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CANSEC: Increased military spending and overall militarization in the name of “protecting Canadians from threats at home and abroad”

Unfettered Increase in Arms Trade

By Pierre Soublière

Demonstration against 2016 CANSEC arms show in Ottawa

CANSEC, Canada’s “largest global defence and security trade show,” will be holding its annual gathering of arms and merchants of death on June 1 and 2 at the EY Centre in Ottawa. The event is organized by the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI), which is “the voice of more than 800 Canadian Defence and security companies,” including Boeing, General Dynamics and SAAB.

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Calls to place US missiles and other military installations in Canada

War preparations in the name of national interest. The situation in Ukraine shows how important it is to elaborate why Canada should get out of NATO and NORAD and how Canada’s membership in NATO and NORAD are factors that contribute to war | Enver Villamizar

CTV News reports that retired Canadian General Tom Lawson, a former NORAD Deputy Commander serving under U.S. command before serving as Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff from 2012-2015, said the opportunity the conflict in Ukraine presents is “a perfect moment to announce that we’re coming on board with all forms of [U.S.] ballistic missile defence and we are going to discuss the positioning of new [U.S.] radar systems and new [U.S.] missile interceptors on Canadian soil.” He added: “And, by the way, we are now announcing that we’re buying F-35s, the first of which will be delivered four years from now. Now, all of a sudden, you’re looking pretty beefy.”

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Two years after first RCMP raid on Wet’suwet’en territory

Water defenders to appear before B.C. Supreme Court

Over thirty water protectors are appearing in BC Supreme Court in Prince George on February 14 after the RCMP invasion on Wet’suwet’en territory in November 2021. In the three large-scale police actions that have happened on Wet’suwet’en territory since January 2019, a total of 74 people have been arrested and detained, including legal observers and journalists.

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Vigilance: Government resumes militarist spectacles

Oppose the Militarization of Culture! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Four days after the election and the Afghan debacle before that, the Canadian Forces is launching yet another U.S.-style militarist spectacle, a “flyby” over a Canadian Football League (CFL) game featuring an “appreciation” of the military and war and its brutality. The spectacle is co-sponsored by Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE), the latest owner of the CFL franchise Argonaut franchise of the CFL. This oligopoly also owns Raptors of the NBA cartel, Maple Leafs of the NHL cartel, Toronto FC of the MLS cartel, Scotiabank Centre, operator of BMO Field (owned by the City of Toronto), lucrative downtown real estate, cable TV channels, you name it.

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State funerals to promote the military

Oppose all-sided militarization of life and war preparations

Homemade signs of solidarity and affection are taped to a metal fence across from the Northwood Manor on Gottingen Street in Halifax’s North End | Ron Short, CBC

By Tony Seed

On May 24, 2020, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) held a high-profile public funeral in Halifax for its public relations officer, Capt. Jennifer Casey, a member of the RCAF’s Snowbirds aerobatic team. She was killed on May 17 when her plane crashed in a residential neighbourhood in Kamloops, BC, during it’s cross-Canada military public relations and recruitment tour codenamed Operation Inspiration. Fortunately, there was no additional loss of life. Casey was a former radio journalist and previously with NORAD.[1

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Protestors at Toronto Air Show reject presentation of war and its brutality as ’entertainment’

Oppose the Militarization of Culture! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

Anti-war activists held a protest on September 5 at the Toronto annual air show held at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds. The air show is a venue for weapons manufacturers to showcase their armaments, including Lockheed Martin, lead sponsor, to advance its bid to sell its F-35 jet to the Canadian military and was broadcast live by 680 news. It is also a venue to promote the military’s role in the Covid pandemic, a public health crisis, codenamed Operations Inspiration and Laser. On Labour Day, September 6, the RCAF Snowbirds overflew a CFL game held at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, the Labour Day Classic. Previously they participated in airshows in London, Ontario, Abbotsford, BC, and Camrose, Alberta.

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Banner drop decries Air Show killer jet ‘entertainment’

“End the Illegal Occupation of Palestine” read the Banner dropped over the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto, on September 4, the opening day of the Toronto Air Show at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds. The F-16 and F-35 fighter jets featured in the airshow are the kind used by Israel in the bombardment of unarmed men, women and children in Gaza earlier this year.

Palestinian flags were also boldly flying in defiance of the killer jets on exhibition as “entertainment.”

Canada has provided training to scores of Israeli pilots flying F-16s at the US-Canadian Exercise Maple Flag held in Cold Lake, Alberta.

Photo: GMP21

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Major NATO military provocation in Halifax on Labour Day: No Harbour for War!

No US or NATO warships in Canadian waters!

(Revised & updated September 7) – While the media presented the Canadian International Air Show in Toronto on September 4-5 sponsored by Lockheed Martin as a one-off, local and unique spectacle of “family entertainment”, the Trudeau government is simultaneously staging a major NATO naval exercise in Nova Scotia, Cutlass Fury 2021. On September 6, Labour Day, 14 NATO warships and aircraft were to perform a high profile, wartime Halifax Harbour Sail + Fly Past.  The sail / fly pass was then postponed until Tuesday, September 7 at 4:30pm and then again postponed another hour. The U.S. warships left early and the French brought up the rear of the bedraggled formation much later. As always, the U.S. makes the rules, decides what is to be done, and who is to be left behind! In turn this is the latest of a seres of such events that represent a warmongering outlook and program unacceptable to the majority of Canadians who want Canada to be a force for peace in the world. More and more not a single U.S., NATO or foreign warship can dock in a Canadian port without being met by demonstrators.

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CANCEL the CNE Air Show

During the 2019 action, protesters carried signs and chalked slogans on the sidewalk leading to the CNE grounds: Fighter Jets Are Bad for Climate and People, Air Shows Lead to Air Wars, No Militarized Entertainment, Ground the Air Show and others.

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, World Without War, CPC (M-L) and others are holding a protest at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on Sunday, September 5 to oppose the use of the CNE to promote war and militarism in Canada as “family entertainment.”

They demand an end to the Canadian International Air Show which highlights U.S. and Canadian fighter jets. Participating NATO military groups are the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and CF-18, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and the British Royal Air Force Red Arrow. The main sponsor of the event is Lockheed Martin which is currently bidding for the contract to manufacture 88 new fighter jets for the Canadian military with 88 new fighter jets at an estimated expenditure of $19 billion ($77 billion over the lifecycle). The jets will be used against countries targeted in U.S. and NATO wars of aggression.

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Call for removal of militarist mural at Belfast football grounds

Irish resist attempt of paramilitary gang to use sport to recruit youth


Disturbing new hoarding featuring masked UVF gunmen has appeared next to the home ground of Crusaders Football Club. The mural, bearing the logos of the UVF and the paramilitary group’s “youth wing”, the YCV, appeared at the Irish League ground last month.

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Another university network seeks to embroil youth in war preparations

Demonstration in Toronto at the NATO Association of Canada on the occasion of the 60th anniversary summit of NATO held in London, UK.

Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) has announced the creation of another warmongering network of 18 universities whose main aim is to mobilize “the best and the brightest” to take up Canada’s war aims. The Network for Strategic Analysis (the “Network”) is being launched as part of Canada’s “Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) programme.” DND says it is the very first fully bilingual MINDS network “that will offer cutting-edge expertise in Canada’s two official languages.” This is code for saying that Quebec youth are to be targeted second to none.

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Putting Canadian and Quebec territory and public space in service of aggressive military alliances

October 30, 2004. Demonstration in opposition to the presence of warships in Montreal.

By Christine Dandenault and Claude Brunelle

Canada is a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established on April 4, 1949. It has also been a member of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) since May 12, 1958. The integration of the Canadian military into the U.S. military has been one of the characteristics of Canada’s membership in these military alliances. Despite the determined and continued opposition of the Quebec, Canadian and Indigenous peoples to any participation of Canada in such alliances and wars of aggression and occupation under the helm of the U.S. imperialists, the Canadian government continues its interventions against the peoples of the world. This translates into putting the territory, public space and public funds at the disposal of these alliances.

La Presse reported on October 21, that the Canadian government will be increasing the federal budget allocation for war based on its commitment as a member of NATO. “NATO figures show that Canada is on the verge of committing 1.45 per cent of its GDP to the military this year. This not only represents a significant hike from last year’s 1.29 per cent, but the largest share of the GDP for defence in a decade.[1]

“It also exceeds the Liberal government’s original provisions, set out in the 2017 defence policy, to spend 1.4 per cent of the GDP on the military by 2024-2025 – the year NATO members were to reach the two per cent target.”[2] Continue reading

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British government gives arms industry extra tens of millions of pounds during Covid-19 pandemic

Joshua Stein in Byline Times reveals how arms monopolies are booming while the rest of the British economy suffers from the impact of the Coronavirus crisis

The fourth Astute-class nuclear-powered submarine, HMS Audacious, outside its indoor ship building complex at BAE Systems in 2017 | Owen Humphreys/PA Archive/PA Images

The Ministry of Defence has forked out hundreds of millions of pounds to its favoured clients in 2020, in the face of the economic ruin caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

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Protest at new British spy towers in Northern Ireland


Large-scale surveillance installations used by British forces to spy on the nationalist population in the north of Ireland are the focus of a new campaign by republican activists. Continue reading

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Britain openly admits to breaking international law on Ireland

Having illegally defied the International Court of Justice and the UN General Assembly over the Chagos Islands, now it is Ireland, which is also to be remilitarized.


(September 9) – The British government has been accused of creating a “rogue state” as it published a bill to violate the Irish protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, an international treaty. Britain’s Direct Ruler in Ireland, Brandon Lewis (pictured), has brazenly admitted in the Westminster parliament that the Tories’ ‘Internal Market Bill’ breaks international law. Continue reading

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Throw out ‘Rule Brittania’ & empty the dustbin

Scottish journalist and historian John Wight says Britain’s historical songs and national anthem bear false witness to history, with ongoing diabolical consequences.   

A nation state’s identity is reflected in its national anthem and the songs it sings in celebration of and in tribute to its history. In the case of Britain, those songs bear witness to a regressive and false rendering of a history of mass murder, colonial oppression and super exploitation. It is a false rendering that continues to have diabolical consequences today both at home and abroad. Continue reading

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Spending $19 billion on fighter jets won’t fight COVID-19 or climate change


Last July, the federal government launched a $19-billion competition for 88 new fighter jets — the second-most expensive government procurement program in Canadian history.

In the running are Boeing’s Super Hornet, SAAB’s Gripen and Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fifth-generation stealth fighter. Bids are due in July, the winner will be selected in 2022 and the first combat aircraft will be delivered by 2025. Continue reading

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Crash of the Snowbird

Despite broad concerns about the safety of the Snowbird program, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan proclaims that he is eager to continue it. This is a time to draw warranted conclusions about the nature of Canada’s integration into the U.S. war machine | TONY SEED

On May 17, a Royal Canadian Air Force Tutor jet crashed in a residential area near Kamloops, BC. It was part of a cross-country public relations aerial show of the Royal Canadian Air Force demonstration squadron, known as the Snowbirds. Code named Operation Inspiration, the tour began in Nova Scotia on May 2, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The tour was unleashed immediately in the wake of Operation America Strong of the USAF Thunderbirds that began on April 19 over the state of Colorado, headquarters of NORAD.[1]

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How the Trudeau Liberals seized emergency police powers behind the backs of Canadians, and what we can do

No to secret deals! Parliamentary negotiations should be broadcast live! | TML Weekly commentary

The cartel parties which have seats in the Parliament of Canada passed Bill C-13, the COVID-19 Emergency Response Act, on March 25. The bill was negotiated between the parties and with business interests and between the Premiers in secret negotiations behind the backs of Canadians. It was adopted by both the House of Commons and Senate and given Royal Assent in the name of protecting Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic. Continue reading

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Opposition against war conference spreads from Halifax to Ontario

By TONY SEED in the The Nova Scotia Advocate

A scene from last year’s protest in Halifax against the war conference. Photo Simon de Vet

The U.S.-based Halifax International Security Forum (HISF), known to the anti-war movement as the Halifax War Conference, returns to our city for the 11th year in a row from November 22 to 24.

For the 11th straight year, Haligonians will be opposing it, with two events Saturday, November 23rd: a rally at 1:00 p.m. at Halifax Peace & Freedom Park (formerly Cornwallis Park), Hollis and South Streets followed by a meeting and panel discussion at the Dalhousie University Student Union Building at 6:30 p.m., concerning the HISF and Obama’s visit to Halifax on November 13. This meeting will feature Margaret Kimberly, Senior Editor of Black Agenda Report. [1] 

“This is an important opportunity for everyone to speak in their own name against war preparations and any role for Canada in aggression and war,” says Allan Bezanson, an organizer of the Halifax events from the No Harbour for War group, c-sponsor along with Halifax Peace Council, Global Afrikan Congress and others.

Haligonians have long declared that our city is ‘No Harbour for War!’ and should not provide a venue for warmongers and war criminals, and their handmaidens, to plan further aggression against the peoples of the world. Nor do we accept that the Canadian government should be funding this U.S.-based organization with tens of millions of dollars.

“This forum has simply stolen the name of our city. It has no organic connection whatsoever with Halifax except it is staged here. That is why we say, not in our name.”

The HISF does not reflect the desire of Haligonians for friendly relations with other countries, as epitomized by the recent conference hosted at Dalhousie, “The Cuban Revolution at 60” that highlighted Nova Scotia’s friendship with Cuba for over 100 years.

Some 300 participants from 75 countries – a dramatic expansion from 17 countries in the first 2009 HISF – will be taking part in this war conference, sponsored by NATO. One of the organizers very much in the headlines is Kurt Volker, the hawkish U.S. special representative to Ukraine, a participant in the HISF since 2009 and member of its agenda working group since 2012. [2]

At the 2018 HISF the Department of National Defence was represented by 25 participants from the Army, Navy and Air Force and military colleges – along with the Canadian Security Intelligence Network, Global Affairs, Veterans Affairs and MPs. Defence minister Harjit Sajjan declared that “Canada is punching above its weight” in its participation in NATO. He echoed the U.S. demand that “Russian aggression” become the chief security concern for Canada and NATO.

Of the 34 sessions, 28 are secret and held behind closed doors where everything is discussed and decided behind the backs of the Canadian people. Only six are “on the record” with video streaming and CPAC broadcasts for propaganda purposes. The HISF is aimed at pushing the foreign and military policy of Canadaand other NATO bloc members to be more aggressive and to disinform Canadian people, and is thus increasingly being condemned across Canada, not just in Halifax.

Opposition in Ontario

Rallies are being held this year in Ontario. In Toronto, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace and the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) are uniting to protest at the NATO Association of Canada headquarters, 49 Yonge Street in the heart of the central business district.

Philip Fernandez of CPC(M-L) and an educator says, “The HISF is a matter not only for Haligonians but for all Canadians. The notion of security promoted by HISF is intrinsically linked to NATO and its aggressive agenda and demand for Canada to increase military spending by tens of billions of dollars.

“It is part of further integrating Canada into US Homeland Security, putting its people, lands, seas and harbours such as Halifax at the disposal of US imperialist aims. It is also linked to NATO’s political apparatus (of which the Canadian chapter is the NATO Association of Canada), which is pushing an agenda that opposition to NATO constitutes ‘foreign interference’ in Canadian affairs.” [[ii]]

“We are saying NO! to this war conference and staking our claim on Canada as a Zone for Peace!,” he affirms.

Toronto picket against the Halifax war conference, outside Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland’s constituency office, November 17, 2018

The Windsor Peace Coalition (WPC) is also raising its banner against the HISF at its weekly pickets held every Saturday from 11 to 12 p.m. in the border city.

Margaret Villamizar, spokesperson of the WPC and a foreign affairs analyst and journalist, says they are “posting information about the HISF and the demonstrations taking place against it on our Facebook Group, indicating that our picket this week will emphasize the need to get Canada out of the US war machine, so the holding of this secretive US /NATO war conference in Canada paid for out of public funds becomes a thing of the past.”

The WPC has been holding weekly pickets since 2007. “We have been quite persistent and as a result have a definite standing in the community.” It works together with Women in Black, who have their own weekly action and whose numbers include retired teachers and nurses, some well into their 80s.

Tamara Lorincz, a well known Halifax environmental and anti-war activist now doing a Ph.d in Ontario, has been leading the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace in monthly protests at the NATO branch headquarters as well as the Toronto offices of foreign minister Chrystia Freeland. She participated in organizing the inaugural protest against the first security forum in 2009.

Speaking on behalf of the women’s group at two public forums on foreign policy in Toronto and Windsor during the recent election organized by CPC(M-L), she gave spirited presentations entitled “Canada’s Role in NATO Must Be Ended and NATO Dismantled.” A former NDP candidate in Halifax West (finishing second to Liberal Geoff Regan), she argues that all the political parties sitting in parliament are pro-NATO. This is dangerous for Canadians and goes against their will.

Anti-war activist and former Haligonian Tamara Lorincz addresses election forum organized by the CPC [M-L]) in Windsor on October 19 to discuss Canada’s foreign policy and how to make Canada a zone for peace.

The details of Canada’s military spending surprised many in attendance as to its extent. The Trudeau Liberals have worked to keep people in the dark all the while committing more than $500 billion for defence spending over the next 20 years, escalating the integration of the armed forces with the U.S. and deploying troops and warships to the Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, Iraq, Palestine, Mali, the Caribbean and Asia. The government places great importance on attracting youth from a very young age to identify with and join the military; the cadet program is the single largest youth program in the country. These billions being spent for war and destruction of the planet could be better used to serve human needs, she pointed out.

Opposition against NATO is unfolding on a national and international scale. For example, demonstrations have taken place yearly at the HISF dating back to the 60th anniversary of NATO in 2009. Internationally, actions took place in Washington DC at the NATO foreign ministers’ meeting on the occasion of its 70th anniversary and in other Canadian and American cities this past April. Actions will be held on December 3rd In Toronto and London to protest the NATO 70th anniversary events taking place in Britain which Trudeau is attending.

The propaganda about NATO being a successful organization is a lie since all its interventions have been failures. Tamara emphasized the importance of stepping up the organizing against NATO and its “We Are NATO” campaign. Everyone should be active in working for peace and against war, and the peace movement should take an active stand against NATO and for it to be dismantled.


[1] Margaret Kimberley of the Black Agenda Report will speak on her experience in organizing the anti-war movement in the USA. Other panelists, including Isaac Saney and El Jones, will speak on issues arising from the security forum, the previous week’s Obama visit and his legacy of drone warfare, the need to dismantle NATO and the need to develop a vibrant anti-war movement in Nova Scotia. 

[2] In an October 24 press release, HISF President Peter Van Praagh stated that this year’s conference will “highlight the need for a coordinated strategic response among democratic allies to the challenge posed by China, the increasingly urgent problem of climate change, the security of our democratic systems from foreign interference, international law and order, inclusive security, and how the world is responding to American leadership.”

The press release indicates that the HISF is considered a platform where the U.S. will issue its dictate.

As is customary, the conference features a delegation from the United States Congress, as well as leaders in the United States military and wider security community. Internationally, joining them from more than 75 countries are ministers, experts, chiefs of defense staff, and top media personalities.”


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No to Cutlass Fury 2019! No US or other foreign warships in Canadian waters!

No Harbour for War! Make Canada a Zone for Peace!

– No Harbour for War –

Sunday, September 8 – 1:00-3:00 pm
Victoria Park, Spring Garden Rd. at South Park St.

Halifax will soon be the launching pad for one of the largest naval exercises in Canadian history. Twenty-two NATO-aligned warships will be involved in Cutlass Fury 2019. The exercise runs September 9-20 with the area of operation being approximately 50-100 nautical miles southeast of Halifax Harbour.

Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Germany are expected to take part. These warships will begin arriving the first week of September. Continue reading


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Ukraine aviation: Five years of shame

2014.The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk

The SU-25 attack aircraft over the railway station in Donetsk on June 2, 2014 | Sputnik

By Rostislav Ishchenko

Five years have passed since that memorable day when on June 2, 2014 an attack jet of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a blow on the building of the Lugansk regional state administration. It wasn’t the first episode of the use of aviation in the civil war in Donbass. Military jets passed at low heights and broke the sound barrier over the residential quarters of the cities, intimidating the population. Continue reading

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The Arctic: Militarization, collusion and contention and resistance (4 articles)

• Trudeau government moves to militarize the Arctic 

• Northwest Passage dispute

• The Inuit and the struggle for an Arctic Zone of Peace

For Your Information

• The Arctic –  An overview

• Arctic Council and the military issue
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A reflection on Mangkhut, Florence and the state of the Philippines

Canada must provide humanitarian assistance without conditions to the people of the Philippines | TONY SEED

My thoughts have been with all my friends and the fraternal peoples of the Philippines and South Asia threatened from super typhoon Mangkhut. My aim in this reflection is to analyze the news coverage of both Florence and Mangkhut and to inform Canadians about the reality facing the Filipino people.

(September 15) – Mangkhut is the 15th and strongest storm this year to batter the Philippines.

Mangkhut (also known as Ompong) has brought ferocious winds of up to 130mph and a storm surge of up to 23ft. The Category 5 typhoon greatly surpasses the strength of Hurricane Florence now striking the US Atlantic coast.

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No new war monument at the Ontario legislature!

No to the Glorification of War and Aggression in our Name!

Statement of Windsor Peace Coalition – Labour Day 2018

Along with being vehemently anti-worker and anti-union the Ford government is setting itself up to be a champion of U.S.-led wars of aggression. On June 27, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that his government intends to construct a second monument on the grounds of Queen’s Park to those who fought in Afghanistan. Federal Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan is reported to have commended Ford on the project. There already is an Ontario Veterans’ Memorial on the Legislature grounds that commemorates those who served in all of Canada’s military missions, including Afghanistan. This begs the question: why build another monument? Continue reading

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No to the glorification of war and occupation in our name at Queen’s Park

Sign condemns Canada’s so-called 3D policy in Afghanistan of “defence, development and diplomacy.”

On June 27 while he was still premier-designate, Doug Ford announced he was going to construct a new war memorial on the grounds of Queen’s Park to those he called the Canadian heroes of the war in Afghanistan. He plans to do this even though there already is a 30-metre Veteran’s Wall on the legislature grounds, erected in 2006, that commemorates Ontarians who served in all of Canada’s military campaigns, including the one in Afghanistan. Continue reading

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US nuclear aircraft carrier strike group arrives in Halifax as part of Canada 150

Militarization of Canada’s ports – outrageous promotion of annexation with U.S., NATO, “interoperability” with U.S. war fleet and racist militias | TONY SEED

From top to bottom, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, the USS Winston S. Churchill and the HMCS Moncton conduct what the U.S. Navy terms a photo exercise, on the way into the harbour of Halifax, June 27, 2017.

“The U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower and two support ships are arriving today,” the Halifax Examiner reported on June 28. “The Pilotage Authority says the aircraft carrier will be parked at Anchorage #1, which is just north of McNab’s Island, but I’ve also been told that the ship will be anchored south of the island, near [Canadian Forces Base] Shearwater, so we’ll see, I guess. The other ships will berth at the Dockyard,” the reporter wrote.

This is how the Trudeau Liberals outrageously celebrated the 150th anniversary of Confederation – with the militarization of Canada’s ports, the promotion of “interoperability” with the U.S. war fleet by the Canadian Forces, out-of-sight war exercises held offshore, an attack by thugs on a Mi’kmaq ceremony at the statue of the genocidaire Edward Cornwallis, and an invitation-only reception for the ruling elite of Nova Scotia hosted by the U.S. Consul held onboard the carrier in the harbour hailing the U.S. Fourth of July a week later.

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Canada 150: The media’s obscene heroization of special ops and the ‘longest kill shot’

The Canadian Forces who only “advise and assist” = arm, aim, assassinate, annihilate. 

At the same time Trudeau and the monopoly media are “celebrating” killing people at distances of over three kilometres, the Trudeau Liberals blatantly deny that we are even involved in combat operations. “One wonders what effect that has upon soldiers simultaneously being asked to kill people and then being told that what they are actually doing is ‘advising and assisting’.” | EL JONES*

Canadian media has been celebrating the world record for “longest kill shot” reportedly earned by a Canadian sniper in Iraq:

A Canadian sniper working alongside Iraqi forces in their fight against ISIS successfully struck a member of the militant group from a distance of 3,540 metres, Canada’s military confirmed Thursday.

The sniper is a member of the elite Joint Task Force 2 special forces unit, but citing operation security the military provided no details about how or when the incident took place.

The Globe and Mail first reported the sniper record Thursday and quoted unnamed military sources who said the kill shot disrupted an ISIS attack on Iraqi security forces.

The shot surpasses the previous record held by a British soldier, who in 2009 shot a Taliban fighter in Afghanistan from a distance of 2,475 metres. Continue reading

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No to Canada’s warmongering defence policy!

The Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) calls on everyone to condemn the “new defence policy” announced by the Trudeau Liberals on June 7. The policy does not respond to Canada’s defence needs but to the demands of the U.S. imperialists through NATO and the biggest defence monopolies and other private interests to increase military spending and step up war preparations. The announcement included a 70 per cent increase to Canada’s military budget over the next 10 years, increasing the size of the armed forces, the adoption of drone and cyber-warfare, further militarization of the arctic and purchasing additional warplanes and ships. Continue reading


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Background on Canada-Ukraine defence agreement: A ‘rich, mutually beneficial’ arms trade

Exposé: “It could scarcely be clearer. On top of laying the groundwork for increased arming of the Ukrainian armed forces, the Canada-Ukraine Defence Cooperation Agreement constitutes another means to expand arms sales from Canada to the Saudi Arabia dictatorship for war and aggression in the Middle East using Ukraine as a transit, as well as to potentially increase the share of the global arms trade by Pratt & Whitney, Esterline GMC Electronics and other private arms monopolies” | Investigation by TONY SEED

Merchants of Death – Lithograph by Mabel Dwight

(May 20, Revised August 25, 2017) – One of the main features of the Defence Agreement between Canada and Ukraine signed on April 3, 2017 are neo-liberal arrangements regarding arms production and the global arms trade. These arrangements are taking place within the conditions of intensified inter-imperialist rivalry to monopolize the global arms trade and the expansion of the theatre of operations of the U.S.-NATO bloc not only in Eastern Europe but also in the Middle East.

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