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A man was killed in a 1998 explosion at the Irving refinery; afterwards, a safety report made recommendations that would ‘prevent a similar occurrence,’ but 20 years later the refinery exploded again

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The elephant in the room of New Brunswick election results


Mass demonstration by more than 2,000 public sector workers and retirees in defence of their pensions, Fredericton, November 6, 2013.


The final result of the New Brunswick election on September 24 gave rise to a minority Conservative government. The Conservative Party received 22 seats; the incumbent Liberal government, 21 seats; the Green Party, three seats; and the People’s Alliance, three seats. Both Blaine Higgs and Brian Gallant, leaders of the Conservatives and Liberals respectively, claimed to have won the election. Continue reading

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This day in history. The RCMP assault on the Mi’kmaq

 APTN Photographer/reporter: Ossie Michelin - text added by Ronnie Dean Harris)

APTN Photographer/reporter: Ossie Michelin – text added by Ronnie Dean Harris)

(Oct. 17) – The RCMP raid on a Mi’kmaq Warrior blockade against fracking [by a US corporation], went down a year ago today. I happened to be covering and camping at the blockade when the shit went down. What I witnessed there was how far the state will use force to protect the interests of corporations. But I also witnessed the huge hearts of the community of Elsipogtog and the uncompromising bravery of the warriors. Thanks to Linda Clair, Migitjo M Clair and Suzanne Patles for their hospitality while I was there. Big ups to Amanda S. Lickers of Reclaim Turtle Island for all the support work she during and after the raid. Finally, I also have to acknowledge that I would have never heard about the anti-fracking struggles in Elsipogtog, if it wasn’t for the persistent and solid journalistic work of Miles Howe of the Halifax Media Co-op. – Franklin López see video here: subMedia.tv

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Energy East: Two down, but look who’s still standing


It was all euphoria in June 2013. Paul Browning, president and CEO of Irving Oil, left, smiled smugly, as Alberta Premier Alison Redford and former New Brunswick Premier David Alward, right, toured the Irving Canaport Marine Terminal in Saint John, N.B. The deepwater port is a proposed Eastern terminus of TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East pipeline, through which Alberta crude oil would be exported to Europe and such countries as Germany. The Conservative premiers and the media tried to sell it as a “nation building” project. The National Post declared in a headline, “New Brunswick’s premier has become the public face of the West-East pipeline” (April 18, 2013). Redford resigned on March 23, 2014 in the midst of deepening political and economic crisis in that province. Alward was defeated in a provincial election on September 22, 2014. Alward based his entire re-election campaign on the need to embrace the pipeline and the shale gas industry under the pretext of “creating jobs”. Some analysts say the energy and financial oligarchs decided to change horses, citing the Irving’s traditional connections to the Liberal party. | THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan


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Irving Greenwashing.2

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Irving Greenwashing.1

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New Brunswick government attacking public sector pensions

Defend the pensions we have! Fight for pensions for all!

Mass demonstration by more than 2,000 public sector workers and retirees in defence of their pensions, Fredericton, November 6, 2013.

TML Daily (Feb. 6) – ON JANUARY 1, Bill 11, An Act Respecting Pensions under the Public Service Superannuation Act, came into force in New Brunswick. The Act was passed under closure by the provincial Legislature last December. It repeals the Public Service Superannuation Act (PSSA) and converts the defined-benefit pension plan under the PSSA into a shared-risk plan for public sector employees and public sector retirees. This plan covers roughly 19,000 public sector employees and 13,000 retirees. Since that time, the Alward Conservative government announced that it would convert other public sector pensions to the so-called shared-risk plan. The passing of the bill was accompanied by a strident propaganda campaign according to which the defined-benefit pension plans were unsustainable, the PSSA plan had a $1 billion deficit and the government coffers, i.e., taxpayers’ money, were being plundered to pay for the pensions of the public sector workers, etc. Continue reading

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