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Patrick Brown: Am I missing something?


International Women’s Day March, Toronto, March 2017

(Revised and expanded from a Facebook post on January 25) – CBC TV’s The National hosted by Michael Serapio devoted the first 21 minutes of its 3-4 p.m. newscast on 25 January to the case of Patrick Brown, who has resigned/sacked as leader of the Conservative Party in Ontario although not his seat as an MPP after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. The case is dominating the news cycle. Premier Wynne, head of a government known for corruption and selling out the interests of the working class as in the case of U.S. Steel, was “shocked.” For its part, the Ontario PC Party declared it “unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and secure society is what we expect and desire” and has “a message of change.” Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh called the Brown allegations ‘heinous.” Tory MP Lisa Raitt says she has an “open door” for anyone experiencing harassment. All apparently stand for women’s empowerment. Continue reading

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You can make a difference! Influence the outcome of the Ontario election!


(Ontario Political Forum) Today is election day in Ontario. Polling stations officially open at 9:00 am and close at 9:00 pm.

In the closing days of the campaign a sort of hysteria has gripped the Liberals and their social base. This is manifested in non-stop robocalls calling on electors to “Vote Anything but Hudak” and “Vote Liberal Not NDP.” The absence of a champion capable of rallying the people around the austerity agenda of the ruling class has given rise to all kinds of attempts to manipulate the electorate into voting against their interests on the basis of fear-mongering or confusion-making. Will it give rise to the desired result of a Liberal majority government or a Conservative minority as per the expressed wishes of the various sections of the ruling circles? Tomorrow we will know.  Continue reading

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Ontario election: A vote for Wynne is a vote for austerity


OPF* (June 10) – On the eve of the June 12 election the Ontario Liberals explicitly laid out the extortion of the electorate that they have been setting up since dumping the disgraced former leader Dalton McGuinty 16 months ago. The Liberal extortion demand was presented in an article written by Kathleen Wynne and featured as a June 8 op-ed piece in the Toronto Star under the headline, “A Vote for Horwath is a Vote for Hudak.” It is a shameful and cynical attempt to blackmail working people into voting against their own interests and knuckling under to four more years of Liberal austerity. Continue reading

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Ontario: Wynne’s no-win whammy

January 26, 2014 marked one year since Kathleen Wynne was selected as premier by 1,115 delegates to the Ontario Liberal Party’s leadership convention. Many of these were Liberal MPs, MPPs, failed candidates and party “insiders.” They were not elected as delegates but entitled to attend the convention according to provisions in the party constitution. Continue reading

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