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One explanation for why the Ottawa ‘Freedom Convoy’ is treated with kid gloves

“At every step of the way, all three levels of government – federal, provincial and municipal — have been noticeably outmanoeuvred. Thus, the occupation continues as do the border blockades. The other thing that has become very noticeable is that the convoy, occupation and blockades bear the stamp of military-style organization. It has been revealed that some of the main organizers have a knowledge of military tactics and police procedures” | PETER EWART

Group of armed forces veterans on Parliament Hill, February 11, 2022, to show support for the “Freedom convoy”

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The Green Face of BlackRock

Discussion on the Direction of the Economy | PETER EWART

“The Great Reset”

At a time when youth, workers and people all over the globe have deep concerns about climate change, the environment, and the political and economic system itself, influential factions of the global financial oligarchy are calling for a “Great Reset” of the financial system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic; or to put it another way a “better” or “repurposed” capitalism, one which can supposedly ensure its preservation. Such calls for a “systemic change” and a return to “stakeholder capitalism,” especially in regards to climate change, are coming from various organizations of the North American and European oligarchies including the World Economic Forum,[1][2] U.S. Business Roundtable,[3] Climate Action 100+,[4] and other oligarchic bodies. Continue reading

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BlackRock – The super cartel

Canadian government hands over key advisory and decision-making power to super cartel | PETER EWART

The unfolding worldwide pandemic is bringing with it a profound financial crisis. How the crisis will be dealt with is a question on the minds of working people around the world. In Canada, working people face the additional complication that as yet, they do not set the direction of the economy, which is controlled by a financial oligarchy and governments in their service.

A financial crisis is itself nothing new; crises are inherent to the capitalist system espoused by the financial oligarchy. To prop itself up, as the financial oligarchy lurches from crisis to crisis, its instruments and forms of organization mutate and change, like creatures from the Black Lagoon.[1] For example, out of the crises and corruption of the late 19th century came the merging of banking and industrial capital and the giant trusts and monopolies of the Robber Barons. And out of a cabal of leading U.S bankers on Jekyll Island in 1910 rose the Federal Reserve. In the 1990s, came the financial de-regulation of the banking sector and the welding back together, Frankenstein-style, of investment and commercial banking which contributed in a negative way to the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the Great Recession of 2008. And most recently, there is the “warm and fuzzy” statement from the U.S. Business Roundtable that the big corporations are responsible to all stakeholders, rather than the previous Milton Friedman configuration of only being accountable to shareholders. Continue reading

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Foxes in the henhouse – Who decides where government bailout money goes?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, trillions of bailout dollars in the U.S. and Canada are about to be fire-hosed into particular areas of the economy. Given that this is public money, who decides where and to whom these funds should go? | PETER EWART

Fox in the Henhouse: Why Interest Rates Are Rising

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Acts of piracy and the virus threat


Like other countries, Canada is facing an acute shortage of respiratory masks in the struggle to protect health care workers and the population at large from the COVID-19 virus. Supplies dwindled fast with a province like Ontario reportedly having only a five-day supply left on April 3 and health care workers forced to disinfect and reuse their masks. Without protection of masks, these workers are being put in an impossible, life and death situation. Continue reading

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The Arctic: Militarization, collusion and contention and resistance (4 articles)

• Trudeau government moves to militarize the Arctic 

• Northwest Passage dispute

• The Inuit and the struggle for an Arctic Zone of Peace

For Your Information

• The Arctic –  An overview

• Arctic Council and the military issue
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Facebook, spy agencies and freedom of speech in Canada


There has been much noise these days regarding what is termed the “Russian threat” to elections in the US, Canada, and other countries.  To what extent this threat is real or, on the other hand, is being over-hyped for geo-political purposes remains a matter of debate for some, especially in the alternative media.

However, one thing is clear.  This “Russian threat” is being used to justify troubling measures that go against freedom of speech and other rights.  In response to this Russian threat, the federal government appears to be bypassing Elections Canada, the federal independent body responsible, at least in the past, for overseeing elections in the country. Continue reading

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Robbie Burns, Grand Falls, Mackenzie and Gaza

25 January 2009 marks 250 years to the day since Scotland’s national poet was born. PETER EWART* reflects on the legacy of Scotland’s celebrated bard whose polemics against the exploitation, injustice and oppression of his time enraged the establishment and won him enduring love from the peoples of all lands.

The statue of Robert Burns in Halifax’s Victoria Park Square is the centre of innumerable political rallies., as this one in October 2006 against the apartheid wall in Occupied Palestine | Photo Photo copyright 2006, Howard Harawitz, All rights reserved.

The statue of Robert Burns in Halifax’s Victoria Park Square is the centre of innumerable political rallies, as this one in October 2006 against the apartheid wall in Occupied Palestine | Photo copyright 2006, Howard Harawitz, All rights reserved.

MANY PEOPLE IN THE MARITIMES have Scottish blood in them, and the same holds true for people across Canada, especially in parts of Ontario and northern British Columbia where I reside. Indeed, at one point in Canada’s history, Scots were the third largest ethnic group, and they have certainly played an important role in the development of the country.

A good number of these men, women and children are descended from the hardy Scots who were scattered to the wind in the 18th and 19th Centuries, sometimes driven out of their homes and forced off their land, sometimes imprisoned or exiled, other times leaving poverty and hardship, in search of opportunity and a better life. Continue reading


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