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This Day. When the people rose: how the Intifada changed the political discourse around Palestine

The true accomplishment of the Intifada is the fact that it almost entirely changed the nature of the political equation pertaining to Palestine, imposing the ‘Palestinian people’, not as a cliche used by the Palestinian leadership and Arab governments to secure for themselves a degree of political legitimacy, but as an actual political actor | RAMZY BAROUD

Hossam el-Hamalawy – CC BY 2.0

December 8 came and went as if it was an ordinary day. For Palestinian political groups, it was another anniversary to be commemorated, however hastily. It was on this day, thirty-three years ago, that the First Palestinian Intifada (uprising) broke out, and there was nothing ordinary about this historic event. Continue reading

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End the illegal occupation of Palestine!


Demonstration on Palestinian Land Day, 30 March 2002, Halifax, NS

HALIFAX (January, 2003) – IN THE NAME of regime change and democracy, George Bush declares that it is open season on the sovereignty of Iraq and its people. He gives himself and the United States the right to use U.S. might to crush Iraq and institute regime change, all under the pretext that Iraq has violated United Nations resolutions and is a threat. Continue reading

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