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Dion’s delusions of grandeur: Hubris about Canada’s role in the imperialist system of states

To prove the importance of “responsible conviction,” in his speech at the University of Ottawa on March 29 Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion presented a fairy tale of Canada as an intrepid and indispensable international actor whose “responsibility” has allowed it to change the course of history. The Harper government only had “conviction” but not “responsibility,” Dion suggested, and this has blunted Canada’s ability to play such a role. Continue reading

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Argo: Hollywood as extension of CIA propaganda

THE MONOPOLY MEDIA rolled out the red carpet for the Hollywood film, Argo, the movie adaptation of the memoir published by ex-CIA operative Tony Mendez on the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 7. It eulogized the cosmetic role of Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor, a common CIA operative and US cheerleader, fawned over actor-director Ben Affleck’s presence with predictable slavishness and adorned their websites with trailers and video clips. This of a movie which insults and denigrates an entire people.

Hollywood has played a dirty role in the smuggling of American spies from Iran during the early years of the popular anti-imperialist revolution in Iran. The latest movie, reviewed by ZAINAB CHEEMA and MAKSUD DJAVADOV,* shows the tight relationship between the CIA and Hollywood. That the Harper government suddenly and unilaterally severed diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran on the same day as this racist film’s world premier in Canada is hardly fortuitous. Both are uncivilized instruments of imperialist warmongering and must be condemned. – TS

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THE PRESIDENTIAL SEASON is moving apace, so sluggishly that even robo-Romney, the personality-challenged Republican candidate, is outshining the hapless Barack Obama. It is times like these when Hollywood must step in to ramp up the drama and adrenaline — the result is Pentagon-funded Argo, the movie adaptation of the memoir published by ex-CIA operative Tony Mendez on the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. Continue reading

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Canada’s hooligan behaviour: Severing relations with Iran

THE CANADIAN government announced Friday, September 7, that “Canada has closed its embassy in Iran effective immediately and declared personae non gratae all remaining Iranian diplomats in Canada.” Canada’s diplomatic relations with Iran have thus come to an end.
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