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The CBC and censorship of the news from Palestine

(From a Facebook post on March 31) – The pathetic coverage of the Canadian monopoly media, which reports from Israel (and under Israeli military censorship), is less than helpful in informing Canadians as to the issue or what is going on in Gaza.

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Centenary of the Halifax Explosion: Time to disturb the sleep of the unjust

Act of God, the harbour pilot, the navy?

The Halifax Explosion and the Royal Canadian Navy: Inquiry and Intrigue

John Griffith Armstrong
(Vancouver: UBC Press, 2002)
Hardcover, 256 pp, 6 x 9 inches, 16 b/w photos, maps
Index, Bibliography and Chapter end-notes
ISBN 0-7748-0890-X
New in Paperback: July, 2003
ISBN 0774808918 $24.95 Continue reading

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Middle East: Harper’s ‘anticipation of future missions’


THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been paralysed by its latest succession crisis, even as it has considerably stretched its own immediate military resources, urgently needed (especially right now) for repressing its own people, by sending a force under partly U.S. command to quell a year-long uprising in the Persian Gulf emirate of Bahrain. Meanwhile, a newly-released Congressional report advocates the United States boost the forces it already has encamped in Kuwait. Fifteen thousand U.S. troops are already stationed in the tiny Gulf kingdom. Continue reading

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What is the HISF, why you shouldn’t like it, and how you can protest it


HALIFAX (November 4, 2010) – WITH the number of ghouls, goblins and ghastlies descending upon Halifax this weekend, you might be excused if you thought Halloween was a weekend late. But unlike All Hallows eve, those aren’t masks, the blood is real, and there is no candy. Only really nasty tricks. That’s right folks, lace up your boots, and get your placards and peace chants ready, because the 2nd Annual Halifax International Security Forum is coming to town! Continue reading

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The notion of the ‘Jewish state’ as an ‘apartheid regime’ is a liberal-Zionist one

The charge of apartheid serves as a diversion | GARY ZATZMAN

Poster of the Halifax Symposium on Palestine, March 15-16, 2003.

The cause of Palestine consists of the restoration of the national rights of the Palestinian people and enabling the Palestinians to exercise their right of self-determination in their own territory. Theirs is the territory illegally mandated to Great Britain by the League of Nations in 1920-21 and subsequently “partitioned” by the United Nations in 1947 to establish a so-called “Jewish state” enclave for the Zionist movement. Enabling the Palestinians to exercise their right of self-determination in their own territory means implementing the Palestinians’ right to return to their lands and to be restored in the property/properties that were taken from them in the course of acts of conquest by the Zionist movement, and in clear cut violation of international law, during 1947-48 and again in June 1967. Continue reading

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The Martin cabinet’s silence about Zionist settlement expansion in East Jerusalem is far more – and far worse – than a matter of mere “complicity”

Bill C-19, the War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity Act: “An explicit Canadian government plan to provide a haven in this country for Israeli war criminals.” GARY ZATMAN*

Considering the deafening silence from the Martin cabinet about the Sharon government’s announced plans, and actions already taken, to make provision for an additional 3,500 “settlers” in the Maale Adnumim bloc in illegally-annexed “East Jerusalem,” the recent appearance of Prof. Michael Mandel’s reminder, via the CanPalNet website, that the entirely illegal Zionist colonisation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip constitute war crimes under Canadian law is indeed timely. Continue reading

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Martin Government’s unacceptable stand on Lebanon and Syria – Letters to MP Alexa McDonough

We are posting below two letters to NDP MP Alexa McDonough following remarks she made in support of the Martin’s government’s unacceptable stand concerning Lebanon and Syria. While in Beirut last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew stated: “We believe that Lebanon and Syria should contribute to … security, in order not to undermine [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas but on the contrary to reinforce him.” Pointing to “elements” he claimed are determined to undo the peace process such as the resistance organization Hezbollah, he issued threats to Syria and Lebanon to “rein in Hezbollah militants.” Such statements are aimed at covering up that it is the criminal Zionist Israeli state backed by the US imperialists which is undermining security in the region with its continued occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories. Continue reading

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The Newfoundland public sector strike

Approximately 300 NAPE and CUPE members marched through Grand Falls-Windsor on April 6, 2004.

Approximately 300 NAPE and CUPE members marched through Grand Falls-Windsor on April 6, 2004.

Government demands concessions as media prepare to demonize workers’ “uncaring unconcern” for “the public”


(April 7, 2004) – IN THE LARGEST such mass action in its history, Newfoundland’s 20,000 public sector workers went out on strike April 1. Up until negotiations ended March 31, the main union, the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Public and Private Employees (NAPE), supported by a sister public-sector union the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), had been seeking a four-year contract incorporating a wage freeze for the first two years, followed by four three-per-cent increases in each April and October of the last two years. With the failure to reach a new agreement, acceptance of the wage-freeze concession was withdrawn. Continue reading

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REFLECTIONS ON THE PRESTIGE OIL DISASTER: (Part 3) ‘Don’t make me fish off Cape St. Mary’s’

The tourism ads hype Newfoundland as “the Far East of the Western world,” but its waters are the waste-oil dumps of the Northwest Atlantic


Part Three of a four-part series. Part One is here, Part Two is here, and Part Four is yet to be published.

HALIFAX  (March 25, 2004) – THERE ARE 365 islands in Newfoundland’s Placentia Bay. Fog reduces visibility to less than a kilometre an average 187 days a year. Hundreds of oil tankers – almost 300 in the year 2000 alone – enter that body of water and its prime fishing grounds, along with dozens of small fishing boats manned by crews who come from families that have fished the bay for centuries. The amount of shipping will be intensified with construction of the new Inco hydrometallurgical demonstration plant in Argentia in Placentia Bay to process concentrate from Voisey’s Bay, Labrador. It is scheduled to open in 2006. Continue reading

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REFLECTIONS ON THE PRESTIGE OIL DISASTER: (Part 2) The marine environment and sovereignty – lessons for Canada


Part Two of a four-part series. Part One is here, Part Three is here, and Part Four is yet to be published.

HALIFAX (16 March 2004) – JACQUES COUSTEAU once observed that oil spills such as that of the Prestige off the coast of Spain are like smoking – the problem is the cumulative effect over time. Canada is already addicted. The cancer has been caused not by cigarettes but by American oil monopolies, their international shipping clients and a neo-colonial state. And it is metastatisizing. Continue reading

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REFLECTIONS ON ‘EL PRESTIGE’ OIL DISASTER: (Part 1) Two years on, the killer spill continues

News analysis by TONY SEED, Copy edited by GARY ZATZMAN

Part One of a four-part series. Part Two is here, Part Three is here, and Part Four is yet to be published.


ON 14 MARCH 2004 the Spanish people voted to bury the Popular Party government of José María Aznar. This brought to an end eight years’ rule by a pro-Franco politician who dragged the Spanish people into the American occupation of Iraq and the massacre of the Iraqi people against their express will.

Aznar’s clique was especially detested in the northwestern Spanish province of Galicia, where the oil tanker Prestige sank in late 2002, spreading massive pollution of marine fauna and beaches, destroying tens of thousands’ of people’s livelihoods in the rich fishery of the region, and where Manuel Fraga Iribarne – the founder of Aznar’s party, Franco’s last police minister and a fascist-era relic – still retains a regional grip on power. Forests are being felled as we speak to provide the paper to print the oceans of commentary concerning the impact of Aznar’s defeat on the future of other European governments that signed on to the Bush administration’s so-called “coalition of the willing” – many of whom, like Aznar’s clique, have coveted access to Iraqi oil. Continue reading

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Halifax Symposium on Palestine, 2003

HALIFAX (March 24, 2003) – The first HALIFAX SYMPOSIUM ON PALESTINE – A LAND, A PEOPLE – A HISTORY, A FUTURE was successfully held on the weekend of March 15-16 at Dalhousie University. Over 30 people registered for the Symposium and, including the social function “An Evening with Palestine,” more than 60 people participated from four areas of Nova Scotia in all the proceedings and events.

The atmosphere at the venue of the Conference was warm and lively. Everyone listened with rapt attention as representatives, from eminent historians to student youth, shared their knowledge and experience with the participants. There was a feeling amongst that something new, something very positive, was beginning to take shape, and they are participating in the creation of this new.

The Symposium, initiated by Shunpiking Magazine with the support of six other political and educational organizations including the Canada Palestine Association, was held to broaden the understanding of Palestine at this critical period on the basis of elaborating and discussing themes from the recently-published, book-length Dossier on Palestine. Continue reading

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Dossier on Palestine – A Land, a People

Dossier-on-Palestine.coverA BOOK-LENGTH SPECIAL EDITION, Dossier on Palestine, from the editors of Nova Scotia’s Shunpiking magazine is already being acclaimed as the only publication of its kind in North America on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. This original work is compiled with a host of excellent articles, ranging from up-to-date first person reporting from journalists, front-line doctors and activists to commentaries and in-depth essays on the situation. With unusual force and compelling effectiveness, this material brings stubborn fact and compassion at a decisive historical moment. Between its covers, a brilliantly diverse, enraging and engaging investigation of the latest Palestinian uprising unfolds, rich in essential insights. Continue reading


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Canada’s transport infrastructure taken hostage

The U.S. Customs Service is sending “special agents” to the ports of Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver. GARY ZATZMAN

HALIFAX (19 March 2002) – More than 40 per cent of Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) derives from exports, and more than 85 per cent of that is with the United States. With their road-rail links and container-handling facilities, the ports of Halifax, Montreal and Vancouver play an especially crucial role in providing essential transportation infrastructure. As of March 25, the US Customs Service is sending “special agents” to each location to monitor cargo handling in the name of stepping up the so-called “war against terrorism” of the Bush administration. Continue reading

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‘I’m getting off the turnpike’ – shunpiking and Shunpiking

On 14 January 2000 the late David Henry of CKDU Radio ArtsSpeak and a co-proprietor of the Economy Shoe Shop spoke with Tony Seed about shunpiking and Shunpiking. Their discussion is reproduced below and is edited for publication. Continue reading

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