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Keiderling: CIA agent in Havana, Caracas

spyAll the revelations about electronic and satellite espionage by the U.S. National Security Agency give the impression of an omnipotent and omniscience superpower, which sees all and knows all, before which humanity is helpless. They also obscure the role carried out by human agents in espionage, covert operations and destabilization of any government trying to take a path independent of Washington as one more element in the U.S. strategy of domination. JEAN-GUY ALLARD* reports on one CIA agent, active in Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Cuba and Venezuela, who posed as a humanitarian “cultural” official. Nevertheless, this super agent was recently exposed, outed and expelled by the later country in disgrace and the humiliation of her employer. – TS

Kelly Franz Keiderling (circled)

Kelly Franz Keiderling (circled)

Granma (Oct. 11) – KELLY Keiderling Franz, the business attaché recently expelled from the U.S. embassy in Caracas, Venezuela, revealed herself as a CIA agent in the relationship she conducted in Havana with the Cuban double agent Raúl Capote.
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