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Sochi Games Opening Ceremony – From our archives: Russians’ response to TV poll hardly a surprise

Lenin-StalinHere are some interesting results of a popular poll of viewers in 2012 from the Russian TV show ‘Court of Time.’ The socialist period of Lenin and Stalin (pictured) was completely omitted in the rendition of Russian history and culture of the spectacular pageant at the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Yet, far from being allegedly rejected, it still enjoys a high prestige in Russia, despite the best efforts of the revisionists, the oligarchs and Putin to bury communism. And perhaps this also explains the empty seats at the Opening Ceremony.

01.12.2010 – Svanidze and Co. have decided to judge the great Stalin era, having started a TV show “Court of Time” (judge of time) following the instructions of timeserver Medvedev about “de-Stalinization of the public conscience”, but like the TV show by anti-Soviet Lyubimov, we got the opposite effect – the people with their votes judged the time-servers, and pay tribute to Stalin.

Below are the published pictures from the TV program “Court of Time” with the results from the national (phone-in) vote. The results of the voting by the brain-washed by Svanidze & Co. TV show that the votes from the audience were completely the opposite, or roughly equal, such that many of the facts of our history are so striking and obvious that no lies and falsification can hide them. Continue reading

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This day in 1924: 90th anniversary of the death of V.I. Lenin

As long as the struggle to create a new society exists, the name and work of V.I. Lenin will have a place of honour

V.I. LENIN, a revolutionary and the greatest Marxist theoretician of the twentieth century, died 90 years ago on January 21, 1924, when a bullet, lodged in his neck by an opportunist when he was only 54, deprived him of the opportunity to complete his work. Even though he died during the very early stages of socialist revolution and construction, he had nonetheless accomplished great feats: he had established the state of the workers and peasants in Russia, as well as laid down the ideological and organizational lines for the development of the revolution and socialism. Continue reading

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This Day in 1983: British Communist leader tragically dies

Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist), November 27, 2013

John Buckle

John Buckle

TODAY, November 27, is the 30th anniversary of the death in 1983 of John Buckle, then General Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (Marxist-Leninist). He was just 34, and had led the Party since its founding in 1979.

On this occasion, we honour John’s memory, appreciating more than ever the sacrifice of those who, like John, came forward at a crucial time in history to contribute to providing solutions to serious problems of the times. Continue reading

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