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100th Anniversary of Battle of Blair Mountain, W. Virginia – August 25-September 2, 1921

Remembering the heroic miners of the Battle of Blair Mountain

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada remembers with great affection the workers throughout North America who have given their lives, been injured or sent to prison in the many battles for the dignity of labour and for a nation-building project to build the new without class oppression and exploitation.

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Injured Workers Day: On the 4th Annual Justice Bike Ride in Northern Ontario

Yesterday I read a really interesting and inspiring article in the Ontario Political Forum on the theme of standing up for injured workers in Northern Ontario. Four days of action, centring around the fourth annual Justice Bike Ride, a quite wonderful initiative. Continue reading

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The Westray mine disaster

NEWS IN REVIEW AND COMMENT, Shunpiking Magazine, Volume 1, Number 6, 1996

THE WESTRAY MINE in Pictou County is situated in North Central Nova Scotia where there are numerous coal seams, one of which in the Foord seam – the thickest – and mined by Westray. Yet it is also one of the most dangerous to mine by underground means anywhere in North America. The geology of this area means underground mining is always fraught with dangers from methane gas and instability, even more than is usual in mining. Continue reading

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