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International trade as a weapon of exploitation, chauvinism and war

Necessity for a new direction for international trade | K.C. ADAMS

In March, the U.S. government suddenly announced tariffs on $60 billion worth of Chinese exports to the U.S. and threatened even more. China has now retaliated with tariffs of its own against certain U.S. exports. Whatever the reasoning for these tariffs, the sudden imposition seriously disrupts the working lives of those involved in producing those goods in both China and the U.S. and those using the commodities either as a means of further production or articles of consumption. Modern industrial mass production cannot simply be turned on or off with the flick of a switch without causing widespread pain. This is no way to conduct economic relations among the peoples of the world. Continue reading


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International trade as a geopolitical weapon of the big powers

Discussion on the economy | K.C. ADAMS

The most powerful monopolies centred in the big powers control international trade. Free trade agreements allow them almost unrestricted access to most countries. The monopoly free traders oppose any opposition to their free access with stern measures, including blockades, sanctions, predatory war, imperialist financed and organized regime change, and other gross interference in the sovereign affairs of the people and their right to be. Continue reading

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Harper Throne Speech a sop to the resource monopolies and wrong direction for the country

Step up the work to oppose the anti-social offensive


120614-NorthVancouver-NoBillC-38-03BatseyAgarTML Daily – THE Harper Throne Speech pushes resource extraction as Canada’s strategy for prosperity. The government vows to do everything it can to assist the resource monopolies extract and ship as much resources as they can in the shortest possible time. It even generates panic on this issue suggesting, “The window for gaining access to new markets will not remain open indefinitely.” The government wants Canadians to believe that our very lives and security depend on resource extraction and rapidly transporting it to the far ends of the earth. Any hindrance to this is considered against the national interests and even national security. Continue reading

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Looking at the federal government budget for 2013

100626-TorontoNoG8G20-71cropBy K.C. ADAMS, TML Weekly
• Part One: Ideo-Political Considerations of the Federal Budget

CANADIANS are understandably concerned with the prospects for the country. At this stage in history, people are blocked from setting the aim, agenda and direction of the economy. The ruling elite expect the people to accept the dictate of the monopolies and the government for those features of modern democratic life that should belong to the people by virtue of being members of the polity.

A budget is an accounting tool of the economy. The expenditures and revenue of a nation, institution, collective or individual exist within a dialectical relationship. The ideo-political considerations of a budget both expenditures and revenue are set by those who control the nation, institution, collective or individual. The ideo-political considerations are the bedrock on which the aim of the nation, institution, collective or individual is fashioned and the expenditures and subsequent necessary revenue determined within the budget. More…

• Part Two: Mystery of State — The Hoax of Balancing the Budget 
• Your Tax Dollar: 2011-2012 Fiscal Year – Department of Finance 
• Summary of 2012 Budget – Department of Finance 

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Harper’s anti-social changes to EI

2012.05.28.Oppose attacks on unemployedNEW REGULATIONS to Employment Insurance (EI) took effect on January 6, 2013 and are the target of a National Day of Action on February 23. (For the calendar of events, see here.) People are demanding a repeal of these anti-social changes and a rendering of account of the Harper dictatorship. A government that willingly cuts off the already meagre unemployment benefits that less than half of all unemployed workers have access to and uses the EI program to lower the living and working conditions of all workers is not fit to govern.

The changes ensure that workers’ living and working conditions will generally fall putting downward pressure on the standard of living of all Canadians. The Harper dictatorship is very candid that these rules aim to reduce unemployed workers’ benefits. In the backgrounder that accompanies the rules, the government says it expects 8,000 EI recipients will be immediately eliminated from receiving benefits while others will receive less resulting in a “savings” of $12 million the first year and $33 million every following year. Continue reading

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Nazi capital today: More than meets the eye

Electrolux closure: A disaster for the community and nation that can be averted

The Swedish imperialists have announced the closure of a productive appliance factory in L’Assomption, Quebec and the transfer of its production capacity to a new plant in Memphis, Tennessee. The entire community near Montreal is reeling in dismay and anger at this outrageous attack. Not just the lives of the 1,300 Electrolux workers affected have been turned upside down.  Those of thousands more, who depend directly on supplying the factory with goods and services and transporting the means of production to the factory and the finished product to customers are affected. Continue reading

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