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A reflection on Dr Norman Girvan

Norman GirvanI had the honour to meet and briefly discuss with Dr Norman Girvan, when he spoke at a most interesting two-day symposium held in October 22009 at St Mary’s University SMU) in Halifax, along with the Cuban, Bolivian and Venezuelan ambassadors and several other invited guests from Latin America. Dr Girvan gave a terrific presentation on ALBA, pointing to a number of forces that have combined to bring about positive change for the majority of people in the region who have been marginalized for centuries. The topic of our own discussion was the actual role that Canada plays in the Caribbean and Latin America, which is nefarious and long-standing. Unlike imperialist academics who come to Canada to lecture, he was most open to our views, experiences and researches. (He visited SMU again in November 2013, speaking at a conference on alternative trade.) That encounter led me to read some of his writing and studies on his website. I share all the positive sentiments expressed by David Abdulah and Isaac Saney about Dr Girvan, his internationalist outlook, life and work, and his enduring legacy. Continue reading


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