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Inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the United States

Step Up the Work in Defence of the Rights of All, for Democratic Renewal, an Anti-War Government and Independent Canada!

– Statement of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist), January 20, 2017 –


Today, Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The overriding necessity for the Canadian working people is to concentrate on their own work in defence of their rights. The antidote to the non-stop promotion of the ideological beliefs of both Trump and the official anti-Trump forces is the work to build the independent institutions and voice of the Canadian working class and its allies, and broaden the struggle in defence of rights, for democratic renewal, an anti-war government and an independent Canada. Continue reading

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Sighting. Map of Tenochtitlan, 1524

Context for the first European image of the Aztec capital, razed by the Spanish in 1521 | KATE WILES

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North American leaders neo-liberal war summit

Say No! to Fortress North America! No to War Preparations and Monopoly Rule! Down with Obama’s Politics of Drone Assassination! Canada Needs an Anti-War Government! Obama and Peña Nieto Go Home!


The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on Canadians and Quebeckers to firmly oppose the presence in Canada of U.S war president Barack Obama and his Mexican counterpart Enrique Peña Nieto. Go all out to oppose the 10th North American Leaders Neo-liberal War Summit taking place in Ottawa on June 29. The Summit aims to disarm the resistance of the people and step up the criminal activities that put all the human, material and natural resources of the peoples of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico at the disposal of the most powerful monopolies, concentrate their power and privileges on a supranational basis, destroy the anti-war public opinion of the people and mobilize them behind the criminal U.S.-led wars of aggression and occupation and Obama’s politics of drone assassination. Continue reading


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Event. Solidarity with Students in Mexico – We Want Justice!

Demonstration in Ottawa demands justice for forty-three students, November 11, 2014. (HCPDF)

Join actions to oppose state violence and demand justice from the Mexican authorities in the disappearance and alleged killing of 43 Mexican students. The students went missing on September 26, 2014 when police agents from Iguala, Guerrero, in collusion with local gang members shot at several buses being used by the students and then kidnapped them. Six people, including three students and one 15-year-old boy were killed that night. Continue reading

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North American energy ministers meet in Washington: Further integration of ‘continental energy market’


THE energy ministers of the U.S., Mexico and Canada met in Washington, DC on December 15, to discuss the further integration of the “continental energy market.”

U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Mexican Secretary of Energy Pedro Joaquin Coldwell and Canadian Minister of Natural Resources Greg Rickford issued a joint statement. In it, they confirmed their commitment to implement the agreement to address the issue of energy as a “trilateral priority” arrived at in February 2014 at the North American leaders’ summit in Toluca, Mexico.
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Two-month anniversary of Mexican students’ disappearance

Unrelenting mass actions demand justice and reject state violence and impunity

Mexican proverb seen in Toronto, November 20, 2014: “They tried to bury us – they didn’t know we were seeds.”

November 26 marked the two-month anniversary of the disappearances of 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, in Guerrero state, Mexico. The people’s outrage is seen in the widening mass protests. The case of the missing students has exposed the corruption of the Mexican state and its security agencies and their refusal to look after the well-being of the Mexican people. Continue reading

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U.S. global spying: subversion of Mexico, France


spyDer Spiegel: Fresh leak on US spying – NSA accessed Mexican president’s email (full text see below). Another disclosure from former CIA agent Edward Snowden has revealed that, as part of its global spy network against the nations and peoples of the world, the United States has been eavesdropping on the Mexican government for years – in particular former President Felipe Calderon, whose email messages have been targeted. According to the report, the spying into the email server of the “Mexican Presidencia domain” contained “diplomatic, economic and leadership communications” that allowed for “deep insight into policymaking and the political system.” An NSA division for “particularly difficult missions” called the “Tailored Access Operations” handled the operation.  The covert operation was carried out in conformity with an April 2013 list that enumerates the US’ surveillance priorities. That list, classified as “secret,” was authorized by the White House and “presidentially approved,” according to internal NSA documents, Der Siegel reports. Continue reading

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