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Stephen Harper’s Mideast adventurism

Canada’s role in the service of U.S. imperialism


2007.06.10.TOPalDemo-03TML Weekly Information Project (Jan. 25) – THIS ARTICLE examines Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recently-completed Mideast tour January 20-25, 2014. Harper led an unprecedented entourage of more than 200 Canadian business and religious leaders, media representatives, failed Conservative Party candidates, current MPs and senators, with a phalanx of a half-dozen members of Harper’s current cabinet bringing up the rear. The latter included Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird; Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney; Minister of International Development and Minister for La Francophonie Christian Paradis; Minister of Industry James Moore; Minister of International Trade Ed Fast; and Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver.[1] Continue reading

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Stop Harper!


STEPHEN HARPER, now aiming to head a majority government, occupies the well-earned position as head of the anti-social offensive in Canada, and the drive for de facto annexation of Canada to the U.S. empire and and its imperialist wars of aggression. There is every indication that as head of a majority Conservative government he will push much further along the course he has followed since first becoming Prime Minister in 2006. Hence, the importance of stopping Harper from winning the election, stopping him from forming a majority and stopping him if he does win such a majority

He and his anti-social crew present his aim as desirable on the basis that the situation in Canada after his five years as PM is quite acceptable, that he is trustworthy, or at least more so than Michael Ignatieff, that he is the best manager of the economy, but that threats are at hand that require the strong leadership and certainty of a majority Harper government. Such self-serving distortions can only survive and succeed by silencing and marginalizing the experience of Canadians, and particularly the working class, with the destruction of manufacturing, degradation of workers’ security and remuneration, social programs and the natural environment. Meanwhile, ever more is handed over to the very rich and Canada is increasingly annexed to the U.S. empire, with all the attendant militarization, military spending and partnership in crimes of imperialist aggression. Continue reading

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