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Reality Check 2: Operation ‘Brave New Canadian’ – The care givers

Demand status upon arrival for migrant care workers and their families!


Press conference in Toronto, November 18, 2018.

(TMLW) – Migrant care workers held meetings and press briefings in Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal on November 18 to release a report demanding that the government uphold their human rights. The report, “Care Worker Voices for Landed Status and Fairness,” was prepared by 14 organizations representing migrant care workers and serves as the backbone of the campaign “Landed Status Now: Care Workers Organize!”[1] Continue reading


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Reality Check 1: Operation ‘Brave New Canadian’ – The Haitians


This demonstration outside the Riding Office of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Montreal did not make the front page of the monopoly media, let alone the inside pages. The demonstration demanded an end to the deportation of non-status persons of Haitian origin – The Action Committee on Non-Status Persons

The Canadian government is cynically using an orchestrated media operation centring around Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and a Saudi teenager flown to Canada in a special plane from Thailand on January 12 to receive asylum to camouflage how it is trampling on the rights and dignity of immigrants, refugees and migrant workers.

Every day dozens of people are being deported from Canada to Haiti. Non-status persons of Haitian origin awaiting deportation are experiencing insufferable harassment on the part of the Canadian government. One day the government is deporting them, the next day it is not. One day their application for asylum is refused, their deportation date is set, and the next it is annulled and they are told that they will be called back in a couple of weeks. This is an inhumane and untenable situation. Continue reading

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United States. People’s resistance defends the rights of all and opposes politics of division and arbitrary police powers

Migrant solidarity action in Los Angeles, November 2018. (ANSWER)
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Extreme weather, extremist governments

The social effects of extreme weather for the homeless, the poor, the elderly and the colonized, in the cities and on the roads; the abnegation of social responsibility and the public interest by the media and governments shows the need for empowerment. “When tragedies do occur, the monopoly media focuses on the technical mechanics of the disaster, excluding who should be held accountable, how the concerns and campaigns of the community were dealt with or ignored, and the response of the public bodies” | TONY SEED

(December 30, updated January 5) – According to the CBC, the main “news” and social consequences of the record extreme cold weather seems to be the status of outdoor civic New Year’s parties, the condition of the ice on a short-term, multi-million dollar outdoor rink erected on Parliament Hill, polar bear dips, and an outdoor World Junior hockey game between Canada and the U.S. in Buffalo on Friday December 28th.

A fiery crash of a tractor trailer truck on the QEW (pictured above) that shut down the Niagara bound lanes near Bartlett Ave. in Grimsby was reported merely as a freak obstacle or an inconvenient “long delay” to the many Canadians heading to the game. While no one was hurt this time, the damage to the highway was extensive and will take time to repair.

One CBC anchor, Hanna Thibodeau, joked with meteorologist David Phillips as to whether Russia was to blame for the Arctic front.

In seeming contrast, CBC published on December 29 a long photo feature titled “Toronto has officially frozen over. See it here in all its icy glory” highlighting the beauty of a nature that is benign. The kicker called on readers to “Take in the stunning sights of the city during the deep freeze.” (The photos were submitted.)

As 2017 ends, the working people face a media onslaught about what is going on in Canada and around the world, of which the weather occupies one sphere. We think that a sober approach going into 2018 is of importance.

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International Human Rights Day, December 10: The fight for rights requires modern definitions

Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10 — the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The Declaration, the most translated document in the world, is available in more than 500 languages.[1]

Today, those who have usurped power by force are trampling rights in the mud as never before. They can do so because they control power and exercise it in their favour. They use this power to deprive people of an outlook which they can use to guide their lives. One way this is done is by defining rights on a civil basis according to which rights have “reasonable limits” and can be given and taken away. Civil rights are granted today in the same way that privileges were granted or denied by the ruling powers in medieval times. Continue reading

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Event. Who decides the conception of rights

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