVICA* on Harper’s perverse provision of militarized “aid” to the Kiev junta, the murky role of the billionaire owner of a pharmaceutical company (Eugene Melnyk, BIOVAIL) who’s also the chairman of the Campaign Advisory Committee for “United with Ukraine” … and the wounded children of Gaza.

Palestinian doctors treat children wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building, at the treatment room of al Najar hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014. (AP Photo/Hatem Ali)

Palestinian doctors treat children wounded in an Israeli airstrike on a building, at the treatment room of al Najar hospital in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Thursday, Aug. 21, 2014 | AP Photo/Hatem Ali

ipolitics (Sept. 16) – Before last week, I thought I understood the depth of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s malevolence. I was wrong.

Only now do I appreciate just how ugly this prime minister is. I didn’t think it was possible for even a government as rabidly partisan as this one to add Palestinian children to its long list of enemies. That’s not hyperbole. Truth.

Continue reading

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North American Energy Summit organized by Goldman Sachs

Strategy for control of energy resources

110129-HamiltonDayofAction-87In June of this year, the major monopoly financier Goldman Sachs organized a North American Energy Summit at their New York City headquarters. According to their webpage, the summit “brought together the most thoughtful and influential public and private sector decision-makers – including leading CEO, public sector officials, and experts from the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as key global investors and companies involved in the North American energy sector – to discuss how the region can achieve its energy potential.”

Vice President Joe Biden gave the keynote address. President Pena of Mexico participated, as did Canadian Ministers of Foreign Affairs John Baird, Joseph Oliver of Finance and Greg Rickford of Natural Resources and the Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario. Continue reading

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The massacre at al-Shujaiyya underscores Zionist crimes

2014.07.00.Massacreinal-Shujaiyya-cr3By PAULINE EASTON

The world continues to watch in horror as the Palestinian residents of Gaza are slaughtered by the Zionist occupiers of their land, while the residents of the West Bank are also wantonly killed for protesting. On July 21, the Occupation Forces committed a massacre in the al-Shujaiyya neighbourhood of Gaza city. As of 2 pm on July 26, medical teams had already recovered 85 bodies from the rubble. In addition to the killing of Palestinians, the massacre forced some 60,000 Gazans to flee their homes in the area for fear of more attacks, adding to a total number of internally displaced persons that has now hit 183,000 out of a population in Gaza of 1.7 million residents. All Palestinians, unable to flee due to the blockade of Gaza by land, sea and air, are targets of the Israeli onslaught. Continue reading

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War crimes in the name of self-defence; unsustainable Israeli position

Mass demonstration on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on July 12, 2014

Mass demonstration on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, on July 12, 2014

TML Weekly Information Project* (July 19) –  The Zionist state of Israel has started a ground invasion of occupied Palestinian territory with as many as 60,000 troops amassed at the Gaza border. This ground invasion is taking place in a desperate attempt to smash Palestinian resistance after their failure to smash it through a brutal two-week long campaign of daily aerial bombings, destruction of homes and mosques, a centre for the disabled and other civilian infrastructure, including water treatment facilities leaving many with no potable water. By the time the ground invasion started, more than 240 people had been killed and more than 1,700 injured, many of them women and children and, according to the United Nations, 80 per cent of them civilians. Continue reading

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Widespread resistance demands a Free Palestine: End Israeli occupation and aggression!

Palestinian youth fight back against heavily armed Israeli Defense Forces in the Shufat neighbourhood of Jerusalem, July 3, 2014.

Widespread resistance is unfolding in Palestine in response to the U.S.-backed mass arrests, indefinite detention and bombing raids by Zionist Israel. Using the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers on June 12 as justification to unleash retribution against the Hamas government of Gaza, who they call a terrorist organization, the Zionists have once again unleashed a murderous assault mainly against Gaza but also the West Bank.

Continue reading

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Ukraine: Harper’s warmongering defies reality


As the political drama continues to unfold around the crisis in Ukraine, Canada remains among the most strident voices stirring up the tension.

Wiser heads would argue that without any skin in the game, Canadian politicians can beat their war drums with wild abandon, knowing there will be little in the way of domestic consequences regardless of what develops. Continue reading

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‘Digital diplomacy’: Harper government’s new weapon for subversion


AMIDST revelations about U.S.-led global espionage and cyber warfare and other wrongdoings coming to light during the past year, the Harper war government is expanding its own participation in social media and electronic subversion of foreign states trying an independent path of development and deemed hostile to the interests of the US and NATO bloc.

On February 7 Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird visited the headquarters of Google and Twitter in Silicon Valley, California, where he mapped out how “digital diplomacy” will be added to the weapons of armed subversion such as covert operations, “aid,” and secret diplomacy that are already being used internationally by the Harper government against targeted countries.

“Digital diplomacy” is cyberwarfare. It is a new buzz word to go along with “direct diplomacy” and the “public diplomacy” embraced by the Obama Doctrine, the U.S. State Department and NATO to rationalize the creation of mechanisms whereby the United States gives itself the right to deal directly with citizens of various countries and NGOs that do its bidding and completely bypass sovereign governments.  Continue reading


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‘Akin to war’: US troops are in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and Petawawa

“They’ve invaded; I mean certainly if it’s not war, it’s akin to war.” – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, CBC’s Power and Politics broadcast, March 3, 2014

Who’s on first? “Capt Rob Cuthie, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, points out the brigade's battle plan with WO Dan Covert, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, and Capt Reed Preece. Pennsylvania Army National Guard, during Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE 2014.” | MCpl Faye Worthy © 2013 DND-MDN Canada

Who’s on first? “Capt Rob Cuthie, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, points out the brigade’s battle plan with WO Dan Covert, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, and Capt Reed Preece. Pennsylvania Army National Guard, during Exercise UNIFIED RESOLVE 2014.” | MCpl Faye Worthy © 2013 DND-MDN Canada

THE following releases issued by the Government of Canada’s Department of National Defence illustrate how foreign troops are carrying out military exercises on Canadian territory on virtually a non-stop basis throughout the year. All the exercises are carried out under the Pentagon’s Northern Command (NORTHCOM), which simultaneously includes the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Continue reading

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CNN, CBC: Fake image of a young child – again

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s: No, four-year-old Marwan fleeing Syria was not “alone” in the desert. The modus operandi behind the pervasive hoaxes being disseminated by the monopoly media augmented by anti-social media to facilitate intervention and subversion of sovereign countries

2014.2.19.Fake image of kid in desert

Media-CulpaAN IMAGE claimed by CNN journalists and rebroadcast on the state-owned CBC as well as CTV on February 17 to be of a 4-year-old Syrian child discovered alone near the Jordanian borders while his leg was cut and bandaged with plastic bags, is apparently part of a different image, where the family of the child are seen walking ahead of him and his leg is fine, euronews (and here), the London Guardian and the website Friends of Syria report. A CBC blog by John Bowman of cbcnews.ca also admitted later on Feb. 18 that “the fact that his family was just metres away was left behind.” Continue reading


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Stephen Harper’s Mideast adventurism

Canada’s role in the service of U.S. imperialism


2007.06.10.TOPalDemo-03TML Weekly Information Project (Jan. 25) – THIS ARTICLE examines Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recently-completed Mideast tour January 20-25, 2014. Harper led an unprecedented entourage of more than 200 Canadian business and religious leaders, media representatives, failed Conservative Party candidates, current MPs and senators, with a phalanx of a half-dozen members of Harper’s current cabinet bringing up the rear. The latter included Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird; Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney; Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie Christian Paradis; Minister of Industry James Moore; Minister of International Trade Ed Fast; and Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver.[1] Continue reading

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Halifax International Security Forum: The network of subversion, annexation and war in the making – the ‘Halifax Canada Club’


This article is part of an ongoing investigation into the Halifax International Security Forum (HISF), which was formed in 2009 as a covert arm of the U.S. state that presents itself as an “independent” and “non-partisan” body with quasi-permanent status. It was originally published on November 21, 2013 and revised on April 15, 2014; November 17 and 21, 2014; February 17, 2016; and February 28, 2021. 

Topics at the 2014 HISF Forum include: “Pipeline Corridors: The Geopolical Role of Energy Infrastructure.” Given that one of the opening plenary sessions is titled “O Say, Can’t You see? The Indispensable Role of the Exceptional Superpower,” one must ask, what is behind this?


THE Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) aka the Halifax War Conference was formed in 2009 by the Washington-based German Marshall Fund and the Harper ruling clique as a parallel body to established agencies of the Canadian state such as the departments of foreign affairs and national defence. The U.S. board of directors of the HISF includes three members of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), the president of Freedom House, and two experienced agents with the National Endowment for Democracy, whose work in subversion throughout the world is nefarious and well-documented. The programmatic work of the CFR, which is also the “media partner” of the HISF, for the integration of Canada into the United States, has also been well exposed. Continue reading


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Syria: French colonizers have not accepted the loss of their colony

French General Georges Catroux is walking next to Nur-Eddin al-Khatib, the grandfather of Mouaz al-Khatib, the incumbent president of the foreign terrorist so-called National Coalition for Opposition Forces and the Syrian Revolution. Photo taken in 1941.

By ELENA GROMOVA (Photos, captions and sidebar by Tony Seed)

A PHOTOGRAPH taken in 1941, when Syria was still under the rule of French colonisers, has recently been circulating on social networking sites. In the worn black and white photograph, French General Georges Catroux is walking next to an elderly man with cunning eyes, Nur-Eddin al-Khatib.

More than 70 years has passed and the grandson of this Nur-Eddin – Mouaz al-Khatib, a former preacher at the Umayyad mosque in Damascus and now a deserter and traitor – has been elected head of the “Qatar Coalition” (the so-called “National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Groups” or Syran National Coalition, cobbled together by the United States – TS), which was created on 11 November 2012 at a meeting in Doha. Continue reading

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Canada’s hooligan behaviour: Severing relations with Iran

THE CANADIAN government announced Friday, September 7, that “Canada has closed its embassy in Iran effective immediately and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada.” Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran have thus come to an end.
Continue reading


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