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Hail African Liberation Day! No to foreign intervention in Africa

(First posted on this blog in 2014. Canada recently announced its military intervention in French-occupied Mali under the pretext of “peacekeeping.”)

May 25, Africa Liberation Day, is celebrated, as it has been since its inception in 1958, by the peoples of Africa, the African diaspora and all progressive people to mark the victories achieved in, as well as the continuing struggles for, the complete liberation and independence of the African continent. The African continent and its peoples have made many advances in the past half a century and recent years have seen the mighty struggles of the people of Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, Nigeria and elsewhere for their empowerment. But the imperialist system of states, headed by the governments of Britain and the other big powers, continue to thwart the aspirations of the peoples of Africa for total liberation. – TS Continue reading

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New scramble for Africa: Spurious justifications of Britain, France and the EU for intervention in Africa


Placard reads: “Loving Freedom, reduced to slavery. Europe is an accomplice to crimes.” Protest against slavery in Libya outside Libyan Embassy in Paris on November 24, 2017.

The annual Anglo-French summit meeting took place on January 18 with a high-level meeting at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst between Prime Minister Theresa May and President Macron. Although the summit’s agenda was presented as wide-ranging, it was evident that increasing military activity and what is referred to as security co-operation was at the heart of the meeting. What was particularly evident, was increasing intervention in the affairs of African countries by France and Britain both to prevent what is described as the threat of “Islamist-terrorism” in the Sahel and to establish the borders of the European Union (EU) firmly in that region allegedly to control the flow of migrants to Europe and prevent modern forms of slavery. Continue reading

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Germany and the militarization of West Africa

BERLIN/N’DJAMENA/BAMAKO (October 14) – Berlin is using today’s visit of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, to enhance its rapidly growing military influence in West Africa. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s trip to Africa early this week has already revealed Germany’s growing military importance on the African continent. According to reports, a “change” can already be noted, particularly in Mali. Traditionally within France’s exclusive sphere of influence, the EU, “fundamentally under German leadership,” is now increasingly determining that country’s development. The German government is also expanding the Bundeswehr’s activities and the supply of military hardware to Niger and Chad, along with the construction of a military base in Niger’s capital Niamey. Berlin is also seeking to obtain influence in the war against Boko Haram in Nigeria. The first agreements on support measures had already been reached with Nigeria last year. Germany is enhancing its network of influence in West Africa by increasing the deployment of expeditionary troops, the establishment of military bases and by supplying military aid. This could possibly reduce France’s traditional political and military predominance in its former colonies.

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US’s back-to-the-future military policies in Africa

For the third time in the past year, the Harper War Government has deployed Special Forces to Africa, this time to Nigeria, under the guise of humanitarian intervention. Nick Turse* elaborates Obama’s new model for expeditionary warfare.

Lion Forward Teams? Echo Casemate? Juniper Micron? You could be forgiven if this jumble of words looks like nonsense to you. It isn’t. 

It’s the language of the U.S. military’s simmering African interventions; the patois that goes with a set of missions carried out in countries most Americans couldn’t locate on a map; the argot of conflicts now primarily fought by proxies and a former colonial power on a continent that the U.S. military views as a hotbed of instability and that hawkish pundits increasingly see as a growth area for future armed interventions.

Since 9/11, the U.S. military has been making inroads in Africa, building alliances, facilities, and a sophisticated logistics network. Continue reading

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Hands Off Africa! CTV, W5 and “Secret Warriors” should be widely denounced and condemned by everyone

1921 demonstration by steelworkers and the African community in Whitney Pier, Sydney, Cape Breton. Banner declares, “Africa for the Africans!” Courtesy Beaton Institute and Shunpiking Magazine’s Black History Supplement

1921 demonstration by steelworkers and the African community in Whitney Pier, Sydney, Cape Breton. Banner declares, “Africa for the Africans!” Courtesy Beaton Institute and Shunpiking Magazine’s Black History Supplement


(April 4) – CTV News is repeatedly promoting on a hourly basis an unabashedly racist and militaristic W5 special to be aired Saturday night, April 5.

The program is being billed as “a never before seen look” of ”Canada’s elite team of secret soldiers, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR)” and their “training” in Niger in the Sahara in Western Arica, “where violent extremists are organized, well-funded, and well-armed violent extremists.” The “extremists” are depicted as Islamic and the segment is entitled “Secret Warriors.”

The promotions feature reporter Mercedes Stephenson, whom the Department of National Defence (DND)  selected to be embedded in Flintlock 2014, an annual U.S. African Command (AFRICOM) military exercise that includes NATO forces from the old colonial powers – Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. [1]

Flintlock military exercises involving participation of Canadian Forces have been held in different locations on the African continent since 2005. But no reason is given as precisely why it is at this time that the DND and the Harper government is bending over backwards to embed the media in its shadowy African adventure and manufacture this disinformation. CTV’s hype about its “a never before seen look” serves to hide the hand guiding this “look.”

Stephenson speaks not as a journalist but as a public relations flack whose profession is to lie. This sycophancy to the Harper government in and of itself is not unexpected but the depth of CTV’s political whoring is outrageous. This media is not only delighted that Canada boasts covert forces but it wants Africa bushed back to the “dark ages.” Continue reading


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