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Sinister Israeli Black Ops in Europe

spyThe victims are the three Palestinian groups working to bring Israel to The Hague on war crimes charges | Amira HassHaaretz.

(August 17) – He introduces himself as Abu Nabil, but Arabic is not his mother tongue. Hounding people and threatening them with murder is his business. It may be assumed that he gets a salary for this. He works with a team, armed with advanced technology for surveilling and locating people.

On February 25, Abu Nabil phoned Sweden, to the home of the family of Nada Kiswanson, a Palestinian attorney with dual Jordanian-Swedish citizenship, and warned the family that if Kiswanson did not leave her place of employment, they would never see her again. Continue reading


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Anniversary of Land Day: Palestine’s heroic resistance

Palestinians celebrate Land Day in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinians celebrate Land Day in the Gaza Strip.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Land Day (Yom-el-Ard), the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) sends militant greetings to the heroic Palestinian people who continue their steadfast defence of their right to be and their resistance to the Zionist occupiers.

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This day in 1945: On Holocaust Memorial Day

Red Army doctor attends to Auschwitz prisoner after its liberation In January, 1945

Red Army doctor attends to Auschwitz prisoner after its liberation in January, 1945

Millions of people throughout the world have died as a result of genocide and crimes against humanity. The address by the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to the Israeli Zionist Knesset on January 20, 2014 illustrates how crimes against humanity are being manipulated for an ulterior and self-serving political agenda, in his case to criminalize opposition to Zionism and Israeli state terrorism as “anti-semitism” – a hierarchy of crimes has been established. On Holocaust Memorial Day, January 27, 2009 Dr Hakim Adi, then Reader in the History of Africa and the African Diaspora at the University of Middlesex, gave a presentation at the African Caribbean Community Library, Battersea Library, in the London Borough of Wandsworth, United Kingdom. The meeting was part of the commemoration of this national day organised under the overall support of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, a national charity formed in 2005. January 27, the day of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Red Army in 1945, is commemorated as Holocaust Memorial Day internationally. (Originally published on this website on Janu 27, 2014) Continue reading

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Graphic details. Gaza’s untold story

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August 26, 2015 marked the first anniversary of Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip, during which 2,219 Palestinians were killed. However, a large part of the story is left untold. Over half of those killed were refugees who were displaced from their homes in Yafa, Salama, Isdud, and many other villages and towns, as a result of and following the Nakba in 1948. The majority of those killed lived in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip within a 30 mile (50 km) radius of their homes of origin. A total of 1,236 refugees were killed during the 2014 offensive, including at least 309 children. Continue reading

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Why are journalists surprised that Israel kills children?

Civilians rushed to help after explosions hit a beach where children were playing in Gaza City. Four Palestinian boys died | Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Civilians rushed to help after explosions hit a beach where children were playing in Gaza City. Four Palestinian boys died | Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Amena Saleem Media Watch

(June 15) – There was nothing surprising about Israel finding itself not culpable for the killing of four boys on a Gaza beach in July last year, as it did in a military judgment released a few days ago.

Israel’s investigations into its own crimes aren’t known for delivering guilty verdicts. Continue reading


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Graphic details. Who is breaking the ceasefire?

Gaza attacks.Jan-Mar 2015

In 2015 ….. 67 Israeli shootings on Gazans, on land and at sea. For a detailed breakdown of major incidents, broken down by month and by type – Shootings, Incursions, Injuries/Fatalities, Arrests, Attacks on Fishermen, Attacks on Farmers, see:

Israel has fired into Gaza 400+ times since the Gaza war ended. Remember this when you hear “Hamas broke the ceasefire.”

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If Palestinians join ICC, Israel’s actions may trigger court’s jurisdiction

Prosecutors at the International Criminal Court (ICC) would have a hard time arguing that the occupation and the plight of Gaza Palestinians are outside their jurisdiction.  

The Mavi Marmara

The Mavi Marmara ship aboard which Israel’s raid of a Gaza-bound flotilla left nine Turkish activists dead. The Palmer Commission report on the May 31, 2010 events was leaked on September 1, 2011 | AP


Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad al-Malki (C) leaves the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague, Aug. 5, 2014 | Reuters

( Jan. 3) – The Hague, Fatou Bensouda, halted the investigation into the 2010 Gaza flotilla affair in which Israeli commandos killed civilians on the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara. She did so despite concluding that there were reasonable grounds to believe that war crimes had been committed on board. Continue reading

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