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Politics of assassination: U.S. contempt of the very notion of rule of law

Targeted Assassination of Osama bin Laden

TML Daily, June 9, 2011 – No. 95

ON MAY 1, 2011, the U.S. government announced that U.S. military personnel shot Osama bin Laden, after invading a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. TML Daily tries to provide the facts of events to inform readers but as is always the case when the U.S. imperialists publish their disinformation, the “facts” constantly change to suit a nefarious aim.

At first bin Laden was armed, used his wife as a “human shield” and fired from behind her, resulting in a 40-minute firefight and her death. It was later announced that bin Laden was unarmed, that only one person in the compound was armed and that bin Laden’s wife was alive. Continue reading

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Muslims and the Media

– Shunpiking Interview with Sandra L. Smith –


Sandra L. Smith

ON 26 October 2006, Tony Seed, editor of Shunpiking Magazine, interviewed Sandra L. Smith on the topic of Muslims and the Media. Sandra is the National Leader of the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and editor of the party’s daily newspaper, TML Daily.*

* * *

On the question of Muslims and the Media, I want to make several important points. I will stay away from the examples of media disinformation that are prevalent and well known to us all, especially to Muslims who are its victims. Instead, I want to highlight aspects of the modus operandi and underlying premise of this media disinformation. Continue reading


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The Government of Canada’s foreign policy review


SINCE JANUARY, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) has been on the road with what it calls public consultations to get input of Canadians on the direction which Canada’s foreign policy should take. Staff at the constituency office of Foreign Minister Bill Graham mentioned that the Minister was somewhat frustrated because everywhere he goes, Canadians are only concerned with discussing the Iraq war and current affairs, specifically denouncing Canada’s duplicity as concerns the U.S. aggression against Iraq and the violation of international law. They are not addressing the questions DFAIT is posing in its review, they said. This is very revealing because it goes to the heart of the matter of this review. Continue reading

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The serious dilemma facing the UN


THE PRO-U.S. war camp at the UN is facing increasing difficulties. The British and Americans have been going all out to guarantee nine votes in favour of their resolution and, necessarily, no veto. The Germans, French, Russians, Chinese and Syria are guaranteed on the other side, but nobody can be sure whether or not the veto powers would use their veto. The pressure on the so-called six swing votes comprised of Angola, Cameroon, Guinea, Mexico, Chile and Pakistan is unprecedented as it is on the veto powers not to use their veto. Continue reading

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Opposing the war is a matter of conscience



JaniceACTON.CdnConscienceWHAT prompted Canada to give the U.S. the “statement of support” it demanded to launch aggression against Iraq? Canadian opposition to Bush’s war is so widespread that even Liberal MPs admit that their constituency offices are flooded with calls and e-mails from their own Liberal supporters enraged by Canada’s announcement that it is prepared to join Bush’s war without UN sanction.

While these MPs claim to oppose Canada’s participation in such a war, the Canadian working class and people must be very clear that every conceivable argument is being put forward to conciliate with Bush’s war. One Liberal MP who claims to oppose going to war says it can only be justified “in two extreme cases”: if the UN is deadlocked and thereby unable to make a decision, and if there is indisputable proof that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. Continue reading

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