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Vigilance: Government resumes militarist spectacles

Oppose the Militarization of Culture! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Four days after the election and the Afghan debacle before that, the Canadian Forces is launching yet another U.S.-style militarist spectacle, a “flyby” over a Canadian Football League (CFL) game featuring an “appreciation” of the military and war and its brutality. The spectacle is co-sponsored by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), the latest owner of the CFL franchise Argonaut franchise of the CFL. This oligopoly also owns Raptors of the NBA cartel, Maple Leafs of the NHL cartel, Toronto FC of the MLS cartel, Scotiabank Centre, operator of BMO Field (owned by the City of Toronto), lucrative downtown real estate, cable TV channels, you name it.

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Raptors Record Reality Check: The Little White Lie

How a lie manufactured by Raptors TV about a winning streak took “on a life of its own” in the mass media

By Our Senior NBA Insider

Originally published on the Amateur Sport blog

(February 6, updated February 7, 9, 10, 13) – Congratulations – the Toronto-based  basketball team and defending NBA champion that all the US pundits dismissed this season have won a franchise record 15 games in a row.

Last Wednesday night last week (February 5th), the Toronto Raptors came from being down 19 points to beat Indiana Pacers in the last minute 119-118, its 12th straight win. They finished the game on a 11-0 run, their defence forcing Indiana to turn the ball over four times. Continue reading

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Selling hope and the bobblehead boys

This article is reposted from our Amateur Sports web blog

fieldofschemes-BurnsRatnerRogers Sportsnet is blowing its own horn. “Our own Damien Cox,” it reported tonight, to paraphrase, has the scoop on the appointment of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment’s (MLSE) new president, Brendan Shanahan. The NHL executive is being called “the former Olympic champion.” Damien Cox is a Toronto Star columnist and a regular on the PrimeTimeSports program. Continue reading

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Lockout: Antitrust case to proceed against NHL, U.S. sports oligopolies

A group of US hockey fans seeking greater access to NHL broadcasts is suing the NHL. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)U.S. sports fans can pursue antitrust case over monopolization of programs. – Reuters

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and the wealthy owners are crying a blue river that they locked out some 730 players and shut down the hockey league “in the interests of fans and growing the game.” According to a Reuters report (see below), a U.S. federal court judge, however, has just ruled that a lawsuit can proceed that asserts that the NHL and other U.S. sports oligolies are conspiring against fans. By restricting more widely available game telecasts, the league “is able to charge monopoly pricing and limit the choices available to consumers.” Continue reading

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Viciousness of Sportsnet, death of journalism – or Colangelo talking through Rogers’ talking heads?


bargnani_free_throw640_640SPORTS FANS, his Toronto Raptor team-mates and Andrea Bargnani and his family must have been shocked and stunned by the hostess of Rogers Sportsnet Connected on Monday, November 26. Leading into the 5:00-6:00 p.m. supperhour segment she asked rhetorically, “Has Andrea Bargnani’s time in Toronto run out?”

Thinking it was to be a lead item I waited for the surprising news. And waited. And waited. Finally, some fifty minutes later, she flatly announced with a straight face that Mr Bargnani was on the way out and that “fans have given up on him.” (How she divined this insight only an Insider can figure out.) Our hostess then followed up the shock attack by interviewing one of Sportsnet’s ubiquitous “Insiders,” Michael Grange, to explain it all. Is now the time to trade Andrea Bargnani, he was asked.

Mr Grange said NO!

For a brief moment I thought, wow, Rogers didn’t script this very well. Continue reading

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