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Liberals’ hypocrisy on home delivery and a universal postal service

Public Services and Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough announced on January 24 what she called “the government’s vision for renewal at Canada Post.” Minister Qualtrough declared on behalf of the government that its “new vision is that of a renewed Canada Post that will provide high quality service at a reasonable price to Canadians no matter where they live.” The Minister did not elaborate the meaning of this “new vision” and “renewed Canada Post.” Notable as well was her refusal to refer to any of the reports or thousands of views submitted by Canadians on what they would like to see with a renewed Canada Post. Continue reading


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Negotiations at the post office and the destruction of the principle of universality

Workers fight to get Canada Post to recognize their rights | LOUIS LANG* 

Negotiations are taking place between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. The contract of the Rural and Suburban Mail Carriers (RSMC) expired on December 31, 2017, and the contract of the Urban Operations group expires on January 31. Continue reading


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Intransigence of Canada Post and the right of postal workers to a say on their working conditions!

Montreal, June 20, 2011: “No to back-to-work legislation; support the postal workers.”

Montreal, June 20, 2011: “No to back-to-work legislation; support the postal workers.”


On Thursday, August 25 the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) postponed a press conference and after an all-day meeting of its National Executive Board announced that it was issuing a 72-hour notice of strike action. In a bulletin to its members CUPW stated, “Based on Canada Post’s refusal to agree to the 24-hour extension of our strike mandate, we have issued our 72-hour notice of strike activity. We will be in a legal strike position as of 11:59 pm Sunday, August 28, 2016. The NEB will inform everyone if, when and what strike activities will occur. Please monitor all communication channels so that you are informed.” Continue reading

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Liberals’ persistence in pushing anti-communist memorial: Monument will expose Liberals’ self-serving definitions of femocracy, freedom and human rights

Memorial to the victims of Nazi atrocities at the site of the former Dachau concentration camp representing the demand of the world's people to never again permit the rise of fascism

Memorial to the victims of Nazi atrocities at the site of the former Dachau concentration camp representing the demand of the world’s people to never again permit the rise of fascism.

From February 2-16 the Government of Canada used an online questionnaire to embroil Canadians in participating in the anti-communist memorial project started by Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney.

The Department of Canadian Heritage states that it “invites Canadians from across the country to contribute to the building of their nation’s capital by sponsoring commemorations of Canadian ideas, people and events that are of national symbolic importance.” The anti-communist memorial project is not a Canadian “idea of national symbolic importance” but a project of an organization comprised of all kinds of unsavoury characters who are either direct supporters of Nazis past and present or descendants of Nazis past and present who claim that they are the true supporters of freedom and democracy because they opposed communism. Continue reading

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Maritime strategy of the Quebec Liberals: Serving the interests of the United States of North American monopolies

For your information: two articles on the Maritime Strategy of Quebec – the latest plan of the ruling circles to build infrastructure and establish Gateways and Trade Corridors across Canada to facilitate the transportation of energy resources and manufactured goods to North America, Europe and Asia.

The Couillard government promotes its Maritime Strategy.


The statements of the Couillard Liberals promise economic growth and thousands of jobs all over Quebec. In fact, it would seem that what is being proposed is a new version of the Security Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The SPP, in which the Paul Martin government was involved, was a plan integrating the Canadian, U.S. and Mexican economies into the United States of North American Monopolies. This was to form a trade and military bloc in the inter-imperialist striving over control of world markets, spheres of influence, cheap labour and resources and zones for the export of capital. The Maritime Strategy being put forward by the Quebec Couillard government as a “pivotal project“ to develop the economy of Quebec is not a plan to build an independent national economy for the benefit of the people of Quebec but rather it is to put the resources and transportation infrastructure of Quebec in the service of North American monopolies. Continue reading

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Canada Post suspends program to eliminate home delivery

Defend the public post office. LOUIS LANG*

Cape Breton stop, July 17, 2015, on national tour by CUPW which continued through the federal election demanding that door-to-door mail delivery be maintained.

In a news release on Monday, October 26, 2015 Canada Post announced that the elimination of door-to-door delivery and conversion to community mailboxes was being suspended. The corporation stated that they wanted to work “collaboratively” with the government to face the challenges of the postal system. Continue reading

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Harper’s wrecking of Canadian farming goes hand in hand with wrecking of Ukrainian farming

“Ukraine’s agriculture could be a real gold mine.” – U.S.-Ukraine Business Council

medium_financial_fraudThe Harper government intervenes in Ukraine and provides troops, guns and “aid” under the pretext of opposing “Russian aggression.” Canadians should firmly reject this meddling in Ukraine’s affairs as they can no doubt extrapolate that the same process in the Ukraine is also being carried out by the imperialists in our country and elsewhere. In fact, while it is wrecking Canadian agriculture through neo-liberal globalization, secret trade deals such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and handing over the Canadian Wheat Board to U.S.-Saudi interests, CIDA is funding the plunder of the rich agricultural resources of Ukraine, as part of the U.S.-EU imperial project to subvert and annex that country. Well before the coup of February, 2014 CIDA had designated Ukraine as the one and only country in Europe as a strategic target of “aid.”

Canadians should be wary of illusions of the Trudeau Liberals, who are even more bellicose on Ukraine and were the ones to originally bind Canada to neo-liberal globalization. The Paul Martin Liberals were up the their necks in the 2004 “Orange Revolution,” which brought the open rule of the oligarchs to power. It merits attention that Trudeau’s spokesperson on Ukraine and chair of his council of economic advisers, Chrystia Freeland, is the grand-daughter of a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator (Mykhailo Chomiak, editor of Krakivs’ki visti [Cracow News] 1940-45), and sycophant of such billionaire oligarchs as Victor Pinchuk, for whom she moderates his annual Yalta European Strategy (YES).

LOUIS LANG, MLPC candidate in Pontiac, explains Harper’s “aid.” – TS

Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, led a “trade development mission” to Ukraine at the end of January 2015. A press release from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada explained, “This trip reinforces Canada’s commitment to supporting Ukraine in its pursuit of freedom, democracy and economic growth.”

Continue reading

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