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Warship Watch. Canada deploys two warships to West Africa


Canada has deployed two warships, HMCS Kingston and HMCS Shawinigan, to West Africa  – “to work with partners & allies to enhance maritime security + stability” in the Gulf of Guinea,” in the words of Vice Admiral Ron Lloyd. Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) stated the aim of “ West Africa today, is to work with African nations to build partner capacity, promote maritime security, and foster relationships in the region.” None of this has to do with the defence of Canada. Continue reading


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Summit of the Americas: Sharp struggle against OAS-US ‘civil society’ subversion and blackmail

hat By TONY SEED, along with news items*

OAS & people's summit(April 11) – Even before the 7th Summit of the Americas of the Organization of American States (OAS) opened in Panama on April 10, a sharp struggle erupted against flagrant and ugly provocations brazenly organized against Cuba and the principles of sovereignty, democracy and the equality of all nations, big and small. Continue reading

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Op Caribbe: Canada’s stealth warship and aircraft

Op Caribb: “Building maritime domain awareness” – euphemism for Canadian military-naval intervention in the Caribbean


Second in a series of seven articles on the occasion of Harper’s visit to Latin America and the Caribbean

HALIFAX (13 August 2007) – IN THE FIRST WEEK of April, anti-war activists in Halifax and Victoria combined to carry out an inventory of the whereabouts of Canadian warships out of concern that the Canadian government might have surreptitiously joined the American strike force in the Persian Gulf at the time, aimed at Iran. Continue reading

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‘Caribops’ sails again as ‘Op Caribe’


Third in a series of seven articles on the occasion of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Latin America and the Caribbean

HALIFAX (13 August 2007) – SAY IT SLOWLY: “Op Caribe” or even “Op Caribbe.” Then say “Caribops.” It’s not the name of a Caribbean band. It’s the old name for the main program of naval operations and military intervention carried out by the Canadian Forces from the 1960s to the end of the 1980s in the Caribbean Basin. Continue reading

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Caribops: Ship the navy out of Vieques

Why a 33,000-acre island should be preserved


Shunpiking Magazine, Volume 6, No. 32, March 2002

(HALIFAX) – ON JANUARY 14, under the cloak of media silence, Canada was again drawn into a conflict beyond its jurisdiction: the conflict in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Again, our government’s official policy is on the wrong side.

Vieques has been a US military base for 59 years, and is the site of yearly military exercises by NATO’s immediate-reaction naval force. This use is in clear violation of the aspirations and rights of the inhabitants. Continue reading

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