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Joint Intelligence Bulletin: An Example of Disinformation

On January 13, 2021 a Joint Intelligence Bulletin was issued by the DHS, FBI and NCTC. It is written, so it is said, to warn about the threat of further actions such as took place on January 6. But it reads as a threat to all those standing up for rights.

January 2021. Protest actions by those involved in the movement for rights and against police impunity continue in Portland (above) and other cities.

On January 13, 2021 a Joint Intelligence Bulletin was issued by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). The Report is titled: “Domestic Violent Extremists Emboldened in Aftermath of Capitol Breach, Elevated Domestic Terrorism Threat of Violence Likely Amid Political Transitions and Beyond.” It states that its purpose is “to highlight the threat of violence from domestic violent extremists in the wake of the January 6 violent breach… of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC, following lawful protest activity related to the results of the General Election.” The Bulletin is Classified U/FOUO, meaning “unclassified, for official use only.” Continue reading

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Disinformation is not synonymous with misinformation. To “dis” is to destroy. Disinformation is the destruction of what is being informed, that which is providing form.

– Hardial Bains Resource Centre –

Most significant in going through this particular historical period of retreat of revolution, is that all the experience of humans relating to humans and humans relating to nature from time immemorial is coming to a head. If that vast experience is not thought through, then we could be heading for a greater tragedy, an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress. It is in this context that what constitutes disinformation has significance. Continue reading

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US media ‘experts’ on Iran with undisclosed ties to the defence industry

Since US president Donald Trump ordered the drone attack that assassinated Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani and Abud Mahdi al-Muhandis, a leading member of the Iraqi armed forces and eight other officials, US and Canadian television news has been filled with commentary on the strike and its implications. An investigation by the Popular Information website reveals that numerous “experts” appearing on cable TV to opine on Iran have undisclosed financial ties to the biggest arms monopolies. They are deliberately paraded as neutral, independent, non-partisan and “third party experts” to confuse the people and put them out of action. Some are also featured by CBC. | JUDD LEGUM

This is significant because arms monopolies and other entities that do business with the Pentagon profit from war, the most profitable business of all. They sell the products that make war possible. If there is more fighting, they will sell more weapons. That’s why weapons manufacturers saw their stock prices spike after Gen. Soleimani was killed. Continue reading

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Media ignore unmasking of Twitter exec as British psyops officer – Government penetration and control over media of little interest to those who are subject to it

By Alan MacLeod

Middle East Eye: Twitter executive for Middle East is British Army 'psyops' soldier

Middle East Eye (9/30/19)

Continue reading

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NATO on social media – The threat to liberal democracy

Talk about cyber attacks and “weaponization” of social media | TML Weekly supplement*

It has become increasingly clear that the U.S.-led NATO aggressive alliance is directing the anti-democratic measures being taken in Canada and other NATO member countries to criminalize conscience and speech, in the name of defending democracy and national security. The assault on conscience and speech targets speech that opposes NATO and is critical of the political and electoral systems in the NATO member states. Combined, this represents a broad assault on freedom of conscience and speech and the struggles of the peoples to affirm their rights and for empowerment. Continue reading

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The illegitimate State of Israel: Plan Dalet – Master Plan for the Conquest of Palestine

The Road to Nowhere by Ismail Shammout 1930-2006, whose family was expelled from Lydda in 1948. The plight of the refugees is depicted in many of his most famous paintings | Displaced Palestinians

On May 14, 1948, the Zionist state of Israel was established by unilateral declaration in defiance of the United Nations and international law. It was established on the basis of 33 massacres and the dispossession and mass expulsions of the Palestinian people from their land by the foreign-armed Zionist state and its militias. Some 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee, registered as refugees with the United Nations. Contrary to the disinformation on the issue which insists that the Palestinian exodus was due to orders broadcast to them by their leaders – to deny the people the right of return – these actions were the consequence of a strategic master plan. We are reproducing a seminal work  by Prof.  WALID KHALIDI originally published in 1961, which exposed for the first time the full extent and criminality of Plan D (for Dalet), as well as a new introduction he wrote in autumn 1988 on the anniversary of the UN Partition resolution. Continue reading

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CIA’s Bin Laden forgery is a psyop: three articles


In the context of the offensive of the Trump regime against Iran and for domination of West Asia (Middle East), the CIA released on November 1 a never-before-seen 19-page document, as well as a 228-page “journal” ostensibly written by Osama Bin Laden as all U.S. and Canadian media (as directed by the U.S. government) are promoting. Continue reading


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Exponential growth of disinformation

Role of powerful private interests and the necessity to build our own organizations and media. “Although the use of social media by parties of the rich to gain electoral advantage and the wielding of social media as a weapon of U.S. imperialism against sovereign states have been well-documented, the use of social media by state agencies to directly interfere with progressive and anti-imperialist political movements is less well studied.” | SAM HEATON

One of the serious problems that faces the people’s movement for empowerment today is the exponential growth of disinformation that takes advantage of modern communications technology and social media. No sooner have these advances been made than powerful private interests, the state and its agents in the ranks of the people have worked out how to dominate and wield the technology in their interests. Continue reading


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Inside the shadowy US PR firm that’s pushing for regime change in Syria

He who plunders ... always lives in terror

He who plunders … always lives in terror

At the initiative of the “Syria Campaign”, some communalist organizations in Canada linked with the Trudeau government are supporting terrorist forces in Syria. On October 1st, in the wake of the U.S. war crimes in Deir Ezzor and Aleppo, they held a small rally on Parliament Hill in Ottawa as part of an international campaign orchestrated from the United States. A similar rally was held in Calgary. Posing as a non-political solidarity organization, the “Syria Campaign” leverages local partners and media contacts to push the U.S. into more aggressively toppling another Middle Eastern government | MAX BLUMENTHAL*

(October 3) – On September 30, demonstrators gathered in city squares across the West for a “weekend of action” to “stop the bombs” raining down from Syrian government and Russian warplanes on rebel-held eastern Aleppo. Thousands joined the protests, holding signs that read “Topple Assad” and declaring, “Enough With Assad.” Few participants likely knew that the actions were organized under the auspices of an opposition-funded public relations company called the Syria Campaign.

Continue reading

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Call to nominate unsavoury group for Nobel Peace Prize

usastatesponsorofterrorism-cropA wide-ranging disinformation campaign as part of U.S. efforts at regime change in Syria has resulted in calls, including from within Canada, to nominate an unsavoury group for the Nobel Peace Prize. The group is called the “White Helmets” or “Syria Civil Defence.”

The “White Helmets” were founded in 2013 by James Le Mesurier, a British private military contractor, consultant for the UK Foreign Office and former military intelligence officer, when the governments of the U.S. and UK funded select individuals in rebel-held territory in Syria to travel to Turkey to allegedly receive training in rescue operations. The White Helmets group is supported by a foundation started by Le Mersurier called Mayday Rescue which operates out of the Netherlands, Dubai, Jordan and Turkey. Continue reading

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The Arab Spring: US black ops and subversion

libya_nato_latuff_400Book review of Ahmed Bensaada, Arabesque$: Enquête sur le rôle des États-Unis dans les révoltes arabes (Investigation into the US Role in the Arab Uprisings) by Dr. Stuart Jeanne Bramhall Continue reading

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‘Panama Papers’: Diversion and disinformation in the information war

mediaculpaheader.stretched“The Panama Papers.” A banner headline in 72 point type screams in today’s Toronto Star, a two-article spread covering the entire front page.

Massive hype! Bullets prominently advertise: 376 journalists working for more than 100 media organizations in 25 languages! 11.5 million leaked documents! 2.6 terabytes of data! “Reveals details on rich, famous and powerful people who use offshore tax havens.” What is it all about? Continue reading

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The ‘dark political arts’ behind Harper’s bid for re-election

Respond to Coup Attempt by going all out to call on Canadians to defeat the Harper government and also keep the Liberals out!

The UK’s Daily Mail comments on Lynton Crosby’s incitement of racism at the time he was an election campaign strategist for David Cameron’s Conservative Party in 2012.

The UK’s Daily Mail comments on Lynton Crosby’s incitement of racism at the time he was an election campaign strategist for David Cameron’s Conservative Party in 2012.

The person the Harper Conservatives hired in September 2015 to manage their campaign has been described as a “master of the dark political arts,” “the Wizard of Oz,” “the Australian Karl Rove,” and “one of the most powerful and influential figures in the [Australian] nation.”[1][2]

Lynton Keith Crosby “was brought on as a campaign strategist for incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose Conservative party was losing ground in the polls to both the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party,” Wikipedia tells us.[3] “Crosby’s decision to bring the issue of a small group of Muslim woman refusing to remove their niqab when swearing the Canadian oath of citizenship, became one of the top issues of the campaign and reversed the Conservatives’ sliding poll numbers, especially in Quebec,” Wikipedia says.[4] Continue reading

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State-sanctioned black ops and cover-ups

Arson attack  on BC headquarters of CPC(M-L), August 12, 1983.

Arson attack on BC headquarters of CPC(M-L), August 12, 1983.


Aftermath of a police raid on a CPC(M-L) research institute in 1973

Aftermath of a police raid on a CPC(M-L) research institute in 1973

According to official and media accounts of crimes committed against Canadians, Quebeckers and Indigenous peoples by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), some crimes never took place and others were unacceptable aberrations. They say that, in any event, the door for such things to be repeated was closed in 1984, when the Canadian Security Intelligence Review Service (CSIS) was created to collect intelligence but not pass to action. In this context, concern is expressed about Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism Act, 2015 extending powers to CSIS to allow it to conduct activities that resemble those of the RCMP prior to 1984. Of course, it is not true that after 1984 the security services stopped violating the rights of the people. Continue reading

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Subversion of social movements: What the ‘Intelligence Community’ is reading – Part II

100701-TorontoG20PoliceBrutalityDemo-18cr“Subversion of Social Movements by Adversarial Agents” was published in the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence in March 2013. Written by former counterintelligence agent, Eric L. Nelson, it outlines thirteen “lawful or sometimes unlawful acts of subversion.” This is the second of two installments summarizing the covert and overt operations. For the first installment see here. Continue reading

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Venezuelean vigilance nips coup plot in the bud

Venezuelea-TeleSur-IconCoup plotters planned on assassinating the Venezuelan president and installing a de facto government

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks at a public event in Caracas Feb. 12, 2015. A coup plot against the Venezuelan president was thwarted that day. | Photo: AVN

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks at a public event in Caracas Feb. 12, 2015. A coup plot against the Venezuelan president was thwarted that day. | Photo: AVN

teleSUR (Feb. 13) – A coup plot against the Venezuelan government has been foiled, with both civilians and members of the military detained, President Nicolas Maduro revealed Thursday, Feb. 12, in a televised address.

Those involved were being paid in U.S. dollars, and one of the suspects had been granted a visa to enter the United States should the plot fail, Maduro said.
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Subversion of social movements: What the ‘Intelligence Community’ is reading

Part one of a two part series. For the second installment of this article, see here.

The International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence is a “medium for professionals and scholars to exchange opinions on issues and challenges encountered by both the government and business institutions in making contemporary intelligence-related decisions and policy.” 
First published in January 1986, the journal covers a wide variety of topics, from factual information such as “The Exorbitant Cost of Counterterrorism” to the weightier dilemmas, like “To Render or Intern: Counterterrorism Methods of the FBI, SIS and CIA.” Continue reading


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The dysentery of the $10 million-a-year journalist: Brian Williams back story

Media-CulpaThe anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News, which CBC News describes, in all seriousness, “as one of the most respected TV news organizations in the world.” The media is in a tizzy, flabbergasted about the lies and “memory loss” of a colleague, whom they present as a lone journalist.

NY Post – Williams claimed to have gotten dysentery from drinking floodwater and seeing dead bodies float past his hotel in the New Orleans French Quarter while covering Hurricane Katrina.

However, the The New Orleans Advocate noted that the French Quarter was not flooded and quoted a local health expert who did not recall anyone getting such a stomach ailment. Continue reading

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France: A false flag operation?

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal, in an article posted on his website on January 8 wrote that the terrorist attack in Paris was a false flag operation “designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington.”

“The suspects can be both guilty and patsies. Just remember all the terrorist plots created by the FBI that served to make the terrorism threat real to Americans,” he wrote. Continue reading

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Mocking the Israeli terrorist army

It can be said that one of the biggest achievements of Hizbullah is not only in the military realm but it is also in the realm of psychological warfare. Hizbullah so undermined the image of the “invincible” army and turned it into the incompetent, cowardly army that young Arabs now circulate images and videos of Israeli army terrorists looking like idiots (terrorist idiots, to be more accurate). This is one example.  I am so happy that I lived to the day when Arabs mock this terrorist army in addition to detesting it. (Thanks to Prof As’ad AbuKhalil, The Angry Arab News Service)

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Ukraine: Antisemitic flyer psywar hoax to wreck public opinion

Pro-Russian activists outside Donetsk regional administration building

The barricades outside the Donetsk regional administration building are plastered with anti-fascist posters | Scott Olson/Getty Images

For several months the monopoly media has unleashed a torrent of disinformation to conceal the reality of events in Ukraine, attribute the acuteness of problems to Russia or more recently “pro-Russian separatists,” and conceal the subversive role of the U.S., EU and NATO. On April 14th, Stephen Harper, without offering any evidence whatsoever, went on national TV to blame “Russian provocateurs” for the civil disobedience that has broken out in eastern Ukraine. This framed a so-called “anti-terrorist operation” launched by the putschist government on April 13 against an anti-fascist resistance movement that has been sweeping eastern Ukraine. Presto, an antisemitic flyer attributed to one of the leaders appeared in Donetsk. Behind the cloak of high ideals, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry then ensured that its existence was known to the world.

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Turkey downs Syria military jet ‘in airspace violation’

On March 23rd, CBC’s The National called it a “Syrian warplane.” In other words, aggressive, whose loss is of no concern. Turkey after all is under threat from besieged Syria. Oh yes, are Turkish and NATO fighter jets “peaceplanes”?


Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says its armed forces have shot down a Syrian military jet which had violated its airspace. He warned such action by Syria merited a “heavy response.”

But Syria accused Turkey of “blatant aggression”, saying the MIG 23 had been over Syrian territory at the time.

NATO was silent. It seems there is one rule for a NATO country and another for all the rest. IF you are a NATO country you can attack any country you want to without consequences.

Really it is the modus operandi of provocation of the imperialist superpowers: “Come on, fire back and then NATO will invade your country.”

On October 9, 2012 NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen told a meeting of the military bloc’s defence ministers in Brussels: “We have all necessary plans in place to protect and defend Turkey if necessary.”

NATO has “all necessary plans” to intervene if and when it has the “proof” that Syria has attacked Turkey.

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US study documented nearly 1,000 lies from Iraq war propaganda campaign


Alex Lantier, wsws.org (26 January 2008) – THE systematic propaganda campaign waged by the Bush administration with the full collaboration of the mass media to drag the American people into a war of aggression has been newly documented by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI). The Washington-based, non-profit public policy journalism organization this week released a large database of the lies top government officials used to terrorize the US public into accepting the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

By the CPI’s count, the 380,000-word searchable database (available to the public at http://www.publicintegrity.org/WarCard/) contains at least 935 demonstrably false statements made on 532 separate occasions by the following officials: President George W. Bush, Vice-President Richard Cheney, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and press secretaries Ari Fleischer and Scott McClellan. Continue reading

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US Special Forces unconventional warfare operations: Overthrowing governments, sabotage, subversion, intelligence and abduction, FM 3-05.201, Apr 2003

For your information: Wikileaks release on January 27, 2009

Excerpt from the recent speech by Raúl Castro Ruz to the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC) on Feb. 22:

Before closing, I must address the events which are taking place in the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. We have strongly condemned the violent incidents unleashed by fascist groups, which have led to deaths, tens of injuries, attacks on public institutions and destruction. We know, from our own experience, who is behind them, who finances them and supports these brutal efforts to overthrow the constitutional Venezuelan government.

These events confirm that wherever there might be a government which is not convenient to the interests of ruling circles in the United States, or among some of its European allies, it becomes the target of subversive campaigns. They now use new subtle, occult methods to undermine, without renouncing violence, to disturb the peace and internal order, and prevent governments from concentrating on the struggle for economic and social development, if they are not able to overthrow them.

Continue reading

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Gladio: NATO’s terror network and the ‘strategy of tension’

The Ukraine putsch in Kiev on February 23 reportedly involves the NATO Gladio, an international network of secret cells of the NATO member states to combat the worker’s movement and communism in Western Europe. It originated with the famous directive of Churchill to “fan the flames” of the partisan warfare during World War II through the SOE (Special Operations Executive); by this it was understood to penetrate and subvert the anti-fascist resistance movement, and make it a tool of the Anglo-American forces, as in Greece. The post-war Gladio network had its own intelligence structure, its own secret military training, a network of illegal arms and PSYOPS service. These actions were part of U.S. military theory called the “strategy of tension,” and were particularly used in Italy in the 70s. The Gladio network was nothing more nor less than an organized terrorist network within NATO countries. In parallel, the CIA supervised the organization of the Operation Condor in Latin America beginning in 1975. – TS

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CNN, CBC: Fake image of a young child – again

We dot the i’s and cross the t’s: No, four-year-old Marwan fleeing Syria was not “alone” in the desert. The modus operandi behind the pervasive hoaxes being disseminated by the monopoly media augmented by anti-social media to facilitate intervention and subversion of sovereign countries

2014.2.19.Fake image of kid in desert

Media-CulpaAN IMAGE claimed by CNN journalists and rebroadcast on the state-owned CBC as well as CTV on February 17 to be of a 4-year-old Syrian child discovered alone near the Jordanian borders while his leg was cut and bandaged with plastic bags, is apparently part of a different image, where the family of the child are seen walking ahead of him and his leg is fine, euronews (and here), the London Guardian and the website Friends of Syria report. A CBC blog by John Bowman of cbcnews.ca also admitted later on Feb. 18 that “the fact that his family was just metres away was left behind.” Continue reading


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USAID, Uribe and Venezuelan opposition plotting violence, sabotage and scarcity, according to leaked document


Mass rally on March 11, 2013 at the nomination for Nicolás Maduro as the presidential candidate for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

Mass rally on March 11, 2013 at the nomination for Nicolás Maduro as the presidential candidate
for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela.

MERIDA, Venezuelanalysis.com (Nov. 6) – US and Colombian organisations are working with the Venezuela’s political opposition to sabotage Venezuelan infrastructure, create deadly street violence, exacerbate food scarcity and provoke an international intervention, according to documents obtained by attorney and journalist Eva Golinger. Continue reading

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US-Colombian document reveals destabilization plan of Venezuela


State flag of Venezuela.

State flag of Venezuela | Wikipedia

Postcards from the Revolution, RT (Nov. 6) – DURING the past few months, the Venezuelan government led by President Nicolás Maduro has denounced multiple incidents of sabotage against the country’s electrical infrastructure along with an ongoing campaign to undermine the nation’s economy. A majority of international media, together with private media in Venezuela, have ridiculed the Venezuelan President’s accusations, and have instead attempted to pin responsibility on the government for the instability and harm caused to the country by these actions. Nevertheless, an internal document authored by three organizations from Colombia and the United States, evidences a sinister plan against the Venezuelan state to provoke violence – even death – with the intention of justifying an international intervention in anticipation of municipal elections scheduled for next December 8. Continue reading

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The politics of assassination – Flanagan & Harper style


On November 30, 2010 the former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the architect of his 2004 election campaign, Thomas Flanagan, called for the assassination of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Flanagan is an American-born and -trained political science professor at the University of Calgary, author, and neo-conservative backroom operator who became active as a leading official in the extreme right Reform Party before managing Harper’s campaign to capture the leadership of the Canadian Alliance in 2001. Continue reading


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The NATO powers and cyber mobilization

BERLIN July 15 (german-foreign-policy.com) – German think-tanks are calling for the use of public internet forums to spread state propaganda and subversion. The publication of the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP) writes that virtual platforms, being used by millions around the world as a means of communication, could be applied as “instruments of revolt” against objectionable governments on the condition that “one has control over the debate” taking place in the corresponding media. This also opens possibilities for concerted support for expansionist German foreign policy activities. But the magazine also cautions against the dangers to government interests by an undesired mass mobilization over the internet. If “virtual networks” cannot be brought under control, writes the magazine, effective “counter strategies” must be developed. Continue reading

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