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Flashback: The day the war broke out

Halifax, March 20, 2003. Hundreds upon hundreds of people take to the streets to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq the night before.

Halifax, March 20, 2003. Hundreds upon hundreds of people take to the streets to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq the night before.

In this article from our archives, TONY SEED chronicles the response of Haligonians – and authority – to the first day of the U.S. war against Iraq. Similar demonstrations take place in Shelburne, Wolfville and Antigonish and a silent vigil in Sydney, Cape Breton, as well as in Fredericton, New Brunswick (see below), across Canada and around the world. History shows the correctness of this just stand. The war and ensuing occupation, endorsed and supported by the Chrétien government and every daily newspaper in Canada, caused a terrible tragedy for the people of Iraq and West Asia (Middle East): the number of Iraqis slaughtered is an estimated 1,455,590 people. From reports submitted to Shunpiking Magazine and TML Daily.

(HALIFAX, 20 March 2003) – TODAY a mass democracy meeting broke out at Dalhousie University on Canada’s Atlantic coast against Bush’s barbarous war against Iraq, beginning a day of mass opposition and upheaval that swept across the nation, from east to west, continuing a wave of protest unfolding around the globe, first Oceania, then Asia, the Middle East and Europe and onto the Americas as surely as the earth travels around the sun. Continue reading


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The short, happy Iraq War of Howard Kurtz – war criminal

By FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting)*

Media-CulpaAS THE world marks the sixth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, corporate media’s most prominent journalism critic is wondering if Barack Obama’s Iraq policy isn’t being sufficiently scrutinized. As Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz asked recently on his CNN program (3/15/09): “What about the previous president? I mean, he famously landed on that aircraft carrier, declared ‘Mission Accomplished,’ and we’re still there. Could journalists be falling into the same trap of taking a president’s word about Iraq at face value?” (Oddly, FAIR does not mention the name of the program or that Kurtz has been host of CNN’s weekly program Reliable Sources since 1998 – TS.)

It’s a good question to ask –  but is Kurtz really the best person to ask it? In the heady days of “post-war” Iraq, Howard Kurtz went out of his way to criticize those journalists who didn’t adopt Bush’s short-sighted optimism about the “success” of the invasion. Continue reading

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Good night Canada, Good morning, Gaza

Exercise Maple Flag: Canada and U.S. train the Israeli Air Force prior to the bombing of Gaza
Out of two hundred warplanes that took part in Exercise Maple Flag 2005 in Cold Lake, Alberta in May, ten were Israeli F-16s. It would be easy to miss their significance. Yet, when Canadian forces extended an invitation to the Israeli Air Force for the first time in thirty-eight meetings of the Maple Flag war games, it signalled, according to military planners, a marked shift in Canadian military and political policy in the twenty-first century: good night Battle of Britain, good morning Gaza.
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Israel’s DFO and the fishermen of Palestine: confiscating the forbidden sea


• Fishermen fired at by Israeli Navy and detained

• Boats, nets and equipment vandalized or seized without cause

• False accusations of “fishing in a restricted area”

• Livelihoods of hundreds ruined

• Essential food denied to the people

• A unique but familiar story to the fishers of Canada and the Third World who live under siege


Introducing excerpts from an Amnesty International Report. Part One of a two-part series. For Part Two please visit here.

palflagpalfishermenHALIFAX (10 October 2003) – THIS IS A STORY about what is happening to the unseen Palestinian fishermen of the Gaza Strip on the Mediterranean Sea. Fishermen whose families have been fishing the azure waters of the Mediterranean for millenia – for sardines, tuna and Sultan Ibrahim fish. Fishermen who along with mastering the perils of the sea must now face cold-blooded, land-based monsters mutated by imperialism. Fishermen who face brutal restrictions, seizures and closures, strangling an already devastated sector of the traumatised economy of Occupied Palestine. Continue reading

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Sharing the burdens of empire: Canadian participation in war crimes in Iraq

No Harbour for War


Halifax, March 20, 2003. Hundreds upon hundreds of people take to the streets to condemn the U.S. invasion of Iraq the night before.

HALIFAX (20 March 2003) – SINCE the “official” war will surely begin before this issue is off the newsstands, outlining the terror and mayhem of “shock and awe” bombing raids in a city the size of Paris is perhaps an unhelpful conjecture: it will be massive, it will be brutal and it will be deadly – “liberation” as defined by the American Empire always is.

For months now, as the diplomatic wrangling at the United Nations Security Council consumed our attention, Canada’s stance on supporting the American Empire’s adventurism in Iraq relied on Security Council approval. Chrétien said as much when he came to Halifax in late February for a $400-a-plate Liberal Party fund-raiser. On the day of Bush’s infantile “moment of truth” address to the world, Chrétien affirmed to Parliament that Canadian Forces would not be joining the massacre of Iraqis. He lied. Continue reading

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Waging war on Iraq: A timeline of Canadian intervention since 1990



Protest against the deployment of the HMCS Iroquois, Halifax, on February 24, 2003

Protest against the deployment of the HMCS Iroquois, Halifax, on February 24, 2003

The Canadian government long ago joined this war on Iraq: for the past 12 years the Canadian Navy has been enforcing a senseless and cruel economic war on the civilians of Iraq which has cost more than one million lives. 

Fourth of a series on Canada’s involvement in the Iraq war, Shunpiking Online. Please note that the timeline ends in February, 2003 and hence does not cover the ensuing material (export of arms, provision of territory and infrastructure), military, political-ideological participation of Canada in the war against Iraq. Continue reading


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