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Honouring and supporting Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade

Mail Art Project Call for Submissions

The Nobel Peace Project is an international Mail Art initiative founded over 20 years ago in Nobel, Ontario by artists Susan Gold/Smith and AG Smith as a response to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

In 2020, for the first time, the Nobel Peace Project has taken on a theme directly connected to the Nobel Peace Prize and is calling for submissions to celebrate and support the nomination of Cuba’s Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade for the award in 2021. Continue reading

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Call to nominate unsavoury group for Nobel Peace Prize

usastatesponsorofterrorism-cropA wide-ranging disinformation campaign as part of U.S. efforts at regime change in Syria has resulted in calls, including from within Canada, to nominate an unsavoury group for the Nobel Peace Prize. The group is called the “White Helmets” or “Syria Civil Defence.”

The “White Helmets” were founded in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a British private military contractor, consultant for the UK Foreign Office and former military intelligence officer, when the governments of the U.S. and UK funded select individuals in rebel-held territory in Syria to travel to Turkey to allegedly receive training in rescue operations. The White Helmets group is supported by a foundation started by Le Mersurier called Mayday Rescue which operates out of the Netherlands, Dubai, Jordan and Turkey. Continue reading

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