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The cartel parties have no remorse about Canada’s crimes after 9/11

After 20 years, they said we need to reflect

We are in the midst of the 6th federal election held since 9/11. The Chretien Liberals were in power in 2001 and it was on October 7 that the Prime Minister officially announced Canada’s participation in the so-called “war on terror,” with warships deployed from Halifax in mid-October and 40 members of the Joint Task Force, the army’s secret special forces unit being deployed in December. This was in the midst of Canada’s hosting of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly which launched the justification of the operation of the NATO alliance outside of the North Atlantic in the name of ensuring the “defence and security of North America and Europe.”

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Halifax all-candidates meeting – ‘Tony Seed landed the best shot of the night in the opening minutes’

Thursday, January 12, 2006

No Ottawa Blog, http://nottawa.blogspot.com/2006/01/halifax-all-candidates-meeting.html

Just got back from the debate between four of the five candidates running in my new home riding. It seems wherever I move, ghosts of NDP Leaderships past haunt me as my new MP. Maybe things’ll change, who knows? If I hear that Audrey MacLaughin is making a comeback then I’ll know I am about to be shipped to Whitehorse for some adventure.

In fairness to Alexa she proved the old adage that in debates, “she who brings the most bodies gets the easiest questions”. Continue reading

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Martin Government’s unacceptable stand on Lebanon and Syria – Letters to MP Alexa McDonough

We are posting below two letters to NDP MP Alexa McDonough following remarks she made in support of the Martin’s government’s unacceptable stand concerning Lebanon and Syria. While in Beirut last month, Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew stated: “We believe that Lebanon and Syria should contribute to … security, in order not to undermine [Palestinian President Mahmoud] Abbas but on the contrary to reinforce him.” Pointing to “elements” he claimed are determined to undo the peace process such as the resistance organization Hezbollah, he issued threats to Syria and Lebanon to “rein in Hezbollah militants.” Such statements are aimed at covering up that it is the criminal Zionist Israeli state backed by the US imperialists which is undermining security in the region with its continued occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories. Continue reading

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The grim reality unfolding right in front of our eyes

An overview of war preparations in Halifax and Canadian ports


Second of a series on Canada’s involvement in the Iraq war

(HALIFAX, 13 February 2003) – HOW CAN WE shut our eyes to the grim reality unfolding in front of us?

Preparation for war are “crimes against the peace,” according to the Charter of the United Nations and the Nuremburg Trials.

Yet, while the Canadian government postures about defending peace through the UN Security Council by presenting an “alternative” method of “internationalizing” the impending aggression against Iraq, it has already embarked on planning to commit precisely “crimes against the peace.”

We need look no farther than the simmering waters of the harbour for evidence. Continue reading

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