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Ukraine: The inter-imperialist rivalry between the Biden presidency and rich local oligarchs

‘One Way Ticket’, painting by Svetlana Kryukova, 2021*

By Dmitriy Kovalevich*

Over the past 30 years, Ukraine’s independence has had two main pillars – the administrations of the United States/UK/Canada and the Ukrainian oligarchs, who defended their assets looted in the 1990s. Both these pillars have actively promoted their deputies to the Ukrainian parliament, as well as financing ultranationalist organizations and their media. And right now, a struggle is flaring up between the two pillars.

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Anti-imperialist protest against NATO military summit in Athens

“Neither soil nor water to the murderers of the people”. With this slogan, thousands of working men and women, trade unions, the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE), the Federation of Greek Women (OGE) and students’ unions marched on Friday, September 17 in Athens against NATO’s Military Committee which convened in the Greek capital on 17-19 September.

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State funerals to promote the military

Oppose all-sided militarization of life and war preparations

Homemade signs of solidarity and affection are taped to a metal fence across from the Northwood Manor on Gottingen Street in Halifax’s North End | Ron Short, CBC

By Tony Seed

On May 24, 2020, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) held a high-profile public funeral in Halifax for its public relations officer, Capt. Jennifer Casey, a member of the RCAF’s Snowbirds aerobatic team. She was killed on May 17 when her plane crashed in a residential neighbourhood in Kamloops, BC, during it’s cross-Canada military public relations and recruitment tour codenamed Operation Inspiration. Fortunately, there was no additional loss of life. Casey was a former radio journalist and previously with NORAD.[1

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CANCEL the CNE Air Show

During the 2019 action, protesters carried signs and chalked slogans on the sidewalk leading to the CNE grounds: Fighter Jets Are Bad for Climate and People, Air Shows Lead to Air Wars, No Militarized Entertainment, Ground the Air Show and others.

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, World Without War, CPC (M-L) and others are holding a protest at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto on Sunday, September 5 to oppose the use of the CNE to promote war and militarism in Canada as “family entertainment.”

They demand an end to the Canadian International Air Show which highlights U.S. and Canadian fighter jets. Participating NATO military groups are the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and CF-18, the United States Air Force Thunderbirds and the British Royal Air Force Red Arrow. The main sponsor of the event is Lockheed Martin which is currently bidding for the contract to manufacture 88 new fighter jets for the Canadian military with 88 new fighter jets at an estimated expenditure of $19 billion ($77 billion over the lifecycle). The jets will be used against countries targeted in U.S. and NATO wars of aggression.

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For Ukraine ‘independence’ is a form of colonialism

The fraud of Ukraine’s independence has been represented for 30 years as if it was not the decision of Soviet officials but the result of a long, armed struggle | DMITRY KOVALEVICH on ongoing issues facing the country.

5,000 U.S., British, Canadian , Polish and other NATO and Ukrainian troops marched in Kyiv in militaristic independence rally on August 24. NATO forces have occupied Ukraine, which is not a member, since 2014 under the pretext of training the armed forces. The march included more than 400 tanks and armoured vehicles.

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US wargames in Nordic region aimed at Moscow

By Agneta Norberg*

Warplanes F-16, from the US’s 480 Fighter Squadron, took off from Luleå/Kallax airfield on June 7th 2021 at 9 o´clock. This was the start for war training and coordination with the Swedish warplane, JAS 39 Gripen. 

The target is Russia. The war exercise, Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE) continued until June 18th. The US F-16, warplanes were deployed at Luleå Kallax for three weeks to make recognizing tours in the entire Northern area.

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A crisis-ridden alliance holds crisis-ridden summit

By Pauline Easton

The G7 which claims to represent “the world’s most influential and open societies and advanced economies,” has adopted the campaign slogan of the President of the United States “Build Back Better.” Essentially this means that the countries meeting together at the G7 “leaders’ Summit” think they can impose their “shared values” and so-called rules-based international order on the entire world. They say that “might makes right” is something from the past but everything they do is to find new ways to bring it into the present and mold the future based on their pragmatic imperialist conception that nothing succeeds like success. In other words, they make the rules and then they use force to impose the rules against those who do not submit. They do that all over the globe. They did that when the Soviet Union fell and they adopted the Charter of Paris which dictated the rules they subsequently imposed onto the peoples of the world in the name of democracy, human rights and prosperity. They decided the rules for the so-called free movement of goods and capital, multi-party election systems and human rights, none of which adhere to the standards adopted by the United Nations which constitute the international rule of law. Whosoever does not abide by their own arbitrary rules faces sanctions and other forms of death and destruction.

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Widescale opposition to G7 Leaders’ Summit

Group of Seven Summit in Cornwall, England, June 11-13

The Group of Seven (G7) “Leaders’ Summit” June 11-13, brings together Heads of State from the seven countries that comprise it – the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. It will be held in the small town of Carbis Bay in Cornwall, England. Carbis Bay has a population of just 3,500. To defend the G7 “partnership based on shared interests and values” more than 5,000 police from across England are mobilized at the summit. There will also be police boats, drones, 150 police dogs, and special police forces in riot gear. Hundreds of Armed Forces personnel will also be present.

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Another university network seeks to embroil youth in war preparations

Demonstration in Toronto at the NATO Association of Canada on the occasion of the 60th anniversary summit of NATO held in London, UK.

Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) has announced the creation of another warmongering network of 18 universities whose main aim is to mobilize “the best and the brightest” to take up Canada’s war aims. The Network for Strategic Analysis (the “Network”) is being launched as part of Canada’s “Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS) programme.” DND says it is the very first fully bilingual MINDS network “that will offer cutting-edge expertise in Canada’s two official languages.” This is code for saying that Quebec youth are to be targeted second to none.

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June 14 Webinar: Pan-Canadian NATO Counter-Summit – Building a National Resistance to the Alliance

Zoom Meeting

Monday, June 14 — 4:00 pm PT/ 5:00 pm MT/6:00 pm CT/ 7:00 pm ET/ 8:00 pm AT

To register for Zoom meeting: go here:https://us02web.zoom.us/…/tZIqcOGoqj4pGdDaZjtXvH…

This event is the Canadian expression of the Stop NATO 2021 actions organized by No to War – No to NATO in Europe opposing the NATO Heads of State summit taking place in Brussels on June 14th.

Everyone is welcome to this webinar to hear brief presentations from activists across the country about why Canada should withdraw from NATO, a U.S.-dominated, nuclear-armed alliance, and why NATO should be abolished for genuine peace and security in the world.

The program is organized by the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, Mobilization Against War and Occupation, Winnipeg Peace Alliance, Regina Peace Council, Hamilton Coalition to Stop the War, CPC(M-L), Ottawa Peace Council, Canadian Peace Congress and the Anti-imperialist Alliance.

Speakers include

Tamara Lorinc, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace — VOW’s campaign “Feminists Against Militarism: Women Say No to NATO”

Yves Engler, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute — History and Canada-NATO

Isaac Saney, No Harbour for War — Halifax International Security Forum

Margaret Villamizar, CPC(M-L) – the need to break the taboo on discussion on the values NATO represents and who decides they are Canadian values

Alison Bodine, Mobilization Against War and Occupation

David Gehl, Regina Peace Council

Radhika Desai, Winnipeg Peace Alliance

Following the presentations there will be time for a discussion and strategy session.

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Origins of NATO. Geopolitics of Atlanticism –  Winston Churchill’s 1946 ‘Iron Curtain’ speech

Events related to the establishment of NATO. March 5 is the 75th anniversary of the infamous speech by the former British prime minister | TONY SEED


Winston Churchill and U.S. President Truman arrive at Fulton College in Westminster, Missouri, March 5, 1946, where Churchill would deliver his “Iron Curtain” speech.

(April 6, 2019, Updated March 24, 2021) – Recent U.S. presidents, as past ones, demand that their leadership be accepted on the basis that they alone can establish an international order that will bring about peace and stability. Prior to the advent of the doctrine which claims that the U.S. is the one indispensable nation to which all must submit, that order has traditionally been equated with the interests and demands of an “international community.” In this vein, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently issued a thinly-veiled call for a coup d’état against the constitutional government of Venezuela by demanding that “the international community” must immediately unite behind the illegitimate Venezuelan opposition as they chart their path forward because “the moment for a democratic transition is now.” Continue reading

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Irish reject British Army Covid 19 militarization of public health

In a little-mentioned program, NATO is using the global Covid 19 pandemic as the pretext to deploy military forces in the public health system, presented as “essential” and “good Samaritan saviours” and a “normal” response to “exceptional circumstances”, even as it exclaims against medical programs of Russia, China and Cuba. Canada, which has placed the federal distribution of vaccines under the administration of the Canadian Forces, deployed hundreds of soldiers into long-term care facilities and Indigenous communities with disastrous consequences, is no isolated exception, as this news item from Republican News in Ireland illustrates. 


(January 23) – A deployment of British Army paramedics to hospitals in occupied Ireland has angered many nationalists, particularly among families of those killed and injured by British soldiers.

Following a request by the Stormont authorities, the occupying British Army garrison based in the North of Ireland is to be increased by over a hundred. Continue reading

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Putting Canadian and Quebec territory and public space in service of aggressive military alliances

October 30, 2004. Demonstration in opposition to the presence of warships in Montreal.

By Christine Dandenault and Claude Brunelle

Canada is a founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) established on April 4, 1949. It has also been a member of the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) since May 12, 1958. The integration of the Canadian military into the U.S. military has been one of the characteristics of Canada’s membership in these military alliances. Despite the determined and continued opposition of the Quebec, Canadian and Indigenous peoples to any participation of Canada in such alliances and wars of aggression and occupation under the helm of the U.S. imperialists, the Canadian government continues its interventions against the peoples of the world. This translates into putting the territory, public space and public funds at the disposal of these alliances.

La Presse reported on October 21, that the Canadian government will be increasing the federal budget allocation for war based on its commitment as a member of NATO. “NATO figures show that Canada is on the verge of committing 1.45 per cent of its GDP to the military this year. This not only represents a significant hike from last year’s 1.29 per cent, but the largest share of the GDP for defence in a decade.[1]

“It also exceeds the Liberal government’s original provisions, set out in the 2017 defence policy, to spend 1.4 per cent of the GDP on the military by 2024-2025 – the year NATO members were to reach the two per cent target.”[2] Continue reading

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Halifax International Security Forum: NATO’s current preoccupations inform war gathering

Fourth in a series

By Nick Lin

At a one-day conference titled “Preparing NATO and the Allies for the Future Challenges” in Sofia, Bulgaria on October 27, NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoana gave a speech in which he outlined NATO’s current preoccupations.

The speech was part of the first panel discussion called “NATO in the next decade: Providing peace and security in a challenging security environment.” Continue reading

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Evidence of US national security concerns and morbid preoccupation with defeat

Fifth of a series on the 2020 Halifax International Security Forum

The Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) – NATO-sponsored and U.S. organized – is highlighted by the orchestrated promotion of a confrontal strategy against China. We are printing below in its entirety two items by Michèle A. Flournoy, who is reportedly on the short list for Biden’s top Pentagon post. Her views are neither unique nor exceptional and remarkably bleak. They express a palpable desperation about the dilemma of U.S. national security doctrine. Continue reading

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Ban the Halifax War Conference! Oppose Canada’s stated war aims!

November 21, 2009. Demonstration against the first Halifax International Security Forum demands “Warmongers Out of Halifax!”

Third in a series

From November 20 to 22, the 12th Halifax International Security Forum (HISF) convened as a platform for warmongering and empire-building of U.S. imperialism and the NATO bloc, in which the Trudeau Liberal government is fully embroiled. The HISF was convened in a virtual format. For the 12th consecutive year, the anti-war forces in Halifax are organizing to oppose it. On November 20, No Harbour for War organized a public anti-war webinar. On November 21, a rally is organized at Halifax Peace Park across from the venue of the HISF. Continue reading

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Halifax International Security Forum: Warmongering insecurity forum hatches plots against the peoples

Canadians are demanding that Canada get out of NATO and NORAD as the very basis for a new direction for foreign relations, and for an economy founded in self-reliance and public enterprise to guarantee the rights of all.

First of a series Continue reading

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Australia joins parade of war criminals en route to war conference

March 20, 2003. Mass anti-war action as Australian people reject U.S. imperialist aggression in Iraq alongside people around the world.

Angus Campbell, chief of Australian Imperial Defence Staff, is billed as a lead speaker by the NATO-sponsored, US-organized ‘Halifax’ Imperialist Insecurity Forum (HISF) now underway. He is to speak on a panel on the Plenary 5 pabel: “Go Canada! Middle Powers Show The Way.”[1] 

An official inquiry has just confirmed Australian soldiers were involved in the unlawful killing of dozens of Afghan civilians.

It found 25 special forces soldiers killed 39 civilians in practices known as “throwdowns” where concealable weapons were placed on the bodies of those killed in order to photograph evidence to justify the killings. Continue reading

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This Day. Athens Polytechnic student uprising in Greece

(November 17, updated November 28) – In the past days, the Greek government has escalated its authoritarianism by banning this year’s anti-imperialist march on the US embassy. The march is held every year on November 17 to commemorate the anniversary of the uprising of the Polytechnic students and the workers of Athens against the military junta in 1973. The Greek communist party, trade unions and mass organizations said loud and clear that the anti-imperialist march on Tuesday, November 17 would place by observing all health protection measures, as it happened on May Day. The rally conveyed the messages “USA out – NATO out” and “bread-education-freedom”, which were slogans of the Polytechnic uprising, but also express the contemporary struggles against Greece’s involvement in US-NATO imperialist plans, as well as the workers’ and people’s demands for rights to work, education, health, individual and trade union freedoms. The oligarchs, their governments and the US-NATO allies find this content of the militant commemoration of the Polytechnic uprising very disturbing. Continue reading

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Warmongers not welcome in Halifax!

Oppose the Halifax War Conference


The 12th annual Halifax International Security Forum will be convened on November 20-22 as a platform for warmongering and empire building of U.S. imperialism and the NATO bloc, in which the Trudeau Liberal Government is fully embroiled. Continue reading

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The German Bundeswehr’s next area of operation

The German Government plans to increase military operations in the “Indo-Pacific” in the strategic competition with China.

Poster from anti-NATO rally in Munich, February 18, 2017

BERLIN/CANBERRA (german-foreign-policy.com) – The German government plans to send a frigate for patrol in the Indian Ocean and to deploy German naval officers on Australian warships, announced German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer on the occasion of her talks with her Australian counterpart. A training expedition of the frigate Hamburg to the Indian Ocean was originally planned for this year but had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Continue reading

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Ukraine Update: The sound of war drums

Dmitriy Kovalevich reports on massive, multi-vectored air, land and sea exercises unleashed by the U.S. armed forces and NATO in and over Ukraine – and its relation to the US presidential election. Despite the global pandemic, the Canadian Forces is participating, showing the real face of the Trudeau-Freeland “multilateralism”

During September, many Ukrainians have been feeling anxious due to the increasing signs of an impending military escalation of the global conflict between Russia and the United States. Some have voiced the opinion that Ukraine could become a battlefield between the two nuclear superpowers. Naturally, this prospect is not making Ukrainians happy.

In early September, US strategic B-52 bombers, capable of carrying a nuclear weapon, flew over Ukraine for the first time[1]. Flying from the US military base in the UK, they proceeded via the Volyn region (western Ukraine) towards the Crimea, although they did not cross its borders. Nevertheless, the Russians raised the alarm and sent fighters out to intercept the “flying fortresses.” Continue reading


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Research notes: The militarized Atlantic – From Norfolk and Halifax to the Irish and Baltic seas

Work in progress by Tony Seed

A report conducted by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) – published in July – found that the two vessels came within 50-100 metres of each other during the horrific incident on November 6, 2018. The investigation revealed that it was the third time in four years that a submerged Royal Navy submarine had narrowly missed a calamitous collision with another vessel. Continue reading


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Hiroshima and Halifax

Painting of the Halifax Explosion

By Tony Seed

The 75th Anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on the Sixth of August 1945 is a historic universal event with profound immediate significance to present international relations, the danger of war and even nuclear war. For Haligonians, the nuclear devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has a special meaning ,which is even more poignant in the wake of the hugely destructive explosion in  Beirut, Lebanon on August 4. Continue reading


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NATO setting sights on East Asia

The military bloc is assuming a stronger posture in relationship to China. US experts call for NATO operations in the Pacific | german-foreign-policy.com

Rimpac (Rim of the Pacific) to be held August 17-31 is the largest naval exercise in the world. Canadian navy is sending HMCS Winnipeg along with HMCS_NCSMRegina for its 27th participation.

BERLIN/WASHINGTON (June 19) – NATO should systematically expand its military exercises and operations into the Asia-Pacific region, an expert of Washington’s Atlantic Council think tank proposes in the intensifying debate on the posture the western war alliance should assume in relationship to the People’s Republic of China. China’s “presence in the Arctic, in Africa and in the Mediterranean” calls for a response, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Continue reading

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The military implications of 5G

The Bell and Telus monopolies are being pressured to use Ericsson instead of Huawei even though it will be more expensive and less efficient. In parallel, while Canada has just authorized the extradition of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of one of Huawei’s leaders, to the United States, the U.S. Congressional Research Service exposes the military component of the 5G technology | MANLIO DINUCCI

JPEG - 35.7 kb

Arrival at U.S. AFB Nellis of an aircraft classified for G5 tests.

At Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada – announces the Pentagon – construction of a 5G experimental network will begin in July. It will become operational in January 2021. Continue reading

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NATO medical force arrives in US

‘Coronavirus response: Romanian medical personnel and experts supporting their United States colleagues’

NATO reports that “Romanian military medical personnel and specialists in the field of CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) left today on 25 May 2020 for Alabama, in the United States, to join forces with their American colleagues, as part of NATO Allies’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading

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The ominous jihadis war: From Tripoli to Tripoli

GHASSAN KADI on a potentially huge situation brewing in Libya that barely makes the news

The Fall and the Fall of HaririThe ‘War on Syria’ is far from being over, and it will continue until all foreign forces illegally present on Syrian soil retreat; either willingly, or defeated.

And even though the American presence in Syria has no clear and realistic political purpose other than wreaking havoc and making it hard for Russia to help reach a decisive victory, in a twist of fate, the focus of the Russo-American conflict in the region may soon move away from Syria. Continue reading

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Crash of the Snowbird

Despite broad concerns about the safety of the Snowbird program, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan proclaims that he is eager to continue it. This is a time to draw warranted conclusions about the nature of Canada’s integration into the U.S. war machine | TONY SEED

On May 17, a Royal Canadian Air Force Tutor jet crashed in a residential area near Kamloops, BC. It was part of a cross-country public relations aerial show of the Royal Canadian Air Force demonstration squadron, known as the Snowbirds. Code named Operation Inspiration, the tour began in Nova Scotia on May 2, in the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The tour was unleashed immediately in the wake of Operation America Strong of the USAF Thunderbirds that began on April 19 over the state of Colorado, headquarters of NORAD.[1]

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NATO’s Young Professionals Program – what we can do about it

NATO’s recruitment of youth for aggression and war

Demonstration in Toronto at the NATO Association of Canada on the occasion of the 60th anniversary summit of NATO held in London, UK.


On April 29, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced a new Young Professionals Program (YPP) aimed at recruiting “the brightest young minds in our Alliance” to join NATO to “respond to the security challenges of today and tomorrow.” Only youth from NATO’s 30 member nations, including Canada, will be eligible to apply, although its materials are published in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian. Continue reading


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