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Reality Check 1: Operation ‘Brave New Canadian’ – The Haitians


This demonstration outside the Riding Office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal did not make the front page of the monopoly media, let alone the inside pages. The demonstration demanded an end to the deportation of non-status persons of Haitian origin – The Action Committee on Non-Status Persons

The Canadian government is cynically using an orchestrated media operation centring around Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and a Saudi teenager flown to Canada in a special plane from Thailand on January 12 to receive asylum to camouflage how it is trampling on the rights and dignity of immigrants, refugees and migrant workers.

Every day dozens of people are being deported from Canada to Haiti. Non-status persons of Haitian origin awaiting deportation are experiencing insufferable harassment on the part of the Canadian government. One day the government is deporting them, the next day it is not. One day their application for asylum is refused, their deportation date is set, and the next it is annulled and they are told that they will be called back in a couple of weeks. This is an inhumane and untenable situation. Continue reading


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United States. People’s resistance defends the rights of all and opposes politics of division and arbitrary police powers

Migrant solidarity action in Los Angeles, November 2018. (ANSWER)
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The program to resettle Syrian refugees in Canada (1): Canada accepts US veto

In an interview with the CBC, U.S. President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, Susan Rice confirmed that Canada used the U.S. biometrics system to screen each of the 25,000 Syrian refugees that came to Canada. “What we would do is share with our Canadian colleagues the info that we have uncovered and allow them to make judgments based on that,” said Rice. In this case the judgement was to automatically exclude that refugee. Continue reading


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Debate on immigrants and refugees: State of political discourse


2015-Kitchener_Centre-Julian_IchimOn September 15, I participated in a debate on immigrants and refugees held at the Victoria Hills Community Centre in Kitchener, Ontario. I did so to contribute to and help articulate a political perspective. This includes the necessity to challenge the hegemonic ideology of imperialism that “Might Makes Right” promoted by both the party in power and the parties in opposition.

The start of the discussion revealed that the so-called major political parties have no analysis or ideology and that the purpose of this debate was not to argue ideas or politics but rather to have a feel-good moment. Each candidate had to show how sorry they feel for the refugees and relate anecdotal evidence and irrelevant stories about their great grandparents to prove it. Feelings and a stream of stories do not a discussion or an analysis make. Continue reading


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Graphic details. Gaza’s untold story

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August 26, 2015 marked the first anniversary of Israel’s offensive on the Gaza Strip, during which 2,219 Palestinians were killed. However, a large part of the story is left untold. Over half of those killed were refugees who were displaced from their homes in Yafa, Salama, Isdud, and many other villages and towns, as a result of and following the Nakba in 1948. The majority of those killed lived in refugee camps in the Gaza Strip within a 30 mile (50 km) radius of their homes of origin. A total of 1,236 refugees were killed during the 2014 offensive, including at least 309 children. Continue reading

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