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Deadly Canadian helicopter crash during NATO exercise

On April 29, a Royal Canadian Air Force Sikorsky CH-148 Cyclone helicopter on a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) military mission, with six Canadians on board,  crashed violently in the Ionian Sea off the coast of Greece. It had flown from the Canadian naval frigate HMCS Fredericton, whose home port is Halifax, which was deployed in the Greater Mediterranean and the Black Sea as part of Operation REASSURANCE. Continue reading

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Warship Watch. NATO fleet and US-Israeli war exercises in the Mediterranean


ROME (March 13) – In 2006, Israel attacked Lebanon, hoping to crush Hezbollah and provoke a reaction from Syria. It is now preparing a new attack on Lebanon, hoping this time to trigger a riposte from Iran. In both cases, the game is rigged, because Israel depends on the United States. This scenario is the theme of the Juniper Cobra 2018 exercises

During the first half of March, two major war exercises are underway – one in the Mediterranean off the coast of Sicily, the other in Israel – both led and supported by USA/NATO commands and bases in Italy. Continue reading

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Syrian crisis shows Mediterranean still geopolitically crucial

Washington, London and Paris are “readapting the old colonial Sykes-Picot plan to current times and establishing new spheres of influence without any regard for local populations, their rights and their sovereignty,” reports ANDREA FAIS*. But the crisis over Syria and the covert and overt aggression by the U.S. and its NATO allies under the pretext of “humanitarian interventionism” is also bringing to the fore increasing conflicts amongst the imperialist powers, especially Germany, over just who will rule the root in the Middle East. 

File:Antonio Millo Bacino del Mediterraneo.jpg

Italiano: Antonio Millo, Bacino del Mediterraneo, dall’Atlante manoscritto del 1582-1584 ca. Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Vittorio Emanuele II, Roma (cart. naut. 2 – cart. naut 6/1-2)

Global Times (Oct. 17) – THE SYRIAN CRISIS and its repercussions demonstrate that politicians and analysts cannot ignore the Mediterranean if they really want to face global challenges.

After the Egyptian military coup against former president Mohamed Morsi, the media consensus on Syria has shifted, with people becoming more aware of the dangerous role of Islamic extremism among elements of the Syrian rebel movement. Continue reading

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