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Trump’s Jerusalem declaration: ‘These are extraordinary times’ – from the editor of the Journal of Palestine Studies

Introduction to the current edition of the Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol, 47, No. 2, 2018 | RASHID I. KHALIDI*

Mass Land Day demonstration in Gaza, near the border with the Zionist State of Israel, March 30, 2018, as the March of Return begins.

THESE ARE EXTRAORDINARY TIMES where Palestine is concerned. In December 2017, a U.S. president arrogated to himself the prerogative of making far-reaching decisions that strike directly at Palestinian rights and at the Palestinians’ claims on the most crucial and sensitive of final-status issues: Jerusalem. Far from reacting strongly to this unprecedented action, Arab governments did little more than register their formal disapproval. There are credible reports that some of them surreptitiously condoned the move. In Israel, meanwhile, the ruling coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has continued to up the ante. He and other senior government leaders have declared openly that Israel will retain permanent control of most of the occupied territories and never allow a fully sovereign Palestinian state to come into being there, while the Likud Party Central Committee at the end of December 2017 unanimously called for annexation of large parts of these territories. Continue reading


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The United States was responsible for the 1982 massacre of Palestinians in Beirut

Washington had explicitly guaranteed their safety – and recently declassified documents reveal that US diplomats were told by the Israelis what they and their allies might be up to | RASHID KHALIDI*

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