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The need for modern child care and early childhood education

By Peggy Morton

The fight of women and families for modern child care and early childhood education goes back more than fifty years as reflected in the report of the Royal Commission on Women released in 1970, which called for such an endeavour.

Since then, the need has only become greater as one government after another has made sure it has not created a national child care program as a right. The cartel parties treat child care as an electoral football to attract votes while different governments use complicated systems of credits and create budget categories of various sorts which families have to wade through as they fend for themselves, juggle their finances and worry about the safety of their kids.

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Military reports on seniors’ homes in Ontario and Quebec: The crisis reveals that decision-making power must be taken out of the hands of those who are unfit to govern

A serious question arises about why these reports from the Canadian Armed Forces on conditions in long-term care are being given such prominence. The publication of these reports portrays the military as a lead agency in addressing a public health crisis | PEGGY MORTON

Public sector workers demonstrate outside Quebec Premier Legault’s office, May 28, 2020.


The release of reports from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) on conditions in long-term care facilities in Ontario and Quebec has been followed by announcements by Premier Doug Ford in Ontario and Premier François Legault in Quebec in which they promise to address the crisis in long-term and seniors’ care. The Ontario report on five long-term care facilities was issued May 20, and released to the media May 26. The report on 25 Quebec homes was released on May 27.

The reports generated major media attention, with the term “abuse” being the most common word used in headlines about the Ontario reports. Continue reading

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The pipeline debate and who sets the agenda


A Resolution adopted at the recent national NDP Convention in Edmonton calls on constituency associations to discuss the Leap Manifesto over the next two years.[1] The Resolution passed despite strong opposition from Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan and others, who repudiated the document. Continue reading

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