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U Mass’s outrageous anti-Iranian student program

Racism remains a tool with which the racist US elites attempt to manipulate the population and, along with anti-communism and disinformation, the major technique used to arouse support for the ruling elite’s imperialist foreign policy. During the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-81, for example, blatant anti-Iranian racism was encouraged by the media and elite institutions. Iranian bus drivers were fired in Jersey City and an Iranian-born high school senior was prevented from delivering the valedictory address at a Jersey shore school because of teacher protests that her national origin made her unworthy. The editor of the Columbia Journalism Review, a major liberal intellectual journal, was fired simply for allowing into print an article that tried to explain Iranian hostility to the United States. President Jimmy Carter waited almost a month before voicing perfunctory criticism of violent acts against Iranians in the US. *

USA Today (Feb. 18)   The University of Massachusetts on Wednesday backed off its controversial policy banning Iranian nationals from numerous science and engineering programs. The school said in a statement it will instead develop “individualized study plans to meet the requirements of federal sanctions law and address the impact on students.” The school said the new policy was developed after consulting with the State Department. Continue reading

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Graphic details. US State Department’s imperialist geography

Landlocked Belarus.jpg

In the event of a Belarusian invasion of Ukraine, the 6th US Fleet will immediately be deployed to the shores of landlocked Belarus.


It is all too reminiscent of former prime minister Jean Chrétien trying to convince the Canadians in 2001 that the deployment of the Canadian navy to the Indian Ocean as part of the Anglo-American invasion of landlocked Afghanistan was done to fight the Taliban. And like current Canadian foreign affairs minister John Baird, who thinks the capital of Syria is Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Spokesperson Jen Psaki reveals a certain gap of knowledge of the countries targeted by US warmongering. Continue reading


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