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Move ‘Memorial to the Victims of Communism’ to a different location, or terminate the project entirely.

Petitioning the Government of Canada

The National Capital Commission approved a request to release a 5000 square meter plot of land located between the Supreme Court and Library Archives Canada to the private charity, A Tribute to Liberty, for the purpose of constructing a monument called Memorial to the Victims of Communism. The location is absolutely inappropriate, and the NCC’s recommendations have not been followed. The land which has been given to A Tribute to Liberty is part of Canada’s Judicial Precinct and, as such, is land that belongs to all Canadians. Further, that land has been clearly designated by the Government of Canada as the future site of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Judicial Building, a building that would complete the judicial triad, in balance to the Parliamentary triad. Placing this memorial, which essentially demonizes (either rightly or wrongly) a particular socioeconomic system, next to the Supreme Court of Canada undermines the very foundation of that institution, which is its independence and impartiality, and, as a result, erodes our own democracy.

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Harper dictatorship’s involvement in promoting neo-nazi revival

Oppose Canada’s promotion of darkest reaction in the name of freedom and democracy

Graphic posted to Facebook page of Canadian Veterans Advocacy,  on the occasion of Remembrance Day 2014

Graphic posted to Facebook page of Canadian Veterans Advocacy,
on the occasion of Remembrance Day 2014


"Harper: a bible in one hand and a gun in the other -- we don't want that here -- get out!"

“Harper: a bible in one hand and a gun in the other — we don’t want that here — get out!”

(Nov. 24) – On November 21, the Harper dictatorship joined the United States and Ukraine as the only three countries voting against the annual United Nations anti-Nazi resolution, initiated in 2005. Proposed by Russia, the resolution condemns attempts to glorify Nazi ideology and to deny German Nazi war crimes, including the Holocaust. The UN General Assembly’s Third Committee, which tackles human rights issues, passed the resolution by a vote of 115-3, with 55 nations countries abstaining. The European Union countries were among those that abstained. Countries supporting the resolution included Iran, Syria, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba. Continue reading


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Anti-communist crusade promotes cause of Nazi SS

Harper’s fundraising for anti-communist monument

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be the keynote speaker at a fundraiser for the memorial that is officially called “A Memorial to Victims of Totalitarian Communism – Canada, a Land of Refuge” on May 30 at the Toronto Congress Center. The anti-communist monument project in fact promotes the cause of Nazi SS. It was initiated by a private group calling itself “Tribute to Liberty” (TTL), and is based on and linked to the very similar U.S. Victims of Communism Memorial Project, whose honourary chairman is war criminal George W. Bush and which is funded by monopolies such as war contractor Lockheed Martin. Sponsorship tables for the Harper-led Toronto fundraising event are $2,500 and individual tickets are $250. Continue reading

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